StoreWALL provides the most extensive range of hooks for your garage, workshop, laundry, or cupboard. We have long hooks, short hooks, wide hooks, and heavy-duty hooks for your workshop.

All StoreWALL garage hooks come with our exclusive locking mechanism CamLOK. See for yourself how good this feature is.

Below we have created our Hooks Matrix to assist you with finding the appropriate hook for your storage solution.

StoreWALL Hooks are also compatible with the following Slatwall Systems:

  • StorEase Wall Panel - this is the larger aluminium panel
  • Garagesmart Wall Panels
  • GarageTek Wall Panels

Looking for a brochure on our range of Hooks? We have one of those.

Tool StoreWALL Hook Tool StoreWALL Hook Tool StoreWALL Hook
Rake HD Tool Hook Electrical Cord Utility Hook, HD Universal Hook, HD Cradle Hook Earmuffs & safety glasses 190mm Single Hook
Shovel HD Tool Hook Hose Utility Hook, HD Universal Hook, HD Cradle Hook Sledgehammer/Axe HD Universal Hook, HD Cradle Hook, Cradle Hook
Pitchfork HD Tool Hook Foldable Chairs HD Universal Hook, HD Cradle Hook Dustpan/broom 63mm Single Hook
Secateurs Box Hook Spirit level
127mm Single Hook Power drill Wide Hook, Power Tool Hook, Power Tool Rack
Brushcutters Heavy Duty Cradle Hook, Vertical Tool Hook Step ladder Cradle Hook, Universal Hook, HD Universal Hook Wheelbarrow Bungee Hook
Blower Utility Hook, Vertical Tool Hook Large ladder HD Universal Hook, HD Cradle Hook, Bungee Hook, Utility Hook Fishing Rod/Long poles S Hook, Angle Pole Hook
Hedgers Heavy Duty Cradle Hook, Power Tool Bracket, Vertical Tool Hook Clothing 6 Prong Hook, U Hook, Disc Hook Wood/Metal Saw 127mm Single Hook
Bikes J Hook, Rotating J, Steadyrack Bracket, HD Universal Hook Paper Roll Long Hook Tote Bag 300mm Universal Hook
Skis Tri Ski Hook/300mm Universal Hook Backpack/Bags/Golf Bag Disc Hook, U Hook, HD Cradle Extended Ladder Utility Hook
Loose Timber Utility Hook Wheelie Bin Cradle Hook, HD Universal Hook Surfboard Angle Rack Hook (also see Angle Brackets)
Chainsaw 2 x 300mm Power Tool Bracket Pliers Tripod Hook Accessories with Eyelet U Hook
Impact Driver, Power Drill Hand Held Power Tool Hook

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