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Gladiator Vs StoreWALL

Gladiator Storage Solution

I am always keen to explore how StoreWALL compares to other Garage Storage Solutions available in the market. This week, as part of this post Gladiator Vs StoreWALL, I decided to take a look at Gladiator® Garage Storage Solutions. Specifically the Gladiator® Gear Track Channel.

Originally, I wanted to purchase and review the GearWall® Panel which I think is most similar to StoreWALL and which I had featured in a Slatwall comparison I had completed some months ago. However, I found that this panel is no longer available on their website and when I called them, they advised that they didn’t have plans on more coming into Australia (any time soon).

Gladiator Garage Solutions is made by Whirlpool.

GearTrack® Channels

Gladiator Vs StoreWALL

The GearTrack® Channel is made from a thick hardened plastic. The dimensions of each channel are 1212mm(w) x 152mm(h). I purchased the 2 Pack Kit which just came with the Channels. The screws and the end covers are optional extras.

In terms of storage approach, these channels share many similarities with the StorEase Panel and Rail (sold by Bunnings). You have a Track/Channel (152mm) with 2 grooves which fit custom designed accessories. They are designed to be placed along the length of your garage but NOT to actually cover your garage wall. Although you can stack them on top of each (with some spacing in between).

The Channels I received where very thick and sturdy. They each weigh 1.7kg. The thickness of the channel is 18mm. One thing I noted however is that the Channel does not come predrilled with holes. Compared to the StorEase Channels/Rails this is a much stronger and sturdier unit.

Whilst the thickness of the Channel or Panel does not mean it can handle more weight it does mean that it can handle knocks better.

As part of this Gladiator Vs StoreWALL review I had also included a comparison with StorEase.

Below I have included the dimensions of the Gladiator product as well as the two options from StorEase and StoreWALL’s entry level Basic Duty panel.

  • GearTrack – 1212mm (w) x 152mm (h) x 18mm (d) (1.7kg)
  • StorEase Rail – 1200mm (w) x 100mm(h) x 10mm (d) (.95kg)
  • StorEase Panel – 1200mm (w) x 150mm(h) x 10mm (d) (1.05kg)
  • StoreWALL Panel – 1219mm (w) x 304.8mm(h) x 16.7mm(d) (1.9kg)

GearTrack® Accessories

GearTrack® has a huge range of accessories that fit the Channel but also veer into cupboards and many other garage needs. I decided to just purchase one accessory the Cradle Hook.

GearTrack® Hooks have a 3 part locking mechanism. (See picture below) There is lip which fits into the upper groove of the channel, then a shoulder which also fits into the upper groove and finally a lip at the bottom which fits into the lower groove. It seems to fit the track well enough. However, I do find that any a medium to heavy knock upwards does dislodge the accessory from the channel.

To be clear, if the accessory has weight hanging off it, this weight naturally pushes it downwards and makes it harder to move or dislodge.

I am biased in saying that the StoreWALL CamLok system is the best I have seen. It prevents any slight movement of the accessory with or without the weight hanging off it.

Gladiator Vs StorEase Vs StoreWALL

The other comment around the accessory is the quality of the accessory itself. I only purchased the one accessory. In this case it’s the Cradle Hook. When you compare the metal/alloy used to make this accessory to that of either StorEase or StoreWALL it looks a lot lighter. Again, you can’t directly correlate thickness to strength but it does feel a lot less sturdier.

All three accessories come with rubber padding to prevent damage to the items you are storing.

I have photos of all three items below so that you can see for yourself.

Gladiator Vs StoreWALL Pricing

The Geartrack Channel 1.2m 2 Pack costs $49.95 but excludes the coloured matched screws and the end caps. Combined they are another $16.90. The accessory I purchased is the Cradle Hook and this costs $9.95.

In terms of pricing this pretty good value.

Compared to StorEase, the StorEase Aluminium Smart Wall Panel is $25.97 for a single panel. If you purchased two of these then the overall difference is a couple of dollars. The equivalent Cradle Hook from StorEase is $9.47.

With StoreWALL you would need just the one panel. As both Gladiator and StorEase are screwed directly onto the wall, you could use the StoreWALL Basic Duty Panel which has the dimensions of 1219mm width and 304.8mm height. This is equivalent to 2 x Gladiator or StorEase channels/panels. A Basic Duty Panel costs $48.99.

Gladiator Accessories

A couple of key difference to note. With the StoreWALL Panel you automatically have the two sets of grooves setup one on top of the other. Whereas with both Gladiator and StorEase you can stack them on top of each other or you can have them side by side horizontally. To have them side by side horizontally with StoreWALL, you would need to purchase 2 panels (you would also then have double the grooves).

When it comes to the StoreWALL Cradle Hook, our pricing is triple at $30.99. However, you also get the CamLok locking mechanism and a much heavier duty accessory compared to both Gladiator and StorEase.

Gladiator Vs StoreWALL Accessory Performance

In the below video I have compared all 4 Garage Storage solutions. I show you how each channel or panel and its complimenting accessory work together to delivery a storage option for your shed of garage.

They all seem to work well. Probably the weaker of the four solutions is the StorEase slimline Rail (not the panel). I found that the StorEase accessory fell off this rail really easily as it isn’t given enough to grip onto. The StorEase panel performs a lot better.

I also have a video comparing StoreWALL to StorEase and it also shows how StoreWALL’s accessories will work on the StorEase panel.

