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Best Slatwall Accessories

Over the past few months, we have received countless enquiries from households that have purchased or inherited MDF Slatwall Wall Panels and are looking for the best Slatwall accessories.

This is what your typical MDF Slatwall looks like. The grooves are 100mm apart, there is usually a metal trim in the groove, and the wall panel is made from MDF.

MDF slatwalls are very cost-effective and are usually used by retail stores. The range of accessories designed for them is also cost-effective. The downside is that the range is designed for retail environments, not your household garage.

Slatwall Accessories

If you jump on eBay or search Slatwall Accessories, you will find options that look like this:

If you are going to be hanging small lightweight items like a dustpan, these hooks work fine. Search a little deeper and there are some shelves and some baskets.

Best Slatwall Accessories

StoreWALL’s range of accessories is made of steel and powder-coated. Most hooks also have rubber tips to protect your items. Furthermore, the range is extensive and includes:

  • Over 35 types of hooks from hanging your bike to hanging your garden blower.
  • Over 15 metal shelves in various lengths and depths so you can store your boots, paint cans, garden, and sporting equipment.
  • 8 different types of baskets. Deep and shallow, angled opening or square.
  • 4 different-sized brackets so you can create your floating shelving.
  • Over 15 different-sized bins in various colours and shapes to hold smaller lighter-weight items.
  • 4 Tote Bags for clothing and sporting equipment.
slatwall accessories

StoreWALL’s extensive range ensures you have access to the best slatwall accessories in Australia and globally.

Removing CamLok

To enable StoreWALL’s accessories to work on your MDF Slatwall, we only need to remove the CamLok. By removing the CamLok, the “L” shaped lip at the top of the accessory will fit into your MDF wall and support your stored items.

The end result looks like this:

best slatwall accessories

Whilst you don’t get the extra security offered by CamLok, you are able to access a much deeper range. Just be a little extra careful removing your stored items from the accessory.

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New Ultra Duty Hooks

StoreWALL Ultra Duty Paddle Board Bracket

StoreWALL has recently released a new range of Ultra Duty Hooks. The range includes 4 new hooks/brackets which are stronger than any other hooks offered by StoreWALL.

The new Ultra Duty Hook range is designed with a larger back plate and two CamLoks. The design is actually similar to the Steady Rack Bracket that we offer. Each hook can hold up to 200lbs or around 90kgs. Obviously, you will need to be using StoreWALL panels if you want to use this new range of hooks. And if you are looking to push the weight limit, you will most likely require the Heavy Duty Wall Panel range (including HD Installstrips).

There are four new accessories in the new Ultra Duty Hook range.

Ultra Duty Wide Hook

Think the StoreWALL Wide Hook but 2 or 3 times larger. The Ultra Duty Wide Hook is 304mm in height, 330mm in width, and 254mm in depth. Weight capacity of up to 90kgs.

Ultra Duty Wide Hook

Ultra Duty Utility Hook

The Ultra Duty Utility Hook looks like a huge HD Universal Hook. Its dimensions are 304mm in height, 152mm in width, and 381mm in depth. It also has a weight capacity of up to 90kgs.

Ultra Duty Utility Hook

Ultra Duty 635mm – Surf & Paddle Board Bracket

StoreWALL’s latest Surf & Paddle Board accessory adds to our existing bracket range but this option sits flat off the wall making it easier for Surf Boards and Canoes to be lifted and taken off the wall and then returned.

StoreWALL Ultra Duty Paddle Board Bracket

Its dimensions are 203mm in height, 152mm in width, and 635mm in depth. It also has a weight capacity of up to 90kgs.

Ultra Duty 381mm – Surf & Paddle Board Bracket

StoreWALL will also offer a smaller 381mm version of the Surf and Paddle Board Bracket. It will sit 381mm off the wall.

Its dimensions are 203mm in height, 152mm in width, and 381mm in depth. Weight capacity is up to 90kgs.

The new range of hooks has only recently been released in the US. We hope to be able to order some quantities in the second half of 2023. Pricing for each hook/bracket is yet to be determined.

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21 Gardening Tools

21 gardening tools

Today’s post is about Dale and his 21 gardening tools which he managed to squeeze on one 1.2m x 1.8m wall. I think its quite an achievement and worthy of an article.

