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Easy Garage Storage

Cleaning up your garage with a garage wall storage solution doesn’t necessarily mean you need to renovate your entire garage lining each wall from top to bottom with wall panels. Easy garage storage can be as simple as 2 Slatwall panels on your wall taking care of a handful of annoying items that are lying around.

Garage Gallery

If you look through our Garage Gallery you will notice the breadth of StoreWALL installations we have in Australia. Most of these have been sent in directly by our customers and are rather large with at least one main wall covered.

You will also see a handful of Easy Garage Storage installations that only contain 1 or even 2 panels on a garage wall. Some of them are focused on gardening gear, others on gym equipment.

Easy Garage Storage

Installing a couple of panels is super easy. At StoreWALL, we sell our 1219mm panels in small bundled packages which include the panels and some basic accessories. We also sell them as single individual panels so that you can design your own easy garage storage solution.

Take as an example the below picture which was sent in over the weekend. Cynthia in Balmain NSW purchased:

  • 2 x Standard 1219mm Brite White panels
  • 2 x Standard Duty Installstrips
  • 1 pack of screws (plastered wall)
Easy Garage Storage

The installation of this pack would have taken her less than an hour. Installstrips were added on either end of each panel and one in the middle. 24 screws in total would have been used.

Easy Garage Storage – Accessories

The accessories selected by Cynthia included:

  • White Ledge Shelf
  • Two small bungee hooks – one is holding the ironing board, the second the gardening lopper.
  • Two Heavy Duty tool Hooks – holding about 6 gardening tools from forks to spades.
  • Vertical Tool Hook – holding the vacuum cleaner.

Easy Garage Storage – Single Panel

The second example is from Perth where the client used several single panels each installed separately on sections of his brick wall.

Easy Garage Storage - power tools

In the above example, the client in Perth used 2 Heavy Duty Cradle Hooks to hold his two Whipper Snippers. He also had a Heavy Duty Utility Hook to hold is blower and several foldable chairs.

Easy Garage Storage – Gym

Our final example is also from Sydney. This client used two 1219mm Brite White panels to store his gym equipment. This included 2 shelves to hold a range of mats. Alongside this he had several hooks to hold handheld weights and a Heavy Duty Utility hook to hold a medicine ball.

Easy Garage Storage - gym
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Garage Clean Up

Garage Clean Up

I recently went through a house move and as many have written before, the exercise was long and tedious. Cleaning out the home was part 1, the garage clean up was part 2.

An important part of this clean out was identifying what was to be taken with us and what could be either thrown out, given away or sold.

Once we had done this, we also had to put a value on each item we thought could be sold and work out how and where to sell it. This was not easy.

Facebook Marketplace

Of the few things I have sold in the past, they have all been via Ebay. I have generally found the sales process very long with very few bites. In all honesty, Ebay is such a huge marketplace and if your item isn’t from an in-demand category, getting attention is difficult.

A friend of mine who also went through the same home and garage clean up process, told me that he had used Facebook Marketplace and that it worked quickly and easily.

I gave it a go and listed bookshelves, bedheads, wooden shelving, plates, a fridge, statues, gym equipment, lights and even the kitchen. Over a 3 month period I have sold pretty much all of it. The same items were also listed on Ebay and Gumtree. The Kitchen was the only item I successfully sold via Ebay. Everything else went via Facebook Marketplace. Most of the interest was via Facebook.

Giving Things Away

I generally found that if you want to give things away, it worked a treat. I gave our 20 year old fridge away within 24hrs. With everything else, you need to work on a price that has flexibility. People will ask you to half it, so ensuring you factor some of this in allows you to reach a reasonable price that also moves it on.

Another thing to look out for is that you will get plenty of enquiries. Some of these people will not be serious and will waste your time. I had one guy promise to pickup a bookshelf in 2 days and never arrived. When I tried to contact him, his Messenger was off and I couldn’t. In that time I had several others asking to collect it and I had told them it was sold. Very frustrating.

From what I understand, unlike Ebay they also don’t take a commission on these items which helps a little.

Large Furniture

The fridge I mentioned earlier was from our garage. I also managed to give away some old work out equipment and an old bed head that was in our garage. It all went within a few days of it being listed.

One of the challenges with larger furniture is how it is collected. In one case, the person paid me an extra $50 to deliver the book case them.

