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Garage Wall Storage Sale
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Reclaim your garage floor by storing your items on your garage wall.

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Maximise your garage storage by using your garage walls.

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10% OFF Basic Duty Wall Panels

Garage Wall Storage Sale
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StoreWALL offers the best range of garage storage wall panels in Australia.

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Spend $1799 or more - Save $50 with code YAKS1F6I1HLJ
Spend $2499 or more - Save $75 with code NM0R62INHKNA
Spend $2999 or more - Save $100 with code LTHVBF3J5WQ6

Ends 30 June 2024.
Ends 30 June 2024.

Enjoy FREE SHIPPING when you order 1219mm Heavy Duty, Standard Duty, or Basic Duty Panels and spend $1200 or more.

Bike Storage
Bike Storage Solutions

Best range of bike storage solutions for any size garage.

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Sports Equipment Storage Solutions

Turn your garage into your personalised fitness room.

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When you spend $1200 or more on StoreWALL accessories.

Exclusions apply. See below.

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Revolutionize your storage with StoreWALL Australia’s advanced wall-mounted systems. Ideal for garages, workshops, storerooms, and laundries, our premium solutions efficiently streamline and declutter any space.

Durable Garage Systems: Experience the long-lasting quality of StoreWALL’s garage storage solutions, made from superior materials for unmatched durability.

Versatile Slatwall Panels: Our robust, waterproof slatwall panels are perfect for various surfaces, including plasterboard, concrete, and brickwork.

Extensive Color Selection: Customize your setup with Australia’s broadest range of slatwall colors, including Brite White, Weathered Grey, Black, Barnwood Grey, and more.

Comprehensive Range of Accessories: Enhance your storage with our industrial-grade Hooks, Brackets, Shelves, and more, all equipped with our exclusive all-metal CamLok™ for secure placement.


Superior Construction: Trust in our meticulously crafted garage systems designed for long-term performance.

Customizable Options: From an array of slatwall colors to a diverse range of finishes, personalize your storage to match your space’s aesthetic.

Exclusive CamLok™ Technology: Ensure secure and flexible placement of accessories with our unique CamLok™ system.


Use our new Wall Panel Estimator to begin your organization journey. Simply input your wall dimensions, and we’ll calculate the necessary panels and provide an estimated project cost.

Transform your space today with StoreWALL’s top-tier garage storage solutions. Start optimizing and organizing with efficiency and style!



Experience unparalleled durability with StoreWALL’s industrial-grade slatwall system. Our products are engineered to support heavy loads of 90KGs or more, offering robust and reliable storage solutions for various needs. With our waterproof thermoplastic garage wall panels, you’re guaranteed a system resistant to weathering, dents, and fading, ensuring your setup maintains its pristine appearance for years.

Industrial-Grade Durability: StoreWALL’s range of accessories and panels are meticulously crafted to withstand intense use, ideal for both residential and commercial settings.

High Load Capacity: Engineered for strength, our systems comfortably support heavy loads, making them perfect for extensive storage requirements.

Waterproof and Weather-Resistant: Our thermoplastic panels ensure your storage remains unaffected by environmental conditions, maintaining longevity and appearance.

Innovative CamLok™ Technology: Benefit from the security and stability of our exclusive CamLok™ locking technology, keeping your items securely in place.

Extended 5-Year Warranty: We stand by our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, evidenced by our comprehensive 5-year warranty on all StoreWALL products.


Embrace the ultimate flexibility in organization with StoreWALL, the leading provider of highly customizable slatwall panel systems. Perfect for garages, workshops, laundries, and gym rooms, our adaptable system allows you to seamlessly add, remove, and rearrange a wide range of accessories including Hooks, Brackets, Shelves, Totes, Bins, and Baskets. StoreWALL’s dynamic storage solutions are designed to evolve with your changing needs, ensuring your space remains both organized and versatile.

Unmatched Customization: Our Slatwall system offers unparalleled adaptability, enabling you to tailor your storage to fit your specific requirements.

Diverse Storage Accessories: Choose from an extensive range of accessories to create a space that’s uniquely yours.

Versatile Bike Storage Options: StoreWALL presents five distinct bike storage solutions, including padded brackets, fixed and swivel storage hooks, and Steadyrack Hook compatible brackets, catering to all types of bike storage needs.

Flexibility to Adapt: Our Bike Storage solutions provide the flexibility to relocate hooks and brackets as required, allowing your garage to adapt effortlessly to your lifestyle changes.


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Heavy Duty Metal Shelves and Baskets

Elevate your organization game with StoreWALL, the leader in secure and reliable storage solutions. Boasting an extensive selection of over 40 industrial-grade accessories, including hooks, bins, baskets, shelves, and brackets, StoreWALL is your one-stop destination for all your storage needs. Each accessory is meticulously crafted from robust industrial steel, offering unmatched durability and reliability.

Access the full range of StoreWALL accessories conveniently through our online catalog. Elevate your storage solutions with the best and most secure accessories in the market. Explore the possibilities with StoreWALL today.

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Power Tool Storage


storewall garage storage solutions
Slatwall on a brick wall

Experience hassle-free organization with StoreWALL’s easy installation process, allowing you to set up our system effortlessly on your own. If preferred, reach out to one of our skilled installers for professional assistance. To aid in the organization of your garage area, we provide a comprehensive range of installation support materials and videos.

Our innovative Installstrips guarantee the solidity of your new walls, ensuring they are ready to support even your heaviest items. Achieve a clean finish without unsightly drill holes, creating a professional and polished look for your space. Additionally, we offer a complimentary cutting service, allowing you to have your panels cut to specific lengths before they are shipped to you.

Discover more about how to get started and effortlessly transform your space. Optimize your garage organization with StoreWALL today.

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Discover versatile storage solutions with StoreWALL, catering to spaces of all sizes, whether indoors or outdoors. Our Slatwall panels boast unparalleled durability, setting them apart as a superior choice for any environment. Crafted from Thermoplastic, these panels offer exceptional features, being 100% waterproof, mold-resistant, mildew-resistant, stain-resistant, and easy to clean.

Choose from our extensive range of slatwall colors, including Weathered Grey, Brite White, Graphite Steel, Black, Rustic Cedar, Whitewood, Barnwood Grey, and Global Pine, allowing you to customise your space with a color that suits your aesthetic.

Supported by our Installstrips, the clean finish of our panels ensures a professional look, while the strength allows you to securely hang and hold items as heavy as 90KG from your wall. Once installed, you’ll find yourself wondering how you ever organized without StoreWALL.

Explore our products, build your customised hanging garage storage system, and elevate your organization game with StoreWALL. Browse now for innovative solutions that transform your space.


storewall free delivery

Enjoy convenient Australia-wide delivery with StoreWALL, featuring subsidised rates for a seamless shopping experience. Access Free Shipping on orders comprising 1.2m Heavy Duty, Standard Duty, and Basic Duty Panels, along with most accessories, including Hooks, Shelves, Bins, Baskets, Brackets, and more when your order surpasses $1200 in total value.

Transparent courier charges are displayed in your shopping cart before entering payment details, ensuring clarity and simplicity in the ordering process.

If you’re in Melbourne and prefer to minimize delivery costs, opt for our convenient Click and Collect option. Elevate your storage solutions with StoreWALL, where convenience meets quality. Start shopping today.


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