Email Exchange

I received this email from Dale about a month ago

Hi Sales,

Do you have a display centre or likes in Melbourne where your products can be looked at? We want to refurbish our garage storage however would really like to view what you offer before ordering.

I replied with

Hi Dale and thanks for your email. We primarily sell via our online store but I do welcome customers to visit me directly (my home) and I can show them the wall panels and accessories as well as answer questions.

You are more than welcome to do the same. I am home most days so can be flexible with times.

We are located in Ashwood (near Chadstone).

I can also help you with a quote of our solution once you have measurements of the wall area you want to cover.

My contact details are below if you would like to call me.

After a few more emails over a couple of weeks, we managed to organise a time for Dale to visit. Whilst he had the Brite White panels in mind, he wanted to ensure that the panel colour was not overly white.

The dimensions of his wall are 1.2m x 1.8m. Six of the 1219mm Brite White panels would be just perfect. Given the wall was a rendered brick wall, he also needed the mushroom nails for installation plus 6 Installstrips.

21 Gardening Tools

In terms of accessories, he started with a couple of hooks and then returned a few days later to buy some more. In fact he actually brought some of the tools with him so that we could test them out across a range of StoreWALL accessories.

21 Gardening Tools

This is how we matched them:

  • Rakes and Spades – Heavy Duty Tool Hook
  • Brushcutter – Vertical Tool Hook
  • Blower – Vertical Tool Hook
  • Brooms – Heavy Duty Tool Hook
  • Large Hammers – Heavy Duty Tool Hook
  • Branch Lopper – 300mm Power Tool Bracket
  • Axe and Picks – Heavy Duty Utility Hook
  • Power Cord – Cradle Hook

In total Dale was able to fit 21 Gardening tools on his small wall. I think this is quite an achievement. Most importantly it also meant that every gardening tool which was previously on the ground, was now up on the wall and out of the way.

Sherbrooke’s review can be found here.

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Campervan Storage Ideas

Campervan Storage Ideas

Following a year of restricted movement around Australia and very limited travel overseas, it is no wonder Caravan and Campervan use has gone through the roof. Trying to pack as much as you can into that one moving room can be challenging. Earlier this year StoreWALL was challenged with how to help a customer with Campervan Storage Ideas.

Campervan Storage Ideas

Wade who is based in Perth, phoned us mid-way through 2020 with a range of questions regarding using StoreWALL wall panels in a storage box that is attached to his campervan.

The Storage box or container is external to the campervan and is used to store a range of tools and necessary items taken with each trip.

I have very little experience with Campervans, let alone Campervan Storage Ideas but after our chat, Wade sent through some photos of his Storage Container and I could see what he was trying to achieve.

The container has the following dimensions

  • 1800mm (W) x 750mm(H)
Campervan Storage Ideas
Campervan Storage Ideas

The water tight container sits outside on the back of the campervan and is enclosed with a lift door at the front allowing for access from the outside only.

You can see from the photos that Wade has already packed as much as he can inside the container but everything seems to sit on top of each other. With the bouncing around when they travel off-road it could rather messy.

Installation Options

The biggest challenge we were going to face with this project was how to secure the InstallStrips to the back of the container. Wade looked at both welding and adhesives options. He settled on an adhesive and had some help from a local workshop he was in touch with. The adhesive need to be able to bind steel on steel.

We used Sikaflex-118 Extreme Grab.  We let it cure for couple more days than recommended before loading it up and has been great so far. 

Wade’s feedback

Campervan Storage – Wall Panels

Given the size of the container, there were a few ways to solve the storage challenge for Wade. The easiest and most effective was to cut two 2438mm panels to the 1800mm width he needed. They would sit on top of each other and together offer dimensions of 1800mm x 610mm. This is slightly shorter than the 750mm that was available, but it also didn’t require cutting additional panels.

The client chose the Weathered Grey colour.

Storage Accessories

Whilst the actual storage space was limited, Wade had a good idea of what he needed to have hung on the back wall of the container. He chose several Utility Hooks, some smaller Universal Hooks and a Large Tote Bag. Wade wasn’t planning on using all of the accessories at the same time but wanted options depending on where he was traveling and what he need to take with him.