Council Drop Off

Monash Council offers an ability to drop off items such as used paint cans, car batteries and even empty gas bottles free of charge. You can also leave mattresses (for a small fee). I plan to take advantage of this to finish off my garage clean up.

So with a little research and preparation the home and garage clean up process can be made much a lot easier and successful.

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21 Gardening Tools

21 gardening tools

Today’s post is about Dale and his 21 gardening tools which he managed to squeeze on one 1.2m x 1.8m wall. I think its quite an achievement and worthy of an article.

Email Exchange

I received this email from Dale about a month ago

Hi Sales,

Do you have a display centre or likes in Melbourne where your products can be looked at? We want to refurbish our garage storage however would really like to view what you offer before ordering.

I replied with

Hi Dale and thanks for your email. We primarily sell via our online store but I do welcome customers to visit me directly (my home) and I can show them the wall panels and accessories as well as answer questions.

You are more than welcome to do the same. I am home most days so can be flexible with times.

We are located in Ashwood (near Chadstone).

I can also help you with a quote of our solution once you have measurements of the wall area you want to cover.

My contact details are below if you would like to call me.

After a few more emails over a couple of weeks, we managed to organise a time for Dale to visit. Whilst he had the Brite White panels in mind, he wanted to ensure that the panel colour was not overly white.

The dimensions of his wall are 1.2m x 1.8m. Six of the 1219mm Brite White panels would be just perfect. Given the wall was a rendered brick wall, he also needed the mushroom nails for installation plus 6 Installstrips.

21 Gardening Tools

In terms of accessories, he started with a couple of hooks and then returned a few days later to buy some more. In fact he actually brought some of the tools with him so that we could test them out across a range of StoreWALL accessories.

21 Gardening Tools

This is how we matched them:

  • Rakes and Spades – Heavy Duty Tool Hook
  • Brushcutter – Vertical Tool Hook
  • Blower – Vertical Tool Hook
  • Brooms – Heavy Duty Tool Hook
  • Large Hammers – Heavy Duty Tool Hook
  • Branch Lopper – 300mm Power Tool Bracket
  • Axe and Picks – Heavy Duty Utility Hook
  • Power Cord – Cradle Hook

In total Dale was able to fit 21 Gardening tools on his small wall. I think this is quite an achievement. Most importantly it also meant that every gardening tool which was previously on the ground, was now up on the wall and out of the way.

Sherbrooke’s review can be found here.

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Whitewood Wall Panels

Whitewood Wall Panels Installation

The latest coloured wall panel to become super popular in the US is Whitewood. Whitewood Wall Panels by StoreWALL were introduced close to two years ago and have become super popular for garages all over the US.

StoreWALL Australia introduced the Whitewood colour about 12 months ago. When we first saw it we thought it would really appeal to people looking to build a new home office in their garage or a workshop.

The Whitewood colour is a very light in colour, similar to the BriteWhite. It also has a light grey wooden grain look running through it which makes it look as through it has a textured finish. The Whitewood Wall Panels are in fact smooth and come with all of the advantages enjoyed by wall StoreWALL PVC Slatwalls.

Whitewood Panel Features

Our Whitewood Standard Duty Panels are:

  • Made from hardened PVC.
  • 100% Waterproof.
  • Can we washed down.
  • 16.7mm in thickness.
  • Manufactured with the Whitewood colouring right through the thickness of the panel. If you dent the panel, you will see this colour.
  • Easily cut with a circular saw and drilled through.

Whitewood was introduced at the same time as the Barnwood Grey Wall Panel colour. Barnwood Grey is similar to the Whitewood but the wooden grain effect is a darker grey and which makes the wall a little darker and greyer.

Whitewood on the other hand is closer to the BriteWhite colour with a lighter grey wood grain running through it. It breaks the Whiteness of the wall but doesn’t darken it because the wooden effect is a light grey not a heavy grey like the Barnwood Grey panel.

How popular has it been?

It started off a little slow to be honest, but in no time we had sold out of the small supply we introduced to test the market. Our latest shipment included more stock and again this is now nearly finished.

In the US they offer it in both the Standard Duty and the Heavy Duty. At this stage we have opted only for the Standard Duty. However special orders can be placed in you are keen on the Heavy Duty version of the Whitewood Wall Panel.

