StoreWALL Installers

Find a StoreWALL Installer: DIY or Professional Installation for Your Wall Paneling Needs

Effortless StoreWALL Installation with Professional Assistance

Considering a StoreWALL installation for your space? Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or prefer professional assistance, StoreWALL offers flexible installation options to suit your needs. You can easily undertake StoreWALL as a DIY project or seek help from a local handyperson or carpenter.

Planning Your Project:

  • DIY or Professional Help: Choose to DIY or contact a skilled handyperson or carpenter for installation.
  • Measurements and Assistance: We’re here to help you measure your area. Just send us your wall measurements and pictures for an assessment of the required StoreWALL paneling.

Who Can Install StoreWALL?

  • Professional Options: If DIY isn’t for you, local handypersons, carpenters, or electricians with skills in leveling, drilling, and cutting are ideal. We have a list of contacts in various cities with the necessary expertise.
  • Support and Guidance: StoreWALL offers full support. If your installer needs guidance, we’re just a phone call away. An Install Guide and instructional videos are available for reference.

Find Installers in Your City:

Please print this Install Guide and use it when explaining the StoreWALL installation process to any of the below contacts. We also have several useful videos on our Youtube page.


Email us at or call 0411280646


  • Nick Williams – Northern Beaches – email us (Nick has completed several projects for us)
  • Alex (Bearded Carpenter) – Northern Beaches – email us (Alex has completed several projects for us)

Some other suggestions:

  • Men Behaving Handy (
  • Sydney handy Man Hire (
  • Simple Handy Man Services – (


Spark Home Solutions
Auchnflower, Brisbane QLD, 4152



  • Summit Handy Man (
  • Lend a Hand Handy Man – (
  • Men Behaving Handy – (
  • Dave will do it – 0419 847 334
  • Adelaide A1 Handyman – 0423 228 742 


  • Michael – 0414609339


  • Men Behaving Handy – (
  • East Perth Handyman Care – 08 62445860
  • Handy Warren – 0421 373 018
  • The Handyman Perth – 0862444223


  • Handyman Andy – 0438 410 513
  • My Canberra Handyman (Brett) – 0474-513-710
  • Matt – 0473489828
  • Skippie Handyman Services – 0410 925 771
  • Farmer Phil – 0413000740


  • Handy2U – 0457 673 111
  • Assemble Anything – 03 62280808
  • Scott Irvine – 0488935852

Additional Resources:

  • General Handyman Services: For more options, consider platforms like and

Become a StoreWALL Installer:

  • Opportunities for Professionals: We’re always on the lookout for skilled handymen or handywomen interested in selling and installing StoreWALL. Contact us to register your interest.

Elevate your space with the perfect StoreWALL installation. Choose the convenience of DIY or the expertise of a professional – either way, we’re here to support your journey to an organized and stylish space.