Customer Feedback

Happy New Year, Arthur.    
Here are couple pics of one of the configurations of StoreWall in the back of our campervan. This one enables everything we need for short trips to be lifted in and out without moving anything else. Very satisfying and always tidy. The great benefit we’ve seen is that we can easily adapt and reconfigure to suit different loads.   This really is a useful and flexible system. Feel free to use this as a recommendation if you would like to.  Cheers Wade and Robyn. 

Campervan Storage Ideas
Campervan Storage Ideas

Campervan Storage Solutions

This was quite a unique project for us at StoreWALL. However more recently we have had several customers order wall panels for cupboards that they own.

Wade was really happy with the outcome as you can read from his feedback.

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Kayak Storage Racks

Are you looking for Kayak Storage Racks? Taking a quick look on the internet and Kayak’s come in several sizes and weights. An Adult Kayak can have dimensions of 266cm (length) x 66cm (width) x 25cm (height) and weigh about 17-20kg. There are also smaller “youth” size Kayaks with dimensions of 183cm (length) x 61cm (width) x 26cm (height), weighing at around 8kg. StoreWALL’s Angle Brackets have been specifically design to solve the problem of finding the right size Kayak Storage Rack.

StoreWALL garage storage solutions are an ideal solution for helping you protect your Kayak by keeping it off the garage floor and up high on your wall. Better still, our solutions also provide for easy access when you are ready to load your kayak onto your vehicle for your next excursion.

Custom Kayak Racks

The key challenge in terms of storing a Kayak is managing its bulky size both in terms of length but also depth and height. When you look at the typical size of a Kayak, 66cm width and 25cm in height require a special hook designed specifically for a Kayak.

Over the past 6mths I have helped several customers with a Kayak Storage Racks and we have used a couple of different options.

kayak storage racks

StoreWALL Angle Brackets

StoreWALL offer two Angle Bracket options which are ideal for solving your Kayak Storage Solution. The available sizes include:

  • 254mm Angle Bracket – This bracket (padded with foam) extends to 430mm (off the wall). Note that the flat part of the brackets extends to 254mm off the wall. Each bracket has a width of 50mm and the height (lowest to highest point) of 300mm.
  • 381mm Angle Bracket – This bracket (padded with foam) extends to 647mm (off the wall). Note that the flat part of the brackets extends to 381mm off the wall. Each bracket has a width of 50mm and the height (lowest to highest point) of 450mm.

If you were going to use an Angle Bracket to store your Kayak, the Kayak could either be laid flat on its bottom or on its side. The 381mm Angle Bracket is the only option which could support lying the kayak on its bottom. With a flat width of 381mm, it will need to sit on an angle. The 647mm total width of the bracket will support this.

angle bracket

The best solution however is to have the Kayak sit on its side. Based on the Kayak measurements above, at about 25-26cm both Angle Brackets would work with the 381mm Angle Bracket being the best option due to its depth.

Using Kayak Storage Racks

One thing to note when using either of the Angle Brackets is that as the name indicates, they are on an angle. Therefore, in order to remove the Kayak, it will need to be lifted slightly over the brackets. When deciding where to place your Kayak on the wall, you will need to take into consideration how high the kayak will need to be lifted and the height of the person lifting it. Note the height of the bracket options: 300mm and 450mm respectively.

Placing the Kayak high on the wall might seem practical until you are actually trying to access it. Most people keep them in the middle of the wall.

kayak storage racks

Using Standard Brackets

In one instance a client opted for 2 x standard 381mm Brackets over the Angle Brackets because they didn’t have enough room in their garage to support the 647mm Angle Bracket depth. In addition to the standard 381mm brackets they also used a Small Bungee Hook to tie the Kayak to the wall.

I have included some examples of Kayak Storage Solutions using StoreWALL’s accessories throughout the article.

StoreWALL is not the only supplier of Kayak Storage Racks. I have found some alternatives at BCF and on Amazon. The BCF is a solution built for your wall. It retails for under $100. Some of the Kayak specialty stores also sell similar kayak storage rack solutions. Amazon sell a free standing rack by Rad Sportz. This stand will hold 2 Kayak’s and retails for A$500+. Another on Ebay is a “4 Pcs Kayak Holder Canoe Storage Rack Carrier” which is wall mounted and retails for about A$75.