Whitewood in Action

Below is a picture from a home on the Peninsula in Melbourne. This is in fact the second customer in the area which has purchased this garage wall panel colour. The homeowner installed it himself and gladly shared some photos. The garage walls are painted in White. He didn’t want more White and thought the lighter grey offered by the Whitewood was a nice contrast. I think the overall effect is great. It has not darkened the room at all.

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Campervan Storage Ideas

Campervan Storage Ideas

Following a year of restricted movement around Australia and very limited travel overseas, it is no wonder Caravan and Campervan use has gone through the roof. Trying to pack as much as you can into that one moving room can be challenging. Earlier this year StoreWALL was challenged with how to help a customer with Campervan Storage Ideas.

Campervan Storage Ideas

Wade who is based in Perth, phoned us mid-way through 2020 with a range of questions regarding using StoreWALL wall panels in a storage box that is attached to his campervan.

The Storage box or container is external to the campervan and is used to store a range of tools and necessary items taken with each trip.

I have very little experience with Campervans, let alone Campervan Storage Ideas but after our chat, Wade sent through some photos of his Storage Container and I could see what he was trying to achieve.

The container has the following dimensions

  • 1800mm (W) x 750mm(H)
Campervan Storage Ideas
Campervan Storage Ideas

The water tight container sits outside on the back of the campervan and is enclosed with a lift door at the front allowing for access from the outside only.

You can see from the photos that Wade has already packed as much as he can inside the container but everything seems to sit on top of each other. With the bouncing around when they travel off-road it could rather messy.

Installation Options

The biggest challenge we were going to face with this project was how to secure the InstallStrips to the back of the container. Wade looked at both welding and adhesives options. He settled on an adhesive and had some help from a local workshop he was in touch with. The adhesive need to be able to bind steel on steel.

We used Sikaflex-118 Extreme Grab.  We let it cure for couple more days than recommended before loading it up and has been great so far. 

Wade’s feedback

Campervan Storage – Wall Panels

Given the size of the container, there were a few ways to solve the storage challenge for Wade. The easiest and most effective was to cut two 2438mm panels to the 1800mm width he needed. They would sit on top of each other and together offer dimensions of 1800mm x 610mm. This is slightly shorter than the 750mm that was available, but it also didn’t require cutting additional panels.

The client chose the Weathered Grey colour.

Storage Accessories

Whilst the actual storage space was limited, Wade had a good idea of what he needed to have hung on the back wall of the container. He chose several Utility Hooks, some smaller Universal Hooks and a Large Tote Bag. Wade wasn’t planning on using all of the accessories at the same time but wanted options depending on where he was traveling and what he need to take with him.

Customer Feedback

Happy New Year, Arthur.    
Here are couple pics of one of the configurations of StoreWall in the back of our campervan. This one enables everything we need for short trips to be lifted in and out without moving anything else. Very satisfying and always tidy. The great benefit we’ve seen is that we can easily adapt and reconfigure to suit different loads.   This really is a useful and flexible system. Feel free to use this as a recommendation if you would like to.  Cheers Wade and Robyn. 

Campervan Storage Ideas
Campervan Storage Ideas

Campervan Storage Solutions

This was quite a unique project for us at StoreWALL. However more recently we have had several customers order wall panels for cupboards that they own.

Wade was really happy with the outcome as you can read from his feedback.

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Garage Organization Ideas

kayak storage racks

A local Victorian town house builder was telling me this week the Victorian Building Association is requiring him to include bike storage in a new set of two town houses he is building. It seems the Victorian Building Association is ensuring some form of garage organization enter all new Victorian homes.

Garage Organization

If the average Australian family home owns two vehicles, then new homes should be built with three car garages not two. Two spaces for the vehicles and one for storage. Walk past most new homes today and you will see one car parked in the garage taking up half the space. The other half will be filled with storage items laying on the floor and up against the walls.

Too Much Stuff

The problem for young families is that between all of the furniture that you are expected to buy and all of the toys you accumulate there is just not enough room to store it. Effectively storing everything is a lose lose predicament.

Get rid of it

Having 3 young children of my own, I have experienced the buying, using and storing that we all go through. I still have a kid’s bed in my garage that turns into a couch/bench which my partner expects to one day use in a bigger home we may own. It isn’t easy to move stuff on. Throwing it out is painful, giving to someone for a small price or free is much easier. Atleast you know it might get a second or third use. Gumtree, eBay and Facebook’s marketplace are ideal for this. You will be surprised how quickly some stuff goes particularly if you have looked after it.

