Discover seamless organization with StoreWALL's versatile range of bins, curated to simplify the management of small or frequently used items. Whether it's your workshop, pantry, or laundry area, our bins are the perfect addition to enhance accessibility and keep your space clutter-free.

Choose from our expanding selection of bin sizes and shapes, catering to the diverse needs of your home or work projects. Many of our clients utilize these bins for storing toys such as Lego or ensuring sports equipment is sorted and readily available.

Designed to effortlessly integrate into StoreWALL Wall Panels, our bins are crafted from high-impact plastic, guaranteeing durability and easy cleanup. Elevate your storage game with StoreWALL bins, where practicality meets style.

StoreWALL Bins are compatible with the following Slatwall Systems:

  • MDF based slatwall
  • StorEase Wall Panel - this is the larger aluminium panel
  • Garagesmart Wall Panels
  • GarageTek Wall Panels
  • PVC Wall Panels with 74mm between grooves
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