StoreWALL’S Kayak storage solution will require that you invest in StoreWALL’s wall panels first. The Angle Brackets start at $67 each. You will need 2 of them.

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Organizing tools in garage

You learn a lot from your customers. This week I was met with several requests via our online chat service with the message “organizing tools in garage, can you help?”. Then came a long list of tools and items. It quickly dawned on me that sending them to the Hook section of our online store was not great service.

When you visit your local hardware store and you are after a hook to hold a ladder upright, you are usually guided to an aisle with 20+ alternative hooks. For some this can the ideal solution, for others its like “so now what, which do I choose”.

Unfortunately, online stores whilst giving customers control of their journey can also be daunting when customers are discovering what it is they want and need form you. Most don’t ask questions like they would in a store, if they can’t work it out, they move on.

Organizing tools in garage

In one instance this week, the customer sent me a long list of what is stored on their garage floor at the moment and said this is what they needed help with. Please recommend the appropriate way to store these items.

The list looked like this:

  • Something to hang 8 fishing rods together vertically
  • Hooks for Maxitrax hung horizontally
  • Something for fishing gear
  • Need to hang 1 skateboard
  • We have a wakeboard (think skinny boogie board)
  • There is a surfboard
  • Something to hang 4 x tennis racquets and clear plastic small tray for balls
  • Hooks for 2 electrical cords
  • Hooks for 2 hoses
  • There are 2 flat folded chairs
  • Hooks for 3 fabric foldable chairs in bags
  • Fitting for 2 shovels
  • Fitting for 1 pitchfork
  • There is a medium sized step ladder
  • We have a fan rake
  • Fitting for 2 brooms
  • There are 2 long garden shears/loppers
  • 2 saws
  • Multi hook on a rail thing for small garden tools
  • Fitting for bike pump
  • We need something for 2 wheelie shopping carts (the granny style soft fabric pull along ones)
  • There are 4 umbrellas (straight not curved ends)
  • Fitting to hang earmuffs and safety glasses
  • We have a sledgehammer and 2 axe/tomahawks
  • There is a spirit level
  • Basket type shelves for boots
  • Hook for dustpan/broom

Later on the same day, I received another enquiry and this time, the list was similar although focused on power related garden equipment:

“Want shed wall Rack for my Gardening Tools Brushcutters, Blower, Hedgers, Chainsaw, Rakes, Shovels”

These are all really great questions and probably represent 80% of what our customers are thinking about when they visit our online store and spend a few minutes browsing around.

So I invested a couple of hours preparing a quote for the first client and an email response for the 2nd. In that time, I reviewed all of the pictures we had on our site demonstrating how our accessories work. I also tested several scenarios in our workshop to ensure I was comfortable with what I was going to recommend.

In doing all of this I realised that we needed to be more helpful and given our store is online, this meant providing more information where you are likely to find it quickly.

StoreWALL Hook Options

Below is how I answered the “organizing tools in garage” question. Mind you, this took a few goes and the client helped with plenty of feedback.

This was my response:

  • Fishing Rods – I thought the best solution would be the S Hook as it would hold the rod up off the ground. The client in the end preferred the Pole Hook with the rod sitting on the ground.
  • Maxtracks hung horizontally – I preferred the HD Universal Hooks for this but the client went with the a 63mm Single Hook
  • Storage of Fishing Gear – I had recommended a basket for this but the client determined that they could an existing plastic bin hung on the wall with 2 x 254mm brackets.
  • For the skateboard, wakeboard and surfboard – I had recommended 2 x 254mm Angle Brackets with each item stacked side by side. These brackets extend 430mm off the wall. I had also provided the option of the Angled Pole Hook which the client preferred.
  • Tennis racquets – I had provided the option of the Wide Hook but the client went with a 190mm Single Hook.
  • The tray for balls – best option was one of our Large Bins
  • Electrical cords – Utility Hook
  • Hoses – Utility Hook
  • Flat fold chairs – Heavy Duty Universal Hook
  • Fabric foldable chairs in bags = I assumed they had a cord to be hung with and went with the Heavy Duty Universal Hook
  • Shovels and Pitchfork – Tool Hook
  • Step ladder – Heavy Duty Cradle Hook
  • Fan rake & Brooms – Tool Hook
  • Long garden shears/loppers – Box Hook
  • Hook for 2 saws – Heavy Duty Universal will carry them.
  • Multi hook  – Six Prong Hook
  • Bike pump – S Hook
  • Wheelie shopping carts – Cradle Hook
  • Umbrellas (straight not curved ends) – I tested and have added some photos below. The S Hook was the best option.
  • Earmuffs and safety glasses – 190mm Single Hook
  • Sledgehammer – Heavy Duty Universal Hook (depth is 228mm, may also be able to hold both the axe/tomahawk (below) on the same hook)
  • Fitting for 2 x axe/tomahawk – Heavy Duty Universal Hook
  • Spirit level – 63mm Single Hook
  • 1 shelves – 812mm Shelf + 2 x 254mm Brackets
  • Dustpan/broom – 63mm Single Hook
  • Shelf for boots – Angle shelf

StoreWALL Hook Matrix

Having done all of this work, I have now added a matrix on our Hooks page so that you can see the recommended Hook for common items. Hopefully this is easy to view and read and customers find it useful when working through our store.

Below I have some photos of the umbrellas that were mentioned above. These are your regular umbrellas with a straight handle. At the start, the Angled Pole hook seemed like the appropriate choice but the S Hook proved to be the best choice and I think is a great option for most items that are long.

Organizing tools in garage

Organizing tools in garage – S Hook in Action

The S Hook has two arms that wrap around the item, one at the back and one at the front. These arms can be moved up and down but on an angle. Due to this angle, they grip the pole really nicely. You can even move the pole up and down the wall and the grip remains.

Organizing tools in garage

If you are wondering about the second “Organizing tools in garage” request that came through, I provided the following response.

  • Brushcutters – Heavy Duty Cradle Hook, Vertical Tool Hook or the Wide Hook
  • Blower – Utility Hook or Heavy Duty Cradle Hook (depending on the size)
  • Hedgers – Heavy Duty Cradle Hook, Vertical Tool Hook or the Wide Hook
  • Chainsaw – 300mm Power Tool Bracket x 2
  • Rakes/Shovels – Tool Hook
Bruchcutter hook

Note that the Vertical Tool Hook is on its way to Australia. Hoping to have it available in early September.

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Garage Wall Hanging Hooks

Earlier this month I received a call from a client (Peter) in Melbourne looking for garage wall hanging hooks that could hold some serious weight. He had invested in a wall panel system recommended by his architect which turned out to be rather inferior. It looked great, but in terms of storage options it was really limited.

The range of garage wall hanging hooks offered by the system was limited to what is usually offered in a retail setup, basically long thin hooks and some baskets. The client tried ordering hooks from other garage wall systems including StorEase sold by Bunnings. Nothing really worked or didn’t lock in solidly in order to hold reasonable weight. The alternative hook options also had a very limited range of accessories.

Garage Wall Hanging Hooks

Discovering StoreWALL

Around a month ago, Peter called StoreWALL and we talked through what our garage wall panel solution offers. I explained how our wall panels are installed with InstallStrips for added strength. We also talked through our range of accessories including hooks.

We actually dropped off a StoreWALL hook to try with his existing panels just in case it could be secured. Unfortunately it didn’t work. The end result was that Peter decided to remove some of the wall panels from the previous supplier (not all) and replace them with StoreWALL garage panels. He also wanted panels installed on 3 additional walls.

The panel wall sizes were: 

  • 1st wall – 3170W x 2300H
  • 2nd wall – 2880W x 2300H
  • 3rd wall – 2520W x 2000H
  • 4th wall – 1900W x 2000H

Installing on Different Types of Walls

The interesting thing about this installation was the types of walls we had to work with. The home had been recently renovated (or should I say redeveloped). The walls where all in the basement/garage of the home and included a combination of Wooden studded walls and plastered brick walls with metallic battens.