Storing what is left

My work with StoreWALL has allowed me to share time with hundreds of customers who have purchased or considered purchasing StoreWALL. The key to effective garage organization is prioritising space for the things you use regularly. This is a task no one can really help you with.

If your family enjoys bike riding then, this is a priority. Same applies to ball sports or kraft activities. It may also include tools for your work around the home or garden or even your car(s). Prioritising also includes considering the actual cost of some of your “stuff” and looking after it. Keeping a $300 drill in bucket or just lying on a bench/table is not safe nor a great way to protect your investment.

Garage Organization – Height

Consider using the full height of your garage space. If you have a 2.4m height, then look to make the most of this. Look at storage options that allow you to store the least used items in locations that you may only need to access once a year. Shelving is ideal for this. So is overhead storage.

Garage slatwall panels can make this easy by allowing you to panel the height of your wall and then offer versatility in how you use it. Add brackets to your slatwalls and create your own shelving. These shelves can then be moved lower as your needs change.

Overhead storage is also very popular today and can be placed in most locations on the roof of your garage. Once installed they can be difficult to move, so you need to get the location right.

Garage Organization – Walls

garage organization
Garage organization ideas

I mentioned garage slatwalls above and this is obviously our specialty. Wall panels are great because they give you options. Once the wall is panelled it can be used for Hooks, Baskets, Shelving, Bins and Bags. Best of all, you can move it around over time as your needs change.

Using your walls is also great because it allows you to use the length and height for those odd, shaped items like ladders.

Compared to just buying a shelfing unit from your local hardware store, garage wall panels might seem expensive. Over time you will come to appreciate the flexibility your choice offers you that a basic shelf will never deliver.

Here is an example of what I mean. If bike storage is a priority for you, slatwall panels allow you to add a bike hook anywhere on your wall. You will then be able to easily access your bike as well as your car. If your priorities change over time and you no longer need the bike, you could remove the bike hook and replace it with a Tote Bag for sporting balls or some shelving. If you ever needed that bike hook again, you could easily move the shelving higher (making it bigger or smaller) on that wall or in another location and re-introduce the bike hook.  

hanging bike storage

Garage slatwall panels need to be seen as an investment not just a garage storage option. If you eventually decide to sell your home, they will add to its value and will give your prospective owners a new ready to use garage. Alternatively, they can also be taken with you to your next home.

Garage Organization – Depth

I don’t want to underscore the value of shelving units because not only are they affordable they also give you depth. If you garage space is long and narrow, you can add a shelving unit at the back of it allowing you to maximise the space between your vehicle and the back wall. Depending on the height of your garage, shelving units can also allow you to use the full height of your garage.

The one challenge with a deep shelf is accessing everything stored on it. This is where some forward thinking of what you need occasionally and what you need regularly comes into play. Ideally you don’t want to have to sort through stuff each time you want to use the vacuum cleaner.

Fixed shelving units can be found at most hardware stores plus many online retailers.


garage organization - cabinets
Source Just Pro Tools

Cabinets are another very useful option if you have the space. A lockable cabinet can be a great way to secure those expensive tools or that equipment which you don’t want others looking at each time they enter the garage. Cabinets come in lots of shapes and sizes and combinations including bench space and drawers.


Bench space is important if you have the real-estate. You can accomplish this with a moveable bench (on wheels) or something that is fixed to your wall. It can also be something that you build yourself (YouTube is great for this).

First things first

Clean out your garage and get rid of the stuff you know someone else may be able to get more use from.

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Rendered Brick Garage Wall

A few months ago, I received the below email from Andrew who lives in Sydney “Looking at the StoreWALL system, and am wondering if you’ve come across a Sydney based installer who can install on a rendered brick garage wall? It looks more complex than a standard install, so would rather go to someone who has previously done this”. Shortly after I received a call from him as well and we chatted in more detail about his project.

New Home New Garage

Andrew had done quite a bit of work to his home and he had now turned his attention to his garage. His garage was quite big in terms of height. Both side walls where made from brick and rendered. He also had pillars between sections. Andrew wanted a garage storage system which allowed him to make use of his new garage walls.

After researching storage wall panels, he came across StoreWALL and discussed the installation process with his carpenter. His carpenter recommended installing battens to the walls first and then installing the StoreWALL InstallStrips to these battens. There was a fear that some screws may not hit mortar and not brick and so the installation would not be as secure as it could be.