StoreWALL’s accessories are the only ones which can be used on an alternative panel. You can’t use the Gladiator accessory on StorEase nor StoreWALL. You can’t use StoreWALL on Gladiator either.

Gladiator Vs StoreWALL Weight Specification

So far, we have talked about the weight of the actual panel. The key weight however that we are all interested in is how much weight the panel and combined accessory can hold on your wall.

With Gladiator, based on its specifications (Maximum weight limit is 75 lbs (34 kg) per linear ft (30.48 cm) it can theoretically hold 120kg of weight. Installation requires 2 screws per stud and a total of 6 per channel.

StorEase states that each 1.2m Panel (wider of the two) can hold 150kg. The Smart Rail on the other hand can hold 100kg. Installation for both of these is 6 screws per panel or rail.

With StoreWALL’s Basic Duty Panels our specified weight capacity is 34kg per panel. Installation is 20 screws per panel. Note that our panel is made up of 2 rows. If you upgraded to the Standard Duty Panel however and installed with InstallStrips, weight capacity is more in line with the Gladiator system. You can read more about this here where we explain the different weight capacity of our range.

My feeling is that 150kg being held by 6 screws is not realistic. I am sure Gladiator has tested this thoroughly, however it is a lot of weight to be hanging over your car and hoping the hook and the channel does not give way. Given the design of these channel systems, two screws per stud is all you can actually do.

Gladiator Vs StoreWALL Summary

As a consumer you are spoilt for choice when it comes to garage storage options. More Australian’s are investing in cleaning up their garages which is great. Just in my own neighbourhood many of my neighbours seem to have a StorEase solution on their wall holding up gardening tools (shows they all shop at the local Bunnings).

If you only need to store a few gardening tools then a Gladiator or StorEase product will work fine for you. It also ends up being a cheaper investment when you account for the accessories. However, when you have a large amount to store and a garage wall which is not really doing much, StoreWALL is a better investment. It will provide you with unlimited options on how to use that entire wall using hooks, baskets, bins or shelves. You can have them all and move them around as you need to. Plus your entire wall is covered so you are using 100% of it.

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Sydney Garage Wall Makeover

Several months ago, I received a call from a customer (Cindy) who explained they lived in the Sydney area and were looking at a garage wall makeover. Cindy wanted help to understand how our panels would assist with an impractical wall she had in her garage which was also her real only source of storage space.

I have provided a photo of the wall below. The wall is of a decent size but as you can see it also has several dimensions along with a power outlet and a large pipe. You really couldn’t just stick wall panels on this wall to make it practical. It actually needs a makeover.

sydney garage wall makeover

Having reviewed the photos, I was a little hesitant at getting involved but I thought I would offer my opinion on how I thought Cindy and her partner could fix this wall.

What they needed to do was to build another layer of wall over the existing walls so that they would eventually have a flat surface to work off. This new wall could be framed out by a carpenter, who would add enough frame and at the required spacing in order to also hold the StoreWALL panels.

sydney garage makeover

The client advised that they had access to a local carpenter who could assist them with this work.

Measuring the Wall

Following some email exchanges and a phone call we had measured all of the walls that need to be built out and covered with StoreWALL panels. The project had 2 walls. One main wall facing into the garage and a smaller wall close to the garage door.

The size of the main wall was 2800mm W x 2390mm H. In order to meet their 2390m height requirement, I recommended that they consider 7 full panels to get to a height of 2133mm or 8 panels with the top panel cut to length ways to meet 2390mm.

StoreWALL panels are 2438mm in length. To reach the width of 2800mm, we would use a full length panel plus a smaller panel of say 400mm.

For the main wall, a total of 10 x 2438mm panels was required. This would cater for the full length panels (8 of the these) and the smaller panels to reach the 2800mm width. This section of wall also required 20 Installstrips.

The smaller wall beside the door was approx. 300mm in width and the same height as the main wall at 2800mm. For this I recommended 1 additional full 2438mm panel plus 1 smaller 1219mm panel. Instead of using installstrips on this wall we opted to use colour matched screws.

Sydney Garage Wall MakeOver

The result of the wall post the frame being built is:

I unfortunately don’t have pictures of the frame but they did build it out as I had recommended. You can also see from the picture that they have added some trim across the top and bottom of the walls framing it nicely. Picture below shows the wall following some touch up paint being added to the trims.

Paddleboards and Surfboards

The purpose of the wall was to support the following garage items.

  • Paddleboard – horizontally at the top
  • 3 x bikes – vertically on the back wheel
  • Surfboards, boogie boards – vertically

My initial recommendations were as follows:

  • Paddle board – for this I suggested a 254mm or 381mm Angle Bracket. The 254mm bracket extends out from the wall by 430mm, the 381mm extends by 647mm.
  • 3 x bikes – this would be accommodated by 3 x J Hooks.
  • Surfboards, boogie boards – the best option is the Angle Rack Hook. This hook can be used between each of the boards to hold them upright.

After a few conversations we settled on the following accessories:

  • 2 x 381mm Bracket + Padding
  • 1 x Angle Rack Hook
  • 3 x J Hook       
  • 1 x Medium Bungee Hook Set

Angle Brackets

The Angle Brackets were replaced with standard brackets as they allowed the Paddleboard to sit lower making it easier to lift off and take away. There was enough width in the standard bracket to hold the paddle board securely. For added protection however, we also added the Medium Bungee Hook which could be used to tie the paddle board to the wall.