We spent the first hour of the day working out was actually behind each wall so that we could install on it. Once this was completed, we worked out the spacing of the battens (which differed by wall) and then prepared each wall for the InstallStrips.

Some of the wall were brick combined with wooden studs or metallic battens. Drilling into the Metallic Battens did not create any problems. It was as secure as drilling into the wooden studs.

One of the walls had plaster and the metallic batten which was supported in sections by a wooden stud. Some sections however had no supporting stud so we had to use longer screws for the InstallStrips in order to grip the plaster, batten and the stud which sat several cm further back (basically supporting the other side of the wall).

I have included some pictures of the work we completed at this home. The panels in the picture above were removed and replaced with StoreWALL. You can see the difference below.

Garage Wall Hanging Hooks

One thing to note is that when making the cuts, we found it much easier to joint to cut pieces on an InstallStrip. This way both ends share half an InstallStrip rather than one or the other. It adds stability to both panels and made the wall look much nicer. You can see the example above.

Garage Wall Hanging Hooks

Most importantly however the client was able to purchase shelves and garage wall hanging hooks which worked on his wall and allowed him to store his belongings safely. This included our Heavy Duty Cradle Hooks, Tool Hook and some smaller single hooks.

They also added a 1.2m metal shelf pictured below. This is the bigger brother to the 80cm metal shelf.

Garage Wall Hanging Hooks
Garage Wall Hanging Hooks

The video below shows the process of preparing the wall, installing the InstallStrips and then adding multiple rows of wall panels in order to complete the installation.

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Garage Ladder Storage

garage ladder storage storewall

They are super handy but they are big and usually stored in your garage standing vertically against the wall or lying horizontally on the ground. Garage ladder storage is challenging at the best of times and the bigger the ladder the harder storing securely seems to be.

I have 4 ladders at home. Two are your 1.2m aluminium one sided step ladder. One is a larger 1.8m single sided step ladder and the fourth is a 6.5m aluminium extension ladder.

I have stored them all sorts of ways in the garage and outside. The larger two ladders are the hardest to manage. Due to their size they need to be secure and accessible but not in the way of everything else including the car. More on these ladders at the end.

The two 1.2m step ladders can easily be accommodated within my garage and so that is where I store them. My garage ladder storage solution is to have them up against the wall but secured so they can’t be knocked over and damage anything.

StoreWALL offer several ideas for garage ladder storage whether you are storing your ladders vertically of horizontally.

Vertical Garage Ladder Storage

Both my 1.2m ladders are stored vertically and are tied to the wall with a StoreWALL Bungee Hook set. This includes two closed hooks at either side of the ladder and an elastic cable with clips across the middle which is what holds the ladder in place.

These Bungee Hook sets come in several sizes. The small size has a cable which starts at 38cm in length and can extend to double this length (clip to clip). There is also the Medium size Bungee Hook set which works the same way but its cable starts at 58cm and extends to over 1m (clip to clip fully extended).

Finally we have the Large Bungee Hook set which has an extension cable which can stretch from 95cm to approx 2m.

In my case I have used the small Bungee Hook set to secure each ladder. With the CamLok locking mechanism you can adjust the tension yourself by moving the hooks closer or further away from each other and the item you are securing. In fact, the extendability of these cables actually allows you to secure more than one item with the one cable.

garage ladder storage
garage ladder storage - closed loop hook
garage ladder storage - bungee hook set

Horizontal Garage Ladder Storage

The alternative to storing your garage ladder vertically is to secure it horizontally ie hanging off your wall. StoreWALL has 5 or 6 different hooks which can be used to secure your small, medium or large step ladder on your wall.

The StoreWALL Heavy Duty Cradle Hook is ideal in this situation as it is a deep hook with a curved form giving you added security that your ladder will not fall off the wall and hit someone or the car.

Other StoreWALL hooks which are just as the effective are the Universal Hook, the Wide Hook and the range of 12 inch Universal or Long Hooks.

Back to the two larger ladders I have stored outside the garage. In their case, I have secured two brackets to my backyard fence and have them hanging from these brackets horizontally. The brackets are permanently attached and would need to be unscrewed and moved unlike your StoreWALL alternatives which are easily moved around. The StoreWALL hooks as per the video would be a better choice but I had already invested in these brackets many years ago and they work.

