Wall Panel Estimator

Use our new StoreWALL Wall Panel Estimator (Quoting Tool) to guide you through determining the size of your wall and the number of cartons of StoreWALL Panels you will require. Note this is just a guide.

  • Step 1, enter the dimensions of your wall in CM (we will calculate your wall area in SQM).
  • Step 2, select the type of StoreWALL Panel you are interested in. Standard Duty 2.4m, Standard Duty 1.2m or Basic Duty 1.2m.
  • Step 3, we display the results in terms of the number of panels and cartons.
  • Step 4, review the results and adjust the dimensions of the wall you want covered and the type/size of panel you are interested in. You may wish to combine both 2.4m and 1.2m panels. Please allow for 5% wastage.
  • Step 5, give us a call or email us if you want some assistance or would like a formal quote for your wall project.

Having completed your quote, now jump to our shopping cart to build your StoreWALL garage wall.

If you would like assistance or have questions please give us a call and we can provide you with a formal quote. Call: 0411280646 or email info@storewall.com.au

Notes: Cartons will include 4 panels (1.2m or 2.4m). If you don’t need a full carton, single panels can be purchased in the 1.2m range. Depending on quantity required we are happy to discuss splitting cartons in the 2.4m range as well.

You may also want to consider combining some 2.4m panels with some 1.2m panels in your order. All of our panels can be cut to size using a circular saw.