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Great Value Garage Wall Panels

This week we launched our latest Garage Wall Panel range – Basic Duty. The StoreWALL Basic Duty Wall Panel is a great value wall panel built from the same durable and water proof material used for our popular Standard Duty and Heavy Duty panels.

The Basic Duty Panel has been designed to be installed directly onto your wall surface with no InstallStrips. The installation of these panels is with screws directly to your wall. The backing of the panel is flat with no hooks for the InstallStrips.

The Basic Duty Garage Wall Panel range was launched to provide a more price competitive offer for our customers. A wall panel with very similar traits to the Standard Duty, with similar strength to hold weight and all of your garage items but at a slightly lower price.

Garage Wall Panel Dimensions

Basic Duty Wall panels are the exact same dimensions as the Standard Duty 1.2m panels. Each panel is 1219mm (length) x 304.8mm (height) x 16.7mm (thickness). 1 panel will cover .371 sq meters. This is exactly the same as the Standard Duty 1.2m panel.

Garage Wall Panel Colour Range

The Basic Duty colour range includes Grey and White and is installed with approx 20 screws from the exterior of the panel. We have several images below as well as video showing the differences in the panels as well as the colour variations between the two models.

compare basic duty garage wall panels

Basic Duty Vs Standard Duty

Let’s take a look at the key differences between the two panel types to help you understand how you can use each panel. At StoreWALL we would consider both to be a great value wall panel.

compare garage wall panels

Basic Duty Panel Strength
– 34KGs at 120cm from the surface of the wall.

Basic Duty Panel Screw Installation
– Use colour matching screws for the best match to wall panels.

Basic Duty Panel Accessories
• All storeWALL accessories are compatible with Basic Duty!

wall panel installation

Standard Duty Panel Strength
– 110KGs at the panel surface
– 50KGs at 120cm from the surface of the wall.

Standard Duty Panel Installation
In order to enjoy the additional weight listed above, installation must be with InstallStrips. Alternatively for a similar weight holding strength to the Basic Duty panel you can install directly with screws.

Standard Duty Accessories
• All StoreWALL accessories are compatible with Standard Duty panels.

Comparing Panels

Below I have images of both the front and the back of the panels and a comparison of the white and grey colours compared to the Weathered Grey and Brite White from the Standard range.

great value wall panel

The above image features both the Basic Grey and the Standard Duty Weathered Grey sitting on top of each other. The Basic Duty has the first 2 rows with the bottom two being the Standard Duty. You can see a difference in the Grey tone of the top panel. The lower panel is a smoother grey.

great value wall panel

The above image compares the White Basic Duty (below row) with the Brite White from Standard Duty