His Carpenter had a valid point, however StoreWALL’s InstallStrips (one 900mm pieces with 3 sections) have 12 screw holes each. Therefore, it was unlikely that if they used all 12 screw holes that they would not secure the wall well enough.

Rendered Brick Garage Wall

Following our phone call, I sent Andrew an email with some photos of a previous installation we had done which was also on a rendered brick garage wall. To assist him I also provided Andrew with contact details of a carpenter I knew in the Sydney area who had installed StoreWALL in the past.

“Thanks for the chat Andrew. This is a picture of what the Installstrips look like on a brick wall. I know this carpenter has done installations on brick walls before, however I am not sure on his rates.

As I explained I don’t think you need the battens.

Please send through your measurements and I can quote the materials for you.”

rendered brick garage wall
InstallStrips on a rendered brick garage wall

Andrew replied with detailed pictures of how he envisaged his wall looking and the size of panels he would require.

“I have a couple of rows of large shelves going up above (600mm deep), therefore I’m going to use a height of 1830 for StoreWALL which I based on 6 panels.

I’m thinking if I get the 2.4m panels, I can fit some of the leftover cuts in the smaller space under the window that you can see.”

Rendered Brick Garage Wall Sydney
Sydney Brick Wall Installation
Small Brick Wall in Garage

Brick walls are challenging for most home owners. This is because screwing into the walls seems harder and most people think that a brick wall gives them less storage options. To be perfectly clear, brackets with shelving is what most people focus on.

My recommendation to Andrew was the following:

Garage Storage Solution Design

Garage Wall 1

  • 6 pieces cut to 1680mm (comes in 10mm on each side)
  • This will leave you with 6 x 758mm left over. (These can be used under the window).
  • In terms of Installstrips I would have 4 columns (each 2 installstrips high). Total of 8 Installstrips.
  • Panels cut to size. No charge.

Garage Wall 2

  • 6 pieces cut to 1730mm (comes in 10mm on each side).
  • In terms of Installstrips I would have 4 columns (each 2 installstrips high). Total of 8 Installstrips.
  • You will need to also cut around the power outlet on the left. This needs to be done on site.
  • You will have 6 x 708mm pieces left over. These can be used elsewhere in your garage.
  • Panels cut to size. No charge.

Garage Wall 3 (under window)

  • You can use 4 x 758mm leftovers for this. 4 Panels will give you a height of 1219mm.
  • You will need 1 column of InstallStrips on either side (4 sections high). Total of 3 InstallStrips.

StoreWALL Required Materials

  • In total you need 12 x 2438 pieces (3 cartons). You also need a minimum of 19 Installstrips. You will still have left over panels and depending on what you do with these you may require additional InstallStrips.

It turns out that Andrew had an additional wall area which could also be covered with the remaining off-cut panels. In the end there was no waste at all and Andrew had covered as much of his wall as was possible.

StoreWALL on Rendered Brick Garage Wall
StoreWALL on Rendered Brick Garage Wall

Once the order was received I got started cutting the panels and packaging them all up for Andrew. They were couriered to Sydney within a few days along with a small accessories list.

If you check out the end result, you will see he also had the shelving installed above the panels which enabled his to make great use of the height of the garage wall. I don’t have the exact measurements, but Andrew’s garage is super tall.

Garage Storage Accessories

In terms of accessories, Andrew started with a small quantity to manage some key items in his garage and once this was ready would re-evaluate.

He had some foldout chairs he wanted hung, some bikes and a ladder. To start with the accessories list looked like this:

  • 4 x HD Universal Hook
  • 4 x Rotating Bike Hook Mountain Set
  • 1 x 190mm Single hook
  • 2 x 300mm Universal Hook
  • 1 x Large Tote Bag

StoreWALL on a Rendered Brick Garage Wall

Rendered Brick Garage Wall
Rendered Brick Garage Wall
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Gladiator Vs StoreWALL

Gladiator Storage Solution

I am always keen to explore how StoreWALL compares to other Garage Storage Solutions available in the market. This week, as part of this post Gladiator Vs StoreWALL, I decided to take a look at Gladiator® Garage Storage Solutions. Specifically the Gladiator® Gear Track Channel.

Originally, I wanted to purchase and review the GearWall® Panel which I think is most similar to StoreWALL and which I had featured in a Slatwall comparison I had completed some months ago. However, I found that this panel is no longer available on their website and when I called them, they advised that they didn’t have plans on more coming into Australia (any time soon).