For the Surf Boards, the client decided to start with one Angle Rack Hook and have the Surfboards lean on this.

The 3 x  J Hooks remained for the bikes.

Ultimately this Garage Wall Makeover delivered a brand new wall which is totally usable. I think their carpenter has done a great job.

They now also have a garage storage solution which holds all of the key items they want to store. Best of all it also offers lots of additional options for storing smaller items around the wall as the family’s needs change over time.

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StoreWALL Bunnings

storease vs storewall

We receive this question regularly. Can you purchase StoreWALL from your local Bunnings, Mitre 10, Home Hardware, or any other hardware store?

StoreWALL Bunnings

StoreWALL Bunnings?

StoreWALL Australia is a local Melbourne business. We are the exclusive distributor of the StoreWALL range of garage storage solutions which has been sold in the US for over 10 years. Our Garage Storage Solutions are sold online only at the moment via our website. You can also find some of the garage wall panels and accessories on eBay.

Free Delivery

storewall free delivery

We offer a combination of discounted and even free delivery based on your purchase value, what you purchase, and where you live. We ship Australia-wide.

Free Returns

We also offer free returns, should you order an item and then find it not as useful as you thought. You will need to pay to ship the product back to us.

Bunnings StorEase

Bunnings sell its own garage wall storage system called StorEase. We have reviewed it several times on this website comparing the StorEase panel and rail to StoreWALL.

The reviews can be found here and here.

There are several fundamental differences between what StoreWALL offers and that of StorEase. Firstly, we don’t sell a rail, we sell panels that are 304mm in height and either 1219mm or 2438mm in length. Our panels are made from a hardened thermoplastic which is water and mould-resistant. StorEase slat panels are only 150mm in height, 1200mm in length and made from aluminium. These panels are not designed to cover your wall, rather they are placed along your wall at a certain required height.

The second key difference is that our range of accessories is made from steel and then powder coated. They are heavier and more durable than those from StorEase.

StoreWALL CamLok

The locking mechanism used by our accessories is also quite different. StoreWALL uses a unique CamLok system to secure the accessory to the panel. We do not use claws or teeth. This makes StoreWALL significantly more secure when attached to the wall panel. It also makes it easier to remove and then move around. This ensures that your panels are not marked or scratched in the process.

If you like our accessories but already have StorEase rails, then you can actually use our accessories with StorEase. The CamLok system will also secure our accessory to your StorEase rail. THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO THE WALL TRACK SLIMLINE (BLACK RAIL).

StoreWALL Showroom

StoreWALL does not offer a showroom in Melbourne. However, if you are happy to visit our home office we are happy to show you what we offer and how StoreWALL will transform your garage. Call (0411280646) or email us ( to organise a visit.

We can also help you with quotes on how many panels you may need as well as installation.

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The Organised Garage

slatwall messy garage

2020 is a year many of us will never forget. COVID-19 has locked a lot of us in our homes with plenty of time on our hands to look around and want to mend. The organised garage is something that has been talked about in many households when I consider the amount of enquiries we have received since the lockdown began.

We have covered how to organise your garage in several previous articles on our website, but I thought a top 10 (or 11) list of how to start and what to do would be useful.

The Organised Garage

the organised garage

Whilst there are plenty of extreme garage photos out there, your typical garage will have some order about it. However, what then tends to happen is larger items start to take up space, the shelves you purchased fill up or don’t fit larger items (anymore) and things start to accumulate on the floor. Before you know it, you start to use the floor more and more until it’s impossible to move around and find anything quickly or safely.

Step 1 – Empty it out

The best way to start re-organising your garage is to clean it all out. Everything off the walls, the floor and the ceiling needs to come out. Start in the morning so you have the day ahead of you and begin the clean-out.

Step 2 – Group it

When its all out on the garden lawn or driveway, start to group it. One of the keys to attaining the organised garage is the organising bit.

When I look at what is inside my garage I have the following categories:

  • Tools
  • Sports Gear
  • Bikes
  • Food (cans/packets and excess food I store)
  • Xmas tree and decorations
  • Beach gear (boogie boards)
  • Party gear (decorations, plastic cups and plates)
  • Old kids furniture
  • Bins of books
  • Old clothes
  • Keep sake items

Step 3 – Sweep it out

Give your garage a good clean out. This includes sweeping and even hosing it down. Get all of the dust and dirt that has accumulated in the corners out. You will need to remove all the furniture to do this.

You should also look at the walls and ceiling and wipe it all down. Either by hand or with a broom. Get all of the cob webs down.

Step 4 – Keep, Dump, Not Sure

Once your sorting is done, you need to go through everything and decide to either keep it because you will use it or it has some sentimental value. Dump it because you will never use it and you know someone else will get better value from it. Or, put it into the “Not sure” list to be decided upon over the coming days.

What you decide to get rid of could go to a Salvation Army store for them to sell (and make a few dollars from). It could also be sold on Ebay or Gumtree if you have the patience. Alternatively, you could give it away to a friend/family. Finally, when hard rubbish comes around you could throw it out then.

The items that you are not sure about, should be put to the side to be looked at over the coming weeks and decided upon. Don’t add them to the Keep list unless you are certain that is where they belong.

Step 5 – Floor Plan

The floor plan is really important because it offers a way to design your layout and use of the space you have. Consider the furniture you have, its size and potential use.

Think about how you use your garage. Is it just for storage or do you do work in there. As an example, I exercise in my garage, so a certain area needs to be dedicated to my training equipment.

