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Storing Tools Over a Bench

Slatwall is the ideal garage system if you are looking at storing tools over a bench in your garage or storage area.

Cleaning out your garage and introducing a garage system to organise your items is a popular project for many Australian families during the summer. Spending more time outdoors sends us into our garages more often and the need to organise becomes more apparent.

Over the past few weeks, I have helped several customers with a small storage solution to sit over an existing or new bench they are building.

This is a very simple tool storage system with just a few panels for a small area. In most cases, it will simply be used for smaller lightweight tools that are regularly accessed.

Storing Tools Over a Bench – Garage System

When I was growing up, my father used to have hundreds of tools. Unfortunately, he stored them in drawers and buckets. It was a compact solution but never helped him when he was actually looking for the ones he needed. Over time he graduated to hang the most popular and useful tools on his wall or on a smaller plate on his bench. It kept them close at hand when he needed them.

If you have a small bench space in your garage then the last thing you want to do is to fill the bench with tools. The freer you can keep the bench, the more useful it will be for you. Using the wall space adjacent to your bench is the ideal space for those more popular smaller hand tools.

SlatWalls for Storing Tools

StoreWALL’s slatwalls are ideal for small and large projects and the best garage system for that over-bench area in your garage. Why? Rather than just having 1 rack of tools, or screwing tools holders into your wall, why not have the wall lined with a garage system which allows you to hang your tools anywhere on that wall area. Slatwall will line your wall with grooves which can then be fitted with hooks or shelving so you can store your items.

Designing Your Bench Space

A customer I spoke to this week, was designing a new cupboard and bench area in her garage. It was being made by a kitchen cabinet company. The length of her bench was 1.8m and the proposed wall area above the bench 500mm. I offered her two options for using StoreWALL. We could hang two panels one on top of the other giving her a height of 610mm (305.8mmx2). She could either cut the top panel down to make her 500mm height or raise her wall area to 610mm to fit the full panels. Given it was only in the design stages, she was leaning towards raising the height of her wall area.

Another gentleman based in Perth used 4 Heady Duty 1219mm panels for his over-bench area. He requested 2 of the 4 panels be cut in half so that he could join them to make 1.8m in length. The height using the Heavy Duty panels reached was 762mm.

StoreWALL panels are super customisable when it comes to size and shape. They can be joined to make the length you need. They can also be stacked to make the height you need. You can then cut them both vertically and horizontally to fit the exact space you need. Furthermore, if your wall has powerpoints or other items pocking out, StoreWALL panels can be cut to fit them and provide a clean finish to your wall.

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Power Tool Storage Rack

Electric Drill Storage Rack

This month we added yet another new Shelf to our catalogue, the Power Tool Storage Rack. This new shelf is specifically designed to store multiple power tools and be used on your StoreWALL wall panels. It can also be used with many other slatwall and garage wall panel systems.

Power Tool Storage Rack


This Power Tool Storage Rack was originally designed to be screwed onto your wall. However, we have converted it into a versatile Rack for your slatwall installation allowing you to attach it to most slatwall systems available in Australia. Load your power tools onto the rack and have them easily accessible on your wall when you need them.


This new Rack has been designed to hold up to four power tools. Use it to store your driver drills, hammer drills, impact drills, and any other drill type you may own.


StoreWALL is everything about making better use of your wall space. Our new rack is designed to utilise the unused space on your wall, freeing up your workbench and work area. Keep your expensive power tools free from kid’s hands by hanging them on your wall.


Our new Storage Rack is made super durable from powder-coated steel, which will resist rusting and last for years.

Power Tool Storage Rack


Designed to work with your StoreWALL Panels. Simply slip it into your StoreWALL groove. Move it around your wall as you need to. No need to drill messy holes in your walls. Let your slatwall system do the work for you. Our Storage Rack will work with most slatwall systems on the market, including the StorEase system sold by Bunnings.

Note this shelf is not fitted with StoreWALL’s CamLok but like several of our other shelves, has a lip allowing it to be easily and securely fitted into the slatwall groove.