Gladiator Garage Solutions is made by Whirlpool.

GearTrack® Channels

Gladiator Vs StoreWALL

The GearTrack® Channel is made from a thick hardened plastic. The dimensions of each channel are 1212mm(w) x 152mm(h). I purchased the 2 Pack Kit which just came with the Channels. The screws and the end covers are optional extras.

In terms of storage approach, these channels share many similarities with the StorEase Panel and Rail (sold by Bunnings). You have a Track/Channel (152mm) with 2 grooves which fit custom designed accessories. They are designed to be placed along the length of your garage but NOT to actually cover your garage wall. Although you can stack them on top of each (with some spacing in between).

The Channels I received where very thick and sturdy. They each weigh 1.7kg. The thickness of the channel is 18mm. One thing I noted however is that the Channel does not come predrilled with holes. Compared to the StorEase Channels/Rails this is a much stronger and sturdier unit.

Whilst the thickness of the Channel or Panel does not mean it can handle more weight it does mean that it can handle knocks better.

As part of this Gladiator Vs StoreWALL review I had also included a comparison with StorEase.

Below I have included the dimensions of the Gladiator product as well as the two options from StorEase and StoreWALL’s entry level Basic Duty panel.

  • GearTrack – 1212mm (w) x 152mm (h) x 18mm (d) (1.7kg)
  • StorEase Rail – 1200mm (w) x 100mm(h) x 10mm (d) (.95kg)
  • StorEase Panel – 1200mm (w) x 150mm(h) x 10mm (d) (1.05kg)
  • StoreWALL Panel – 1219mm (w) x 304.8mm(h) x 16.7mm(d) (1.9kg)

GearTrack® Accessories

GearTrack® has a huge range of accessories that fit the Channel but also veer into cupboards and many other garage needs. I decided to just purchase one accessory the Cradle Hook.

GearTrack® Hooks have a 3 part locking mechanism. (See picture below) There is lip which fits into the upper groove of the channel, then a shoulder which also fits into the upper groove and finally a lip at the bottom which fits into the lower groove. It seems to fit the track well enough. However, I do find that any a medium to heavy knock upwards does dislodge the accessory from the channel.

To be clear, if the accessory has weight hanging off it, this weight naturally pushes it downwards and makes it harder to move or dislodge.

I am biased in saying that the StoreWALL CamLok system is the best I have seen. It prevents any slight movement of the accessory with or without the weight hanging off it.

Gladiator Vs StorEase Vs StoreWALL

The other comment around the accessory is the quality of the accessory itself. I only purchased the one accessory. In this case it’s the Cradle Hook. When you compare the metal/alloy used to make this accessory to that of either StorEase or StoreWALL it looks a lot lighter. Again, you can’t directly correlate thickness to strength but it does feel a lot less sturdier.

All three accessories come with rubber padding to prevent damage to the items you are storing.

I have photos of all three items below so that you can see for yourself.

Gladiator Vs StoreWALL Pricing

The Geartrack Channel 1.2m 2 Pack costs $49.95 but excludes the coloured matched screws and the end caps. Combined they are another $16.90. The accessory I purchased is the Cradle Hook and this costs $9.95.

In terms of pricing this pretty good value.

Compared to StorEase, the StorEase Aluminium Smart Wall Panel is $25.97 for a single panel. If you purchased two of these then the overall difference is a couple of dollars. The equivalent Cradle Hook from StorEase is $9.47.

With StoreWALL you would need just the one panel. As both Gladiator and StorEase are screwed directly onto the wall, you could use the StoreWALL Basic Duty Panel which has the dimensions of 1219mm width and 304.8mm height. This is equivalent to 2 x Gladiator or StorEase channels/panels. A Basic Duty Panel costs $48.99.

Gladiator Accessories

A couple of key difference to note. With the StoreWALL Panel you automatically have the two sets of grooves setup one on top of the other. Whereas with both Gladiator and StorEase you can stack them on top of each other or you can have them side by side horizontally. To have them side by side horizontally with StoreWALL, you would need to purchase 2 panels (you would also then have double the grooves).

When it comes to the StoreWALL Cradle Hook, our pricing is triple at $30.99. However, you also get the CamLok locking mechanism and a much heavier duty accessory compared to both Gladiator and StorEase.