What about your car? Do you need to park your car in the garage? If you have bikes, think about where they can be parked or hung.

If you use the space as a workshop, consider what you will use as your bench or table.

You don’t need special software for this, a few pieces of paper will do it. However spend time thinking about the space, the objects and how you want to use it all. Think about your doorways and how you access the garage (main garage door, side door, back door).

Consider the location of the items you will keep but only use a year and those that you want to access regularly. If you have little ones accessing bikes or sporting gear, think about how they can safely move in and out of the garage.

Step 5 – Group it (part 2)

The second part of grouping relates to organising your items in tune with the garage floor plan you have designed. If you read through the many blogs on organising and watch the videos, there are tons of tips on the best approach.

With any space you are working on within your home you need to prioritise based on what you want to use the space for. If part of the space is for working, then making enough room to work is key, so is using the right furniture like a desk or bench.

Bikes, if you are regularly in and out of the garage to get a bike(s), then having these placed in an easy access area even when the car is in the garage is important. You don’t want to have to move the car to get the bikes each time.

Tools, if you are using tools or a regular basis then having your tools visible and accessible is key. This can include your smaller hand tools and all types of power tools.

power tool storage

Items which are regularly used should be easy to access. For you and the rest of your family members. Items which are used once a year (xmas tree) should be out of the way. These items can be stored high and in a harder place to access.

Remember that this step is not a once-off. Organising and re-organising happens all of the time within the house. It should be the same in the garage. The organised garage is not born overnight.

Step 6 – Using Walls

Whether your garage space is small or large using your wall space is important. Most people confuse shelving with maximising use of walls space. Sticking a few shelves on the wall is a start, it’s not the end.

Having open spare wall space in a garage is wasted space. Solutions like StoreWALL give you the ability to use your wall and change its use as needs change. Unlike a shelf which is large and can’t be easily moved around, Garage Wall Storage can change a wall from shelving to holding power tools in a matter of minutes. Accessories are unlocked and moved around as needed.

the organised garage

Use wall storage around shelving, cupboards and other furniture.

Step 7 – Use the height of your room

Use the height of your space to store larger items that you seldom use. It gets them out of the way and the lower easy to access areas are used for more frequent use items. Wall storage allows you to create shelving across the top of your wall.

However there are other garage storage options which create shelving across the ceiling of your garage.

Step 8 – Re-use old furniture

If you have furniture that can be re-used for storage, it makes sense to give it a second life. Why buy another piece of furniture if you can change its look with some paint and move it into the garage. This isn’t always practical but it can work. An old desk in the study can become a useful workbench in the garage.

Step 9 – Labelled Bins & Tubs

We all have them, coloured or clear plastic tubs with lots of stuff in them. They should be organised and clearly labelled. Some clear information on the outside of the tub will save a lot of time sifting through them all looking for that old book.

Ensure your tubs have lids and they are shut tight so that contents don’t collect dust.

Step 10 – By the Door

Keep your frequently used items by the garage door. This is the main garage door you use.

In my garage, the frequently used items are my tools, food and my gym equipment. They are all by the back door to the garage.

Step 11 – It’s not a once off

Just like any other room in your garage, it may take you a few goes to get it right. Over this time you will likely throw more stuff out and learn more about how you want to use the space you have.

Your version of “the organised garage” doesn’t need to look like what is in some of pretty staged pictures of garages. It needs to work for you, your stuff and the room you have.

If in 6 mths your needs or items may change, so should your garage.

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Metal Shed Wall Panels

Shed B Narrowly spaced studs

At StoreWALL this week we received a call from a client who lives in the outer suburbs of Melbourne. Most of the homes in his neighbourhood were built 40+ years ago and have a standalone garage. The garage that this gentleman has is basically a metal shed with a brick facade (my garage is very similar). In terms of size if fitted at least 2 cars and so offered plenty of room. Being a metal shed however, he was limited in how he could use his walls for better garage wall storage. He was wondering if we had any ideas for installing Metal Shed Wall Panels.

The construction of the shed was a metal frame and metal sheeting covering the outer layer. This structure had stood the test of time. It was strong and sturdy and hadn’t rusted. However, due to the external body being metal, he had been very restricted in adding any hanging storage using any form of metal shed wall panel.

Metal Shed Wall Panels

Shed B Narrowly spaced studs

The gentlemen was kind enough to send through an image of the garage shed or at least how the frame had been constructed. You can see that whilst there is plenty of frame supporting the garage, the vertical and horizontal posts were quite far apart. This made it rather hard to install any type of Metal Shed Wall Panel.

This scenario is not ideal for garage wall panels of any nature but it is not an impossible task for a solution like StoreWALL.

Take the picture of this shed below. I found this picture on the internet at (theshedcompany). You can see the frame in this image and you can also see the large gaps between the vertical posts. The gaps are well over 1 metre apart. There is nothing wrong with the frame in terms of supporting the shed. It however doesn’t assist our objective of adding wall panels to your metal shed.

Metal Shed Wall Panels
Shed A wide studs Source: Pinterest

Perfect Shed Frame

This second image (below) is from the same shed supplier (theshedcompany). Notice that the frame used in this case has many vertical studs that are narrowly spaced. This is a much better setup for supporting metal shed wall panels. Note that these are both great sheds just making the point about how they can support internal wall panels.