Power Tool Storage Rack Dimensions

  • 457mm (width) x 229mm (depth) x 6.4mm (height)

Power Tool Storage Ideas

Our Power Tool Storage Rack is one of many accessories StoreWALL offers for your power tools. Also check out our Power Tool Hook, Vertical Tool Hook, and our Tool Organiser. These accessories are also designed specifically to help you with your Power Tool Storage ideas.

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Organizing tools in garage

You learn a lot from your customers. This week I was met with several requests via our online chat service with the message “organizing tools in garage, can you help?”. Then came a long list of tools and items. It quickly dawned on me that sending them to the Hook section of our online store was not great service.

When you visit your local hardware store and you are after a hook to hold a ladder upright, you are usually guided to an aisle with 20+ alternative hooks. For some this can the ideal solution, for others its like “so now what, which do I choose”.

Unfortunately, online stores whilst giving customers control of their journey can also be daunting when customers are discovering what it is they want and need form you. Most don’t ask questions like they would in a store, if they can’t work it out, they move on.

Organizing tools in garage

In one instance this week, the customer sent me a long list of what is stored on their garage floor at the moment and said this is what they needed help with. Please recommend the appropriate way to store these items.

The list looked like this:

  • Something to hang 8 fishing rods together vertically
  • Hooks for Maxitrax hung horizontally
  • Something for fishing gear
  • Need to hang 1 skateboard
  • We have a wakeboard (think skinny boogie board)
  • There is a surfboard
  • Something to hang 4 x tennis racquets and clear plastic small tray for balls
  • Hooks for 2 electrical cords
  • Hooks for 2 hoses
  • There are 2 flat folded chairs
  • Hooks for 3 fabric foldable chairs in bags
  • Fitting for 2 shovels
  • Fitting for 1 pitchfork
  • There is a medium sized step ladder
  • We have a fan rake
  • Fitting for 2 brooms
  • There are 2 long garden shears/loppers
  • 2 saws
  • Multi hook on a rail thing for small garden tools
  • Fitting for bike pump
  • We need something for 2 wheelie shopping carts (the granny style soft fabric pull along ones)
  • There are 4 umbrellas (straight not curved ends)
  • Fitting to hang earmuffs and safety glasses
  • We have a sledgehammer and 2 axe/tomahawks
  • There is a spirit level
  • Basket type shelves for boots
  • Hook for dustpan/broom

Later on the same day, I received another enquiry and this time, the list was similar although focused on power related garden equipment:

“Want shed wall Rack for my Gardening Tools Brushcutters, Blower, Hedgers, Chainsaw, Rakes, Shovels”

These are all really great questions and probably represent 80% of what our customers are thinking about when they visit our online store and spend a few minutes browsing around.

So I invested a couple of hours preparing a quote for the first client and an email response for the 2nd. In that time, I reviewed all of the pictures we had on our site demonstrating how our accessories work. I also tested several scenarios in our workshop to ensure I was comfortable with what I was going to recommend.

In doing all of this I realised that we needed to be more helpful and given our store is online, this meant providing more information where you are likely to find it quickly.

StoreWALL Hook Options

Below is how I answered the “organizing tools in garage” question. Mind you, this took a few goes and the client helped with plenty of feedback.

This was my response:

  • Fishing Rods – I thought the best solution would be the S Hook as it would hold the rod up off the ground. The client in the end preferred the Pole Hook with the rod sitting on the ground.
  • Maxtracks hung horizontally – I preferred the HD Universal Hooks for this but the client went with the a 63mm Single Hook
  • Storage of Fishing Gear – I had recommended a basket for this but the client determined that they could an existing plastic bin hung on the wall with 2 x 254mm brackets.
  • For the skateboard, wakeboard and surfboard – I had recommended 2 x 254mm Angle Brackets with each item stacked side by side. These brackets extend 430mm off the wall. I had also provided the option of the Angled Pole Hook which the client preferred.
  • Tennis racquets – I had provided the option of the Wide Hook but the client went with a 190mm Single Hook.
  • The tray for balls – best option was one of our Large Bins
  • Electrical cords – Utility Hook
  • Hoses – Utility Hook
  • Flat fold chairs – Heavy Duty Universal Hook
  • Fabric foldable chairs in bags = I assumed they had a cord to be hung with and went with the Heavy Duty Universal Hook
  • Shovels and Pitchfork – Tool Hook
  • Step ladder – Heavy Duty Cradle Hook
  • Fan rake & Brooms – Tool Hook
  • Long garden shears/loppers – Box Hook
  • Hook for 2 saws – Heavy Duty Universal will carry them.
  • Multi hook  – Six Prong Hook
  • Bike pump – S Hook
  • Wheelie shopping carts – Cradle Hook
  • Umbrellas (straight not curved ends) – I tested and have added some photos below. The S Hook was the best option.
  • Earmuffs and safety glasses – 190mm Single Hook
  • Sledgehammer – Heavy Duty Universal Hook (depth is 228mm, may also be able to hold both the axe/tomahawk (below) on the same hook)
  • Fitting for 2 x axe/tomahawk – Heavy Duty Universal Hook
  • Spirit level – 63mm Single Hook
  • 1 shelves – 812mm Shelf + 2 x 254mm Brackets
  • Dustpan/broom – 63mm Single Hook
  • Shelf for boots – Angle shelf

StoreWALL Hook Matrix

Having done all of this work, I have now added a matrix on our Hooks page so that you can see the recommended Hook for common items. Hopefully this is easy to view and read and customers find it useful when working through our store.

Below I have some photos of the umbrellas that were mentioned above. These are your regular umbrellas with a straight handle. At the start, the Angled Pole hook seemed like the appropriate choice but the S Hook proved to be the best choice and I think is a great option for most items that are long.

Organizing tools in garage

Organizing tools in garage – S Hook in Action

The S Hook has two arms that wrap around the item, one at the back and one at the front. These arms can be moved up and down but on an angle. Due to this angle, they grip the pole really nicely. You can even move the pole up and down the wall and the grip remains.

Organizing tools in garage

If you are wondering about the second “Organizing tools in garage” request that came through, I provided the following response.

  • Brushcutters – Heavy Duty Cradle Hook, Vertical Tool Hook or the Wide Hook
  • Blower – Utility Hook or Heavy Duty Cradle Hook (depending on the size)
  • Hedgers – Heavy Duty Cradle Hook, Vertical Tool Hook or the Wide Hook
  • Chainsaw – 300mm Power Tool Bracket x 2
  • Rakes/Shovels – Tool Hook
Bruchcutter hook

Note that the Vertical Tool Hook is on its way to Australia. Hoping to have it available in early September.

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Power Tool Storage

Power Tool Storage Rack

Garage storage solutions have increasingly become popular over the past few years. StoreWALL in the past 6 months have released its latest range of slatwall accessories focused on power tool storage.

Storing your power tools at home in the shed is not simply about having them sit on a shelf in their original packaging. The key is to have them:

  • be on display (ie visible) and easily accessible;
  • be secure in their storage so they will not fall and be damaged; and
  • be out of the way from kids so they can’t hurt themselves.
storing power tools

It’s easy to buy shelving and have your power tools sit side by side in their packaging waiting for you to pull them out and work with them. Unfortunately what you will find with such a solution (as I did) is that as you accumulate tools, you end up stacking them next to each other but also on top of each other as you run out of space or have to return them to the shelf after use.

It isn’t ideal, and the original packaging doesn’t last forever. In some cases it can take up more room than the actual power tool itself.

StoreWALL’s latest power tool range adds to our already extensive range of accessories. However, this new range of hooks and shelves are designed specifically for power tool storage (they can also be used for other purposes).

Power Tool Storage

Power Tool Storage

Let’s take a look at the new range of accessories that have been launched and is now also available in Australia.