Whether you want to secure your garage ladder horizontally or vertically to your wall, StoreWALL allows you to do both with minimal cost and effort. Best of all, once you want to make a change, you can simply swap your hooks around and adjust how you use your garage wall storage.

All of the Garage Ladder Storage options listed in this article can be found on the StoreWALL website and online store.

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DIY Garage Hooks

DIY Garage Hooks

Visit your local hardware store and you will find an extensive range of DIY garage hooks. From small to large, and hooks for heavy and light objects. Many of these hooks are designed for you to attach directly to your garage wall with a screw or bolt. There are also hooks designed which are specifically designed for a pegboard or a slatwall.

DIY Garage Hooks

This week, I looked through my own garage and found a variety of wall hooks that I have collected over the years. I spent some time reviewing and comparing them to the StoreWALL range. The review which is pretty detailed focuses on the thickness of the metal used, the use of backing plates, the quality of the finish, the style of hook and the installation options.

Most slatwall designed hooks are not build for direct installation without the slatwall. StoreWALL’s range gets a Yes and No answer here. Whilst not designed specifically for this, its backing plate has a pre-drilled hole to allow for direct installation. What complicates the installation is the CamLok mechanism which protrudes at the rear of the back plate. This stops the backing plate from sitting flush on the wall.

Therefore it is a more versatile option than StorEase which also has a protruding backplate but doesn’t have a predrilled hole.

StorEase & Sure Hook

My review is included in the video I have added below. It runs for about 10mins and compares a range of hooks I have purchased from my local store. I have pegboard hooks, StorEase hooks, as well as Surehook.

The video reviews each DIY garage hook so you can get a better understanding about the strength and practicality of each hook and hook system it belongs to.

Slatboard or slatwall systems whilst requiring an upfront investment eliminate the need to drill holes into your walls. Each hook or bracket or shelf can be moved around as required. They can also be removed altogether if no longer needed. Given the amount of storage found in our homes today, it is certainly worth considering when designing your new home.

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StorEase Vs StoreWALL

storease vs storewall

In this week’s post, I spent some time investigating if StoreWALL accessories can be used on alternate slatwall panels. The verdict when checked with the StorEase panels (sold by Bunnings) was YES. Today’s post focuses on StorEase Vs StoreWALL accessories to demonstrate the differences in specifications and price.

For some background, StorEase is a garage storage system sold exclusively by Bunnings. StoreWALL is sold exclusively by StoreWALL Australia.

Rather than compare every accessory offered by both StorEase and StoreWALL what I have decided to do is compare one key and popular accessory as well as the standard wall panel from both systems. The comparison focuses on specifications and total cost, with detailed images of both as well as some video.

StorEase Vs StoreWALL

I have selected a hook that both systems offer. In the case of StorEase it is the Double Hook (photo on the right). For StorewALL, it is the Heavy Duty Universal Hook, photo on the left.

StorEase Key Features

  • Name: StorEase 20cm Double Hook
  • Material: Powder-Coated Steel with Rubber Coating
  • Dimensions: W:75mm H:130mm L:220mm
  • Weight .200 kg
  • Holding weight: NA
  • Price: $15.92
  • Locking mechanism: main body case comes with two teeth on the front lower side and one larger one in the rear. The rear tooth fits into the slat groove whilst the two front teeth hug the outside of the groove to create tension and prevent the hook from moving around. Watch the below video on how it works.
  • Wall panel: StorEase wall panels are made from aluminium with dimensions being: W:1200mm H:150mm L:30mm. One panel covers 0.18 square meters. Each panel allows for one row of accessories. Assume you can comfortably fit 4 hook-style accessories per panel. The cost of the panel is $38. Combined with the hook the total cost is $53.92.

