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Explore StoreWALL Australia for high-quality slatwall solutions perfect for garages, homes, and businesses. Our PVC panels are robust, waterproof, and mold-resistant, offering a versatile and stronger alternative to traditional storage options. Tailored for diverse uses, StoreWALL’s range enhances any space with durable and reliable organization. Discover the full range and benefits of our slatwall panels for a clutter-free, efficient environment.

Standard Duty StoreWALL Panels

Panel Sizes

StoreWALL Australia’s Standard Duty Panels provide durable, space-efficient storage solutions for homes and businesses. Available in 1219mm and 2438mm lengths, these PVC slatwall panels are designed to withstand up to 113kg, ensuring a robust structure for your organizational needs. Discover the range of panel sizes and their impressive strength ratings for a streamlined and sturdy storage setup. Learn more about PVC slatwalls and how they can enhance your space.

  • Each 1219mm panel has the following dimensions: 1219mm in length x 304mm in height x 16mm in thickness. The total coverage for each panel is .37m squared.
  • Each 2438mm panel has the following dimensions: 2438mm in length x 304mm in height x 16mm in thickness. The total coverage for each panel is .74m squared.

Panels are sold in cartons. The 1219mm carton comes with 4 panels covering a total area of 1.48m squared. The 2438mm carton comes with 4 panels covering a total area of 2.96m squared.

You can learn more about the advantages and limitations of PVC Slatwalls here.


Enhance your space with StoreWALL panels, offered in an array of eight stylish colors to match any decor. Installation is a breeze with our DIY InstallStrips, which not only simplify the process but also reinforce the strength of the slatwall. Depending on the size, panels require one or two InstallStrips, and if preferred, panels can be directly attached with our color-matched screws. This innovative installation method sets StoreWALL apart, offering a secure and aesthetically pleasing storage solution.

Standard Duty Profile

Heavy Duty StoreWALL Panels

Opt for StoreWALL’s Heavy Duty panels for unmatched strength and longevity in your organizing solutions. Perfect for both residential and commercial use, these 1.2m panels come in chic colors like Weathered Grey, Brite White, and Global Pine, blending style with functionality. Each panel is engineered to support up to 136kg, ensuring your items stay secure. Available in cartons, they provide substantial coverage, ensuring a robust and lasting investment for any space that demands high-performance storage.

Heavy Duty Profile

Basic Duty StoreWALL Panels

Discover StoreWALL’s Basic Duty Panels for budget-friendly wall solutions without compromising quality. Made from the same robust material as our Standard Duty panels, these entry-level panels are lightweight, easy to install with screws, and available in classic Grey and White. With each panel covering .37m squared and a solid strength of 34kg at 10cm from the wall, they are perfect for those seeking efficient, cost-effective storage. Choose Basic Duty Panels for a practical, no-fuss organization in your space.

Basic Duty Profile

StoreWALL Panel Comparison

We have a comparison chart of the 3 panel options here.

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