Metal Shed Wall Panels
Shed B Narrowly spaced studs

If you took your typical garage hanging storage solution like StorEase from Bunnings and tried to install it on Shed A it would not work. Not if you were just wanting to install it directly onto the frame. The StorEase panel is only 1.2m in length and these studs are too wide apart. One option would be to install some plywood panels onto the frame and then screw your garage wall panels onto this. You would in this case still be required to support the plywood via the metal frame.

Installing on Shed B would be a lot easier with the additional studs supporting the panel. You may still want to install the plywood first.

Extending Your Shed Frame

I have a similar shed at home to that of the customer. It also doubles as my garage. It has a similar frame except that mine is metal but also supported by hardwood rails running horizontally along the length of the wall. There are 3 of these. One at the top, middle, and the bottom. With my setup, I could overcome the problem by adding additional studs between the horizontal rails. As I have a partly wooden frame, these vertical studs would be screwed onto the wooden rails. Once these rails are installed, then I have much more frame to work with. I could then use these studs to support my StoreWALL installstrips.

If your frame was only metal you would need to do something similar. You could either use more metal to build vertical studs or add wooden studs to your frame. It really depends on the composition of your frame and how sturdy you think it is to support some vertical studs.

If your shed is new enough, you could look at whether the manufacturer sells additional frame parts that you can add. Alternatively, you might also want to consider TopHat battens such as the one pictured below. These TopHat Battens can be used to add additional vertical frame elements to your shed wall so that the Installstrips can be attached. TopHats are available from all major hardware stores.

Adding Plywood across your frame is also an option worth considering. If it is thick enough it could act as a suitable frame for the installation of the Installstrips.

StoreWALL InstallStrips

How much more frame do you need? For Metal Shed Wall Panels we would recommend a vertical stud every 400-500mm. This allows you to install your InstallStrip and provide 3 points of support to every 1.2m StoreWALL panel. Better still if the StoreWALL panels are 2.4m in length you would have 6 points of connection for each panel.

Your StoreWALL InstallStrip can be screwed or bolted onto your additional vertical frame. Once this step is complete it’s as easy as hanging the garage wall panels and attaching your new StoreWALL accessories to hang your storage items.

Metal Shed Installation

In early July a lady from Ghin Ghin in regional Victoria called me and wanted to see our panels. During her visit, she explained that she had a metal shed filled with gardening tools stored on the floor. Her goal was to have them all hanging on the wall using a garage wall storage system like StoreWALL.

The below picture is of the wall inside the shed. This will be covered with garage wall panels.

This is a picture of the other side of the same wall. You can see the limited studs. The client added additional studs and plywood sheets across the entire wall so that it could support the installation of the StoreWALL panels. Studs were added every 400mm.

The result is fantastic and a great addition to this home. Now all of the gardening tools have been hung on the wall including the wheelbarrow.

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Waterproof Garage Wall Panels

Waterproof Garage Wall Panels

If you are as old as I am you will remember a Castrol GTX Oil advertisement from the 80s where the main tag line was “Oils ain’t Oils”. Well “Slatwalls” also “ain’t Slatwalls” either. Today we are talking about Waterproof garage wall panels and why you should consider these over other types of panels.

    Waterproof Garage Wall Panels

    The real test is in the longevity of the panels and the fact that customers will return to StoreWALL for garage storage solutions for the 2nd and even 3rd home. We have had several customers in 2019 comes to us with a story of installing StoreWALL several years ago in their home, then selling their home and wanting it for their next home.

    There are lots of reasons why StoreWALL customers remain loyal. The durability of the panels is a key reason. StoreWALL’s panels are made from a hardened composite plastic. I have listed the product specifications below for you:

    Physical properties PVC StoreWALL

    • Density – Average 16 / cu ft
    • Decorative surface thickness .687″ (11/16′)
    • Modulus of rupture 27 mpa
    • Modulus of Elasticity – Average 29 mpa
    • Internal bond 100 psi
    • Water absorption – 0%
    • Linear expansion 0%
    • Thickness swell 0%
    • Moisture content – as shipped 0%
    • Groove dimensions
    • Groove .20″
    • Lip .25″
    • Back .25″
    • Opening .375″
    • Formaldehyde emission 0.00 ppm
    • Flame spread 45
    • Fire classification IIB
    • 100% Recyclable – Class 3 recyclable

    Waterproof Garage Wall Panels

    Note the water absorption is 0%. It stays this way forever. This means your StoreWALL wall can be washed down with a hose if necessary. So if you are likely to be giving your garage a regular wash down to clean the floor, your StoreWALL wall can be cleaned with it.

    Even if water gets to the back of the wall and touches your InstallStrips you will not have any issues. Our InstallStrips are made from rolled steel plated with 18 gauge Zinc for rust resistance. I have had two InstallStrips screwed to a wall outside for the past 12mths. They are exposed to the weather 24/7 and have not changed shape nor rusted. StoreWALL offers 100% Waterproof Garage Wall Panels.

    Waterproof Garage Wall Panels

    What about the Accessories?

    All StoreWALL accessories are made from steel. They are then powder coated to prevent them from rusting. Some elements of each accessory are also covered by a rubber coating for better grip and additional protection. This means that some water that is dried away will not affect your panels nor accessories.

    The powder coated finish is grade STW 10 Powder Coat Finish. The extra heavy coating is there to resist dings and protect against rust. The steel we use is industrial grade, engineered strong to hold your most valuable equipment.