Gladiator Vs StoreWALL Accessory Performance

In the below video I have compared all 4 Garage Storage solutions. I show you how each channel or panel and its complimenting accessory work together to delivery a storage option for your shed of garage.

They all seem to work well. Probably the weaker of the four solutions is the StorEase slimline Rail (not the panel). I found that the StorEase accessory fell off this rail really easily as it isn’t given enough to grip onto. The StorEase panel performs a lot better.

I also have a video comparing StoreWALL to StorEase and it also shows how StoreWALL’s accessories will work on the StorEase panel.

StoreWALL’s accessories are the only ones which can be used on an alternative panel. You can’t use the Gladiator accessory on StorEase nor StoreWALL. You can’t use StoreWALL on Gladiator either.

Gladiator Vs StoreWALL Weight Specification

So far, we have talked about the weight of the actual panel. The key weight however that we are all interested in is how much weight the panel and combined accessory can hold on your wall.

With Gladiator, based on its specifications (Maximum weight limit is 75 lbs (34 kg) per linear ft (30.48 cm) it can theoretically hold 120kg of weight. Installation requires 2 screws per stud and a total of 6 per channel.

StorEase states that each 1.2m Panel (wider of the two) can hold 150kg. The Smart Rail on the other hand can hold 100kg. Installation for both of these is 6 screws per panel or rail.

With StoreWALL’s Basic Duty Panels our specified weight capacity is 34kg per panel. Installation is 20 screws per panel. Note that our panel is made up of 2 rows. If you upgraded to the Standard Duty Panel however and installed with InstallStrips, weight capacity is more in line with the Gladiator system. You can read more about this here where we explain the different weight capacity of our range.

My feeling is that 150kg being held by 6 screws is not realistic. I am sure Gladiator has tested this thoroughly, however it is a lot of weight to be hanging over your car and hoping the hook and the channel does not give way. Given the design of these channel systems, two screws per stud is all you can actually do.

Gladiator Vs StoreWALL Summary

As a consumer you are spoilt for choice when it comes to garage storage options. More Australian’s are investing in cleaning up their garages which is great. Just in my own neighbourhood many of my neighbours seem to have a StorEase solution on their wall holding up gardening tools (shows they all shop at the local Bunnings).

If you only need to store a few gardening tools then a Gladiator or StorEase product will work fine for you. It also ends up being a cheaper investment when you account for the accessories. However, when you have a large amount to store and a garage wall which is not really doing much, StoreWALL is a better investment. It will provide you with unlimited options on how to use that entire wall using hooks, baskets, bins or shelves. You can have them all and move them around as you need to. Plus your entire wall is covered so you are using 100% of it.

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Sydney Garage Wall Makeover

Several months ago, I received a call from a customer (Cindy) who explained they lived in the Sydney area and were looking at a garage wall makeover. Cindy wanted help to understand how our panels would assist with an impractical wall she had in her garage which was also her real only source of storage space.

I have provided a photo of the wall below. The wall is of a decent size but as you can see it also has several dimensions along with a power outlet and a large pipe. You really couldn’t just stick wall panels on this wall to make it practical. It actually needs a makeover.

sydney garage wall makeover

Having reviewed the photos, I was a little hesitant at getting involved but I thought I would offer my opinion on how I thought Cindy and her partner could fix this wall.

What they needed to do was to build another layer of wall over the existing walls so that they would eventually have a flat surface to work off. This new wall could be framed out by a carpenter, who would add enough frame and at the required spacing in order to also hold the StoreWALL panels.

sydney garage makeover

The client advised that they had access to a local carpenter who could assist them with this work.

Measuring the Wall

Following some email exchanges and a phone call we had measured all of the walls that need to be built out and covered with StoreWALL panels. The project had 2 walls. One main wall facing into the garage and a smaller wall close to the garage door.

The size of the main wall was 2800mm W x 2390mm H. In order to meet their 2390m height requirement, I recommended that they consider 7 full panels to get to a height of 2133mm or 8 panels with the top panel cut to length ways to meet 2390mm.

StoreWALL panels are 2438mm in length. To reach the width of 2800mm, we would use a full length panel plus a smaller panel of say 400mm.

For the main wall, a total of 10 x 2438mm panels was required. This would cater for the full length panels (8 of the these) and the smaller panels to reach the 2800mm width. This section of wall also required 20 Installstrips.

