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StoreWALL’s garage storage solution is as much about the Accessories as it is about the Slatwall Panels. Whilst there are several slatwall systems on the market, none secure your storage the way StoreWALL does through its CamLok locking mechanism.

All Slatwall systems offer a form of rail or wall panel upon which your accessories are hung. They also all offer a range of accessories upon which your storage is stored. Whilst most hooks might look the same, the way they are secured to your wall panel varies greatly.

Most Slatwall Accessories will lock themselves into your slatwall panel through a couple of teeth which fit into panel’s grooves. There is usually one tooth for the slatwall groove at the top and one for a second slatwall groove at the bottom. With two connections offering support for your storage you would think you are set, but that is not always the case.

This video provides you with an overview of several garage storage solutions on the market. It compares the panels/rails and their accessories. You can see how each of them secure your storage.

Compare garage storage systems

The problem with the less secure storage systems is obvious as you begin to use the accessories ie adding items and taking them off. What happens is that the grip their locking mechanism uses, loosens. Sometimes this is enough for the accessory to weaken its grip and come off the rail or panel altogether.

Take a look at this Hook offered by a company in WA. It looks just like our Utility Hook. Take a closer look at how it fixes itself to the slatwall panel. It has an L-shaped latch at the top for the top groove and a flat piece that sits on top of the bottom groove. When weight is placed on the hook, everything pushes down holding it in place. When you move or remove the weight however there is very little supporting the hook and fixing it to the panel. Oils and Oils as that commercial used to say. It’s also true that Hooks aren’t Hooks.

StoreWALL CamLok

StoreWALL’s accessory locking mechanism is unlike anything on the market. Instead of using just a “tooth” to lock into the panel, it actually uses a twist lock. This lock tightly grips the panel and prevents the accessory from moving.

Watch the video below and see StoreWALL’s CamLok in action. We have compared it to the popular StorEase system sold by Bunnings. See for yourself the difference CamLok offers for securing your storage.

Yes, you might pay more for StoreWALL’s accessories but they are made from heavy-duty powder-coated steel. They also all come with CamLok which is exclusive to StoreWALL.

StoreWALL Vs StorEase

Why is investing in a better-locking mechanism important? The best way to answer this is to think about what you are storing and what is also in your garage that could be damaged should your storage solution not perform.

You might also want to consider who will be accessing items from your garage. If you have young children accessing sporting goods or bikes, you want to ensure they stay safe when using your storage solution.

An example is your bike. If your bike is hung on your wall in the same garage that your vehicle is stored and the accessory holding your bike comes loose, it is likely that your bike will fall and potentially damage your vehicle.

Every hook, basket, bracket, and heavy-duty shelf sold through StoreWALL is secured with CamLok. This ensures your storage is always protected.

StoreWALL accessory range