Bike Storage

StoreWALL Australia presents a premier selection of bike storage solutions designed to elevate your garage organization. Our Bike Hooks and Bike Brackets are the perfect solution to free up valuable floor space and keep your bikes neatly stored.

By incorporating our innovative wall panel solutions, you can utilize Bike Hooks to hang your family bikes vertically on the wall. Customize your storage space by adding extra hooks for accessories such as helmets, pumps, shoes, and clothing.

Explore our versatile Bike Hook Solutions, featuring popular options like the J Hook, Rotating Bike Hook, SteadyRack Plates, and the Heavy Duty Universal Hook.

For an alternative approach, pair our wall panels with the 381mm bike brackets to securely store your bikes horizontally on the wall. Our bike brackets are equipped with soft felt padding, ensuring the protection of your bike frame.

It's worth noting that StoreWALL Bike Storage Systems seamlessly integrate with the following Slatwall Systems, providing you with a versatile and comprehensive storage solution. Elevate your bike storage experience with StoreWALL's premium systems!

  • StorEase Wall Panel - this is the larger aluminium panel
  • Garagesmart Wall Panels
  • GarageTek Wall Panels
  • PVC Wall Panels with 74mm between grooves
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