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Enhance the security of your garage storage with StoreWALL’s comprehensive solution that prioritizes both Slatwall Panels and Accessories. While multiple slatwall systems flood the market, none match the storage security provided by StoreWALL’s innovative CamLok locking mechanism.

In the realm of Slatwall systems, each offers a rail or wall panel for accessory placement, presenting a variety of storage solutions. Although many hooks may appear similar, their attachment to the wall panel differs significantly.

Typically, Slatwall Accessories secure themselves into the panel using teeth that fit into the grooves, featuring one tooth for the top groove and another for the bottom groove. Despite the appearance of dual connections supporting your storage, this isn’t always foolproof.

Our insightful video compares various garage storage solutions, dissecting panels, rails, and accessories to illustrate how each secures your belongings. Less secure systems become apparent during everyday use, with the locking mechanism grip loosening as items are added or removed.

Compare garage storage systems

Consider a hook from a WA-based company, resembling our Utility Hook. Examining its attachment to the slatwall panel reveals an L-shaped latch at the top for the upper groove and a flat piece for the bottom groove. While weight holds it in place, the support weakens when the weight is moved or removed.

StoreWALL revolutionizes storage security with the CamLok accessory locking mechanism. Unlike conventional systems using a single “tooth,” CamLok employs a twist lock that tightly grips the panel, preventing any unwanted movement. Witness the difference by watching our video comparing CamLok with the StorEase system from Bunnings.

StoreWALL CamLok

While StoreWALL’s accessories may come at a slightly higher cost, they boast heavy-duty powder-coated steel construction and the exclusive CamLok feature. Investing in a superior locking mechanism is crucial, especially when considering the potential damage to stored items and the safety of those accessing your garage.

Picture a scenario with young children accessing sporting goods or bikes – ensuring their safety is paramount. For instance, if your bike is hung on the same garage wall as your vehicle and the accessory securing it becomes loose, there’s a risk of damage to both the bike and the vehicle.

StoreWALL Vs StorEase

Every hook, basket, bracket, and heavy-duty shelf from StoreWALL is equipped with CamLok, guaranteeing the constant protection of your stored items. Invest wisely in security and durability with StoreWALL’s CamLok technology, ensuring your garage storage stands the test of time.

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