    Waterproof Garage Wall Panels

    Slatwalls Ain’t Slatwalls

    Take a look at the image below which shows the relative weight capacity in pounds (2.2 pounds = 1KG) of StoreWALL’s panels to that of an MDF based wall panel.

    Our Standard Duty Wall Panels offer double the weight capacity of a standard MDF panel which is simply screwed to the wall.

    However its not just being PVC which makes StoreWALL standout. There are other PVC solutions on the market. Most of them require that you install directly onto the wall with screws. StoreWALL also offers the Basic Duty Panel which has this feature.

    When it comes to the Panels what distinguishes StoreWALL is the hook system which secures the panel to the InstallStrip. With the InstallStrip secure to your wall, your panels are then secured to the InstallStrips by the moulded hooks on the back. See image below.

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    Carport Storage Solutions

    carport storage solutions

    Today we are talking about Carport Storage Solutions. Having recently spent a few weekends driving around Melbourne’s eastern suburbs I quickly realised that many (say 20%) of homes had very limited access to an enclosed lockup garage. In most cases they had room at the front of the home for a carport and one or two parking spaces.

    Storage solutions for these homes is a little more complex. Carport storage solutions are not the most popular of topics on the internet but there are several options worth considering which make good sense.

    Carport Storage Sheds

    A Lockable Storage Shed is by far the most practical carport storage solution. It is both affordable and easy to build and install yourself. Furthermore it can be placed inside the carport should you need it at the front of the home or in the back yard (if you have one).

    The location of the lockable shed really depends on how secure you think your front or backyard is. In either case, these sheds are lockable and therefore secure regardless of location.

    Having it located inside the carport might reduce your space for parking the car, but it might give you more room in the backyard for the family and entertaining.

    Locally I have seen them used in the front yard of many townhouses where the garage space is just enough for one car. With a limited backyard, the front of the home was the only logical location.

    carport storage solutions

    Sheds like the one above come in all sizes, from a few metres in length and height to 1m in depth. They can can be larger if you have the room or shorter in width if you don’t. They can also come with more than one door for easier access and a flat or sloped roof line.

    Pricing can vary from about $300 – $800 depending on the size and quality (inc finish) you are after.

    They can be sourced from your local hardware store like Bunnings or Mitre10 or from the many shed building companies also offering affordable shed options.

    Carport Storage

    If you had the opportunity to design and build your carport from scratch you might want to build storage room into your carport structure.

    Not only does it make the structure more aesthetic, it will also gives you greater confidence in the security of your carport storage solution.

    carport storage solutions
    Source: Carport ideas

    The actual storage area can be set on either side (left, right or back) of the carport depending on your home design. In actual storage space it would not be much different to a separate shed but it looks more in line with the carport design. From a security perspective, there would not be much difference between a built in shed a free standing shed.

    Storage Cabinet for your Carport

    Storage Space in apartment buildings and many townhouses built these days is limited. A solution like the Storage Box is another option worth considering. The design and size is ideal for small carports with limited room for additional storage.

    The Storage Box is an over bonnet storage cabinet, and uses the wasted space that sits above the bonnet of your car. Because it is a raised cabinet, you don’t lose any parking space. It is also a secure cabinet so it can be used for all sorts of storage needs from power tools to bikes.

    carport storage solutions
    Source: Spacecommander
    • The cabinet is free standing, and can be adjusted for height which should suit most vehicle sizes.
    • Whether you are looking to use it in a flat or un-levelled area, the cabinet comes with adjustable threaded feet. This is ideal for both indoor locations but also for carports which might have a gravel surface.
    • These storage cabinets have been designed to fit within the allocated car space, so they will not interfere with vehicles parking near you. This applies to dual carports as well.
    • Holds upwards of 600kg.
    • Galvanised steel and powder coat finish.
    • 3 Point Lockable door system for security of your storage items.

    There are several suppliers of the Storage Cabinet in Australia. Try Steelspan and Space Commander. Pricing starts at around $1400 ex installation.

    StoreWALL in your Carport

    One of the many advantages of StoreWALL is it is weatherproof. Our InstallStrips are made from rolled steel plated with 18 gauge Zinc for rust resistance. Our panels are hardened PVC. Rain water will not rust or damage your StoreWALL.

    Whilst I wouldn’t be hanging your power tools in the carport, items such as garden hoses and cheaper gardening tools such as brooms or rakes could certainly be hung outside. Having them hang neatly in your carport would ensure they are easy to find and not lying around against the home or on the ground easily stepped on and damaged.

    StoreWALL can be a great addition to any shed you add to your carport. Whether it is a metal shed that you add later or a structure that is built into your carport from the beginning. Having a place to hang your tools and shelves to place your cans of WD40 is what having storage is all about.

    If you are using a metal shed, StoreWALL panels will need to be secured to the frame structure that comes with the shed or one that you add later. StoreWALL can be installed with or without Installstrips. In a small shed you only need 2 or 3 x 1.2m panels to make the wall effective.

    A common question we receive regarding carports and sheds is how to install wall panels on a the metal frame. Typically your shed will come with a frame but the distance between vertical and horizontal frame sections might be a couple of metres. This isn’t ideal for hanging wall panels, so you will need to add additional frame to provide the support needed. This can be done through the use of TopHat battens such as the one pictured below. These Top Hat Battens can be used to add additional vertical frame elements to your shed wall so that the Installstrips can be attached.

    Once installed, these battens should mirror a wooden studded frame similar to what you would find in wall of your home. On this you then screw the StoreWALL Installstrips and then hang your StoreWALL panels.