StoreWALL Key Features

  • Name: StoreWALL Heavy Duty Universal Hook
  • Material: Powder-Coated Steel with Rubber Coating
  • Dimensions: W: 63 mm H: 114 mm L: 228 mm
  • Weight .450kg
  • Holding weight: 68KG
  • Price: $33.99
  • Locking mechanism: CamLok provides a secure locking mechanism that is controlled from the front of the hook and moves a hook inside the groove to lock it in place. CamLok is best demonstrated in the below video.
  • Wall panel: StoreWALL wall panels come in 1.2m and 2.4m lengths. They can be installed by screws directly onto the wall or with InstallStrips to provide a clean and secure connection to the wall. StoreWALL wall panels are made from dense PVC and are mold resistant. The colour range includes Weathered Grey, Brite White, and many others.
  • The Dimensions of a 1.2m panel are W: 1219mm x H: 304.8mm x L: 16.7mm (thickness). One panel covers .371 square meters. Each panel has 4 grooves and can comfortably handle two rows of accessories. The cost of a single panel is about $69.99. Combined with the hook the total cost is $100.98.

StorEase Vs StoreWALL Hooks side by side

There is very little difference between the two hooks in terms of their size and look/feel. They are both rather heavy-duty looking and sturdy enough. I have two shots below showing you the front and back of both.

Also included (top of page) is a photo of the two panels and their profiles side by side. Again you can clearly see the differences between them.

The StoreWALL panel is much ticker in structure and because of its width (twice the size of StorEase) it offers a much better option if you are looking to cover a larger section of your wall area.

Cost Comparison

StorEase seems to be about 50% cheaper than StoreWALL, however, you need to also factor in that the StoreWALL panel covers twice the amount of wall space compared to the StorEase panel. Therefore when we add all of this together we end up with StorEase at $91.92 and StoreWALL at $100.98. The StoreWALL pricing assumes that you are installing directly onto the wall with screws and not using IntallStrips.

Key Differences StorEase Vs StoreWALL

Here is a summary of what I found:


  • In terms of durability, both the Aluminium finish of StorEase and the Dense PVC from StoreWALL ensures your wall panels will not warp or attract mold. Both are hard-wearing and water-resistant.
  • In terms of hooks, the StoreWALL HD Universal Hook weighs twice that of the StorEase equivalent. This shows the amount of steel used to make the hook and justifies that it will likely hold a lot more weight as well.
  • When installed with InstallStrips, the Standard Duty StoreWALL panel can hold 52kgs at 10cm from the panel surface & 113kg at panel surface.

Locking Mechanism

  • The locking mechanism from StorEase is very sturdy but it also makes it really difficult to remove the accessories and move them around. Having added and removed the hook a few times as part of the video, it had already marked the panel with both paint and scratches. It might have come down to the hook I selected because in last week’s video which I completed at the Bunnings store, the hook came off a lot quicker and easier. Too easy in fact.
  • The locking mechanism of both systems is different. When installed correctly both will be just as secure. The real difference comes down to being able to move the accessories around. StoreWALL is really simple, with no damage done to the panel. StorEase on the other hand was really difficult and the pressure required to unhook the “hook” quickly scratched the panel surface.
  • You might also be interested in this video sent in by a client on some of the challenges he found with StorEase. 


  • If you wanted to cover a whole wall or most of it, using StoreWALL will be a lot easier and probably cheaper as panels come in both 1.2m and 2.4m lengths. The 2.4m carton comes with 4 pieces, whilst the 1.2m carton comes with 4 panels. The look will also be nicer with the panels as they are designed to cover larger areas whereas the StorEase system is focused on smaller areas with a single panel.
  • StoreWALL also offers a broader range of colours including Weathered Grey, Brite White, Black, and several others.


  • Both systems offer a broad range of accessories, but StoreWALL has over 25 hooks alone. The range of baskets and brackets is also a lot larger.

Where to Buy

  • Distributed via Bunnings, StorEase is available in stores all over Australia. It is now also available directly online.
  • StoreWALL can only be ordered from our website. Pickup and delivery options are available. Give us a call on 0411280646 to find out more or email us at

In conclusion, my StorEase Vs StoreWALL review shows that both systems are good but if you want greater flexibility and a more useable and durable panel, then StoreWALL delivers on this.

My focus is on ensuring every customer that visits our website can make an informed decision as to whether our equipment suits them and offers them value for money. We already know how great our garage solutions are, but we also want to ensure that you feel the same way when you decide to invest your money with us.

StoreWALL accessories on StorEase Panels