The smaller wall beside the door was approx. 300mm in width and the same height as the main wall at 2800mm. For this I recommended 1 additional full 2438mm panel plus 1 smaller 1219mm panel. Instead of using installstrips on this wall we opted to use colour matched screws.

Sydney Garage Wall MakeOver

The result of the wall post the frame being built is:

I unfortunately don’t have pictures of the frame but they did build it out as I had recommended. You can also see from the picture that they have added some trim across the top and bottom of the walls framing it nicely. Picture below shows the wall following some touch up paint being added to the trims.

Paddleboards and Surfboards

The purpose of the wall was to support the following garage items.

  • Paddleboard – horizontally at the top
  • 3 x bikes – vertically on the back wheel
  • Surfboards, boogie boards – vertically

My initial recommendations were as follows:

  • Paddle board – for this I suggested a 254mm or 381mm Angle Bracket. The 254mm bracket extends out from the wall by 430mm, the 381mm extends by 647mm.
  • 3 x bikes – this would be accommodated by 3 x J Hooks.
  • Surfboards, boogie boards – the best option is the Angle Rack Hook. This hook can be used between each of the boards to hold them upright.

After a few conversations we settled on the following accessories:

  • 2 x 381mm Bracket + Padding
  • 1 x Angle Rack Hook
  • 3 x J Hook       
  • 1 x Medium Bungee Hook Set

Angle Brackets

The Angle Brackets were replaced with standard brackets as they allowed the Paddleboard to sit lower making it easier to lift off and take away. There was enough width in the standard bracket to hold the paddle board securely. For added protection however, we also added the Medium Bungee Hook which could be used to tie the paddle board to the wall.

For the Surf Boards, the client decided to start with one Angle Rack Hook and have the Surfboards lean on this.

The 3 x  J Hooks remained for the bikes.

Ultimately this Garage Wall Makeover delivered a brand new wall which is totally usable. I think their carpenter has done a great job.

They now also have a garage storage solution which holds all of the key items they want to store. Best of all it also offers lots of additional options for storing smaller items around the wall as the family’s needs change over time.

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StoreWALL Bunnings

storease vs storewall

We receive this question regularly. Can you purchase StoreWALL from your local Bunnings, Mitre 10, Home Hardware, or any other hardware store?

StoreWALL Bunnings

StoreWALL Bunnings?

StoreWALL Australia is a local Melbourne business. We are the exclusive distributor of the StoreWALL range of garage storage solutions which has been sold in the US for over 10 years. Our Garage Storage Solutions are sold online only at the moment via our website. You can also find some of the garage wall panels and accessories on eBay.

Free Delivery

storewall free delivery

We offer a combination of discounted and even free delivery based on your purchase value, what you purchase, and where you live. We ship Australia-wide.

Free Returns

We also offer free returns, should you order an item and then find it not as useful as you thought. You will need to pay to ship the product back to us.

Bunnings StorEase

Bunnings sell its own garage wall storage system called StorEase. We have reviewed it several times on this website comparing the StorEase panel and rail to StoreWALL.

The reviews can be found here and here.

There are several fundamental differences between what StoreWALL offers and that of StorEase. Firstly, we don’t sell a rail, we sell panels that are 304mm in height and either 1219mm or 2438mm in length. Our panels are made from a hardened thermoplastic which is water and mould-resistant. StorEase slat panels are only 150mm in height, 1200mm in length and made from aluminium. These panels are not designed to cover your wall, rather they are placed along your wall at a certain required height.

The second key difference is that our range of accessories is made from steel and then powder coated. They are heavier and more durable than those from StorEase.

StoreWALL CamLok

The locking mechanism used by our accessories is also quite different. StoreWALL uses a unique CamLok system to secure the accessory to the panel. We do not use claws or teeth. This makes StoreWALL significantly more secure when attached to the wall panel. It also makes it easier to remove and then move around. This ensures that your panels are not marked or scratched in the process.

If you like our accessories but already have StorEase rails, then you can actually use our accessories with StorEase. The CamLok system will also secure our accessory to your StorEase rail. THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO THE WALL TRACK SLIMLINE (BLACK RAIL).

StoreWALL Showroom

StoreWALL does not offer a showroom in Melbourne. However, if you are happy to visit our home office we are happy to show you what we offer and how StoreWALL will transform your garage. Call (0411280646) or email us ( to organise a visit.

We can also help you with quotes on how many panels you may need as well as installation.