Vertical Tool Hook

Vertical Tool Hook has a wide and round opening which is just the right size for your leaf blower or edger. Due to the main motor of these tools being large, they can be hard to hang. Now with the Vertical Tool Hook, they can be easily hung on your StoreWALL Garage Wall Panel.

This is now available in Australia and has quickly become one of our most popular hooks.

Vertical Power Tool Hook

Hand Held Power Tool Hook

Hand Held Power Tool Hook is ideal for your power drill or other hand held power tools. It is designed to grab and hold the horizontal motor part of your power tool. Now also available in Australia.

Hand Held Power Tool Hook

Interestingly the StoreWALL Wide Hook is just as useful when it comes to certain sized power tools and is also available in Australia.

Wide Hook - power tool storage

300mm Power Tool Bracket

The 300mm Power Tool Bracket has plenty of depth in order to hold your bigger power tools. It is also strong enough to support a weight capacity of 68kgs.

You will require more than one of these to hold your larger power tools.

300mm Power Tool Bracket

300mm Shelf with Cord Holder

The 300mm Shelf with Cord Holder is ideal for your larger power tools with sharp blades such as the circular saw. This unique shelf allows you to display your saw, protect its blade and protect you and the family form being hurt by it.

power tool storage

The wire shelf is 300mm wide and 190mm deep and allows you to display your saw safely with the blade sitting beneath the shelf. There is even a convenient hook attached to keep the cord tidy.

300mm Shelf with Cord Holder

150mm Shelf with Cord Holder

The 150mm shelf is the smaller sibling of the 300mm Shelf and is ideal for your smaller power tools such as jigsaws and sanders. Dimensions are 150mm x 150mm.

300mm Shelf with Cord Holder

Magnetic Tool Bar

Your power tools aren’t your only tools that need to be stored correctly, protected and visible. The StoreWALL 609mm Magnetic Bar is a great addon for any workshop or garage and can store multiple items for you. It secures to your wall panels with our CamLok locking mechanism making it easy to move around as required.

The Magnetic Bar is currently available through our shopping cart.

Magnetic Bar

Tool Organiser Shelf

Our Tool Organiser has been around for some time and has proven to be very popular. Used for your screw drivers and other smaller tools, it enables you to quickly organise them, have them securely stored and easy to access when needed. Find it on our shopping cart today.

tool organiser

Power Tool Storage Rack

Our latest Power Tool Storage Rack allows you to store up to 4 power tools on the one rack. It easily fits into your StoreWALL panels (including most slatwall panels on the market). Available today in our store under Shelves.

Power Tool Storage Rack

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Garage Tool Storage Ideas for Home

garage tool storage ideas

Having lived in my current home for almost 20 years, I like most people have accumulated a wealth of stuff. Amongst this are my prized tools. As the collection has grown so has my endeavour to find new garage tool storage ideas.

Garage tools come in all shapes and sizes. Some are small enough to easily fit into a drawer eg your spanners and screw drivers. But even these can be a struggle as their size grows. They can also be very heavy, so having them all in one drawer is not always the smartest idea.

About 12 months ago, I decided to build my own wall storage space. The wall panel is about 1m x 1m and has a 18cm shelf at the bottom. I added about 6 hooks across the top so that I could hand the longer tools. The shelf has been used to store cans of spray, glue, putty and basically anything that would fit.

It turned out OK in the end but when I discovered the StoreWALL range, I knew my panels were a bit amateur. StoreWALL has better garage tool storage ideas that are not only durable but do more with the space. My wall panel has very little depth outside of the shelf. Tools are also hung vertically using the hooks. The problem with this is that the middle area space is kind of wasted.

StoreWALL has a great range of hooks which come in varied depths. They can hang your garage tools both vertically and horizontally. For $400, I could have ended up with a much stronger and more versatile solution. It’s not only hooks however, StoreWALL has shelves and brackets can be really useful and easy to move around. They come in a range of sizes and depths to assist any garage.

Compare the StoreWALL hook range and see for yourself how it can help with your garage tool storage ideas.