Wall Panel Estimator

Maximize Your Garage Space

Transform your garage with precision using our Estimator tool, specially designed to help you select the perfect StoreWALL Panel setup. Just a few simple steps will guide you to an optimized storage solution:

  1. Measure Your Space: Enter the dimensions of your wall in centimeters. Our Estimator will quickly calculate the total wall area in square meters.
  2. Choose Your Panels: Select from our range of panels, including Standard Duty 2.4m, Standard Duty 1.2m, and Basic Duty 1.2m, to best fit your storage needs.
  3. Instant Estimates: Receive an immediate estimate of the number of panels and cartons required for your specific project.
  4. Customize Your Solution: Fine-tune your selections by adjusting wall dimensions or mixing different panel types. Experiment with 2.4m and 1.2m panels to create a customized setup.
  5. Need Help? For further assistance or a formal quote, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is always ready to provide expert advice and support.

Begin Your StoreWALL Journey

Get started now and see how our Estimator can make organizing your garage a breeze. For any assistance or detailed quotes, reach out to us – we’re here to ensure your garage storage is exactly as you envision it!

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Make Your StoreWALL Dream a Reality

You’re one step closer to your dream garage with your StoreWALL quote in hand. Now, let’s make it happen! Our shopping cart is waiting for you to assemble the perfect StoreWALL setup for your space.

Here’s How to Get Started

  1. Create Your Perfect Layout: Select from our range of 1.2m and 2.4m panel cartons in the shopping cart. If your project requires flexibility, individual 1.2m panels are also available.
  2. Customize As You Like: Blend 2.4m panels with 1.2m panels for a tailored solution. All panels can be easily resized with a circular saw to fit your unique space.
  3. Get Expert Guidance: Need a hand or have questions? We’re just a call or email away. Contact us at 0411280646 or info@storewall.com.au for personalized support.

Shopping Cart Tips:

  • Flexible Carton Options: Each carton includes 4 panels. Let us know if you need different quantities or a mix of sizes, and we’ll assist with the best options for your 2.4m range needs.

Take the next step in organizing and enhancing your garage. Visit our shopping cart and start transforming your space with StoreWALL today!