    StoreWALL 1.2m panels are sold in both cartons of 4 or 6 pieces or individually. There are plenty of options for you to choose from. StoreWALL can be a great addon for any Carport Storage Solutions.

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    Garage Ladder Storage

    garage ladder storage storewall

    They are super handy but they are big and usually stored in your garage standing vertically against the wall or lying horizontally on the ground. Garage ladder storage is challenging at the best of times and the bigger the ladder the harder storing securely seems to be.

    I have 4 ladders at home. Two are your 1.2m aluminium one sided step ladder. One is a larger 1.8m single sided step ladder and the fourth is a 6.5m aluminium extension ladder.

    I have stored them all sorts of ways in the garage and outside. The larger two ladders are the hardest to manage. Due to their size they need to be secure and accessible but not in the way of everything else including the car. More on these ladders at the end.

    The two 1.2m step ladders can easily be accommodated within my garage and so that is where I store them. My garage ladder storage solution is to have them up against the wall but secured so they can’t be knocked over and damage anything.

    StoreWALL offer several ideas for garage ladder storage whether you are storing your ladders vertically of horizontally.

    Vertical Garage Ladder Storage

    Both my 1.2m ladders are stored vertically and are tied to the wall with a StoreWALL Bungee Hook set. This includes two closed hooks at either side of the ladder and an elastic cable with clips across the middle which is what holds the ladder in place.

    These Bungee Hook sets come in several sizes. The small size has a cable which starts at 38cm in length and can extend to double this length (clip to clip). There is also the Medium size Bungee Hook set which works the same way but its cable starts at 58cm and extends to over 1m (clip to clip fully extended).

    Finally we have the Large Bungee Hook set which has an extension cable which can stretch from 95cm to approx 2m.

    In my case I have used the small Bungee Hook set to secure each ladder. With the CamLok locking mechanism you can adjust the tension yourself by moving the hooks closer or further away from each other and the item you are securing. In fact, the extendability of these cables actually allows you to secure more than one item with the one cable.

    garage ladder storage
    garage ladder storage - closed loop hook
    garage ladder storage - bungee hook set

    Horizontal Garage Ladder Storage

    The alternative to storing your garage ladder vertically is to secure it horizontally ie hanging off your wall. StoreWALL has 5 or 6 different hooks which can be used to secure your small, medium or large step ladder on your wall.

    The StoreWALL Heavy Duty Cradle Hook is ideal in this situation as it is a deep hook with a curved form giving you added security that your ladder will not fall off the wall and hit someone or the car.

    Other StoreWALL hooks which are just as the effective are the Universal Hook, the Wide Hook and the range of 12 inch Universal or Long Hooks.

    Back to the two larger ladders I have stored outside the garage. In their case, I have secured two brackets to my backyard fence and have them hanging from these brackets horizontally. The brackets are permanently attached and would need to be unscrewed and moved unlike your StoreWALL alternatives which are easily moved around. The StoreWALL hooks as per the video would be a better choice but I had already invested in these brackets many years ago and they work.

    Whether you want to secure your garage ladder horizontally or vertically to your wall, StoreWALL allows you to do both with minimal cost and effort. Best of all, once you want to make a change, you can simply swap your hooks around and adjust how you use your garage wall storage.

    All of the Garage Ladder Storage options listed in this article can be found on the StoreWALL website and online store.

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    Shelves for a small garage

    shelves for a small garage

    Most new homes are designed with a standard garage of 6m x 6m which might look big when its empty but add two cars, a medium ladder, some sports gear and storage containers and all of a sudden the lower area of your garage has become rather cramped. How do you make better usage of your garage walls by using more of the wall? StoreWALL is a wall storage solution which in addition to many other accessories also has a large range of shelves for a small garage.

    Shelves for a small garage

    Shelving is the first thing most people look to when adding storage to their garage. There are lots of rack style shelving options available on the market. The biggest challenge with shelves for a small garage is finding shelving that can be placed high enough on your wall so that it doesn’t interfere with the vehicle parked next to it.

    Your standard rack shelving will in “most” (not all) cases be far too deep for a 6x6m garage with two cars parked in it. Most rack shelving is 600mm deep. If you consider that your vehicle is about 1.8m in width. Then approx 4.5m of your garage will be taken up by two vehicles (leaving some space in between the vehicles). Which leaves you about 750mm – 1m on either side of each car. It’s tight.

    Shelving options

    Yes there are rack shelving options which are narrower in depth than 600mm. Bunnings sells a Pinnacle 2090 x 1200 x 460mm 6 Tier Adjustable Shelving Unit.

    Other options include shelving you install directly to your wall with brackets. This style of shelving will be guided by your size of bracket. The one key limitation is that once the brackets are mounted to your wall, they will need to remain there, there is no way to move the brackets without adding more holes to your wall.

    What you need to consider is how to make better use of the wall itself for storage, not just adding additional furniture to the room. Whilst some rack shelving would be practical, there are other options like wall mounted garage storage which can give you access to the entire wall upon which to hang and secure your items.

    StoreWALL Shelves

    StoreWALL has a great range of shelves for a small garage. Best of all, StoreWALL Storage solutions are designed specifically for making better use of the your wall area, not for eating into the depth of your garage.

    StoreWALL garage solutions are built around our range of garage wall panels. Our wall panels are made from a hardened plastic and are water and damp proof so they can be used inside the home and in the garage or shed.

    They can be screwed directly to your wall or installed with our InstallStrips which gives them extra support and the ability to hold a lot more weight. Panels come in a range of colours and in two main sizes, 1.2m and 2.4m. The height of each panel is about 30cm.

    Once your panels are installed then the range of accessories you can add to your wall is almost endless. We have over 20 hooks and a great range of shelves.

    StoreWALL Metal Shelves

    StoreWALL offers a solid steel shelf which is easily attached to your wall panels. The Steel Shelf comes in 2 lengths (762mm and 1212mm) and is 393mm in depth.

    This is a super durable shelf that can be used for holding any large and bulky items including power tools. It is secured to your wall panels with our Camlok locking mechanism. This shelf can also double as a bench area.

    shelves for a small garage

    StoreWALL Wire Shelves

    StoreWALL also offers toughened wire shelves. The Small and Large Shelves are flat in design and have a depth of 355mm. There is also the Angle shelf which has a depth of 381mm. These shelves also sport the CamLok system.

    shelves for a small garage

    StoreWALL Plastic Shelves

    StoreWALL also have a great range of shelves made from hardened plastic which are either installed with brackets or installed directly onto the wall panel.

    The StoreWALL Shelf is 254mm in depth and 812mm in length. It is installed with StoreWALL brackets (254mm) which are locked to the wall panel with the CamLok locking mechanism. This Shelf also comes in a 1.2m version for those that needs some extra length.

    StoreWALL Ledge Shelf

    Want a deeper shelf? Try our 381mm brackets combined with our 820mm x 400mm floating metal shelf.

    The final shelf option is the new Metal Ledge Shelf. This shelf is made from 2mm powder coated steel and is 812mm in length and 200mm in depth. This style of shelf doesn’t need brackets as it has a small lip which hooks itself in the wall panels and stays secure.

    Small Garage Shelving Options

    If you want to build your own shelves but want the ability to move them around then also consider our range of brackets. They come in 254mm and 381mm sizes. They come with a predrilled hole to secure your own shelf as well as Camlok for securing them to the wall. In addition to the great range of shelves for a small garage, StoreWALL’s system allows you to move your accessories around as often as you need to without impacting the wall in any way.

    All StoreWALL accessories come with the CamLok mechanism which secure the hook, basket or shelf to the wall. When its time to move the accessory, CamLok allows you to unlock it and move it to the new location. There is no uninstalling of brackets and leaving holes in walls.

    Whether you have a single, double or even 4 car garage, StoreWALL has a great solution to help you make the most out of your garage walls. The StoreWALL system is versatile and a great way to store all of your belongings.

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    Great Value Garage Wall Panels

    This week we launched our latest Garage Wall Panel range – Basic Duty. The StoreWALL Basic Duty Wall Panel is a great value wall panel built from the same durable and water proof material used for our popular Standard Duty and Heavy Duty panels.

    The Basic Duty Panel has been designed to be installed directly onto your wall surface with no InstallStrips. The installation of these panels is with screws directly to your wall. The backing of the panel is flat with no hooks for the InstallStrips.

    The Basic Duty Garage Wall Panel range was launched to provide a more price competitive offer for our customers. A wall panel with very similar traits to the Standard Duty, with similar strength to hold weight and all of your garage items but at a slightly lower price.

    Garage Wall Panel Dimensions

    Basic Duty Wall panels are the exact same dimensions as the Standard Duty 1.2m panels. Each panel is 1219mm (length) x 304.8mm (height) x 16.7mm (thickness). 1 panel will cover .371 sq meters. This is exactly the same as the Standard Duty 1.2m panel.

    Garage Wall Panel Colour Range

    The Basic Duty colour range includes Grey and White and is installed with approx 20 screws from the exterior of the panel. We have several images below as well as video showing the differences in the panels as well as the colour variations between the two models.

    compare basic duty garage wall panels

    Basic Duty Vs Standard Duty

    Let’s take a look at the key differences between the two panel types to help you understand how you can use each panel. At StoreWALL we would consider both to be a great value wall panel.

    compare garage wall panels

    Basic Duty Panel Strength
    – 34KGs at 120cm from the surface of the wall.

    Basic Duty Panel Screw Installation
    – Use colour matching screws for the best match to wall panels.

    Basic Duty Panel Accessories
    • All storeWALL accessories are compatible with Basic Duty!

    wall panel installation

    Standard Duty Panel Strength
    – 110KGs at the panel surface
    – 50KGs at 120cm from the surface of the wall.

    Standard Duty Panel Installation
    In order to enjoy the additional weight listed above, installation must be with InstallStrips. Alternatively for a similar weight holding strength to the Basic Duty panel you can install directly with screws.

    Standard Duty Accessories
    • All StoreWALL accessories are compatible with Standard Duty panels.

    Comparing Panels

    Below I have images of both the front and the back of the panels and a comparison of the white and grey colours compared to the Weathered Grey and Brite White from the Standard range.

    great value wall panel

    The above image features both the Basic Grey and the Standard Duty Weathered Grey sitting on top of each other. The Basic Duty has the first 2 rows with the bottom two being the Standard Duty. You can see a difference in the Grey tone of the top panel. The lower panel is a smoother grey.

    great value wall panel

    The above image compares the White Basic Duty (below row) with the Brite White from Standard Duty (top row). The Basic Duty White is a lot whiter.

    The Basic Duty Panels are on sale now via our online store. They can be purchased as individual panels or in a pack of 4.