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Storing Tools Over a Bench

Slatwall is the ideal garage system if you are looking at storing tools over a bench in your garage or storage area.

Cleaning out your garage and introducing a garage system to organise your items is a popular project for many Australian families during the summer. Spending more time outdoors sends us into our garages more often and the need to organise becomes more apparent.

Over the past few weeks, I have helped several customers with a small storage solution to sit over an existing or new bench they are building.

This is a very simple tool storage system with just a few panels for a small area. In most cases, it will simply be used for smaller lightweight tools that are regularly accessed.

Storing Tools Over a Bench – Garage System

When I was growing up, my father used to have hundreds of tools. Unfortunately, he stored them in drawers and buckets. It was a compact solution but never helped him when he was actually looking for the ones he needed. Over time he graduated to hang the most popular and useful tools on his wall or on a smaller plate on his bench. It kept them close at hand when he needed them.

If you have a small bench space in your garage then the last thing you want to do is to fill the bench with tools. The freer you can keep the bench, the more useful it will be for you. Using the wall space adjacent to your bench is the ideal space for those more popular smaller hand tools.

SlatWalls for Storing Tools

StoreWALL’s slatwalls are ideal for small and large projects and the best garage system for that over-bench area in your garage. Why? Rather than just having 1 rack of tools, or screwing tools holders into your wall, why not have the wall lined with a garage system which allows you to hang your tools anywhere on that wall area. Slatwall will line your wall with grooves which can then be fitted with hooks or shelving so you can store your items.

Designing Your Bench Space

A customer I spoke to this week, was designing a new cupboard and bench area in her garage. It was being made by a kitchen cabinet company. The length of her bench was 1.8m and the proposed wall area above the bench 500mm. I offered her two options for using StoreWALL. We could hang two panels one on top of the other giving her a height of 610mm (305.8mmx2). She could either cut the top panel down to make her 500mm height or raise her wall area to 610mm to fit the full panels. Given it was only in the design stages, she was leaning towards raising the height of her wall area.

Another gentleman based in Perth used 4 Heady Duty 1219mm panels for his over-bench area. He requested 2 of the 4 panels be cut in half so that he could join them to make 1.8m in length. The height using the Heavy Duty panels reached was 762mm.

StoreWALL panels are super customisable when it comes to size and shape. They can be joined to make the length you need. They can also be stacked to make the height you need. You can then cut them both vertically and horizontally to fit the exact space you need. Furthermore, if your wall has powerpoints or other items pocking out, StoreWALL panels can be cut to fit them and provide a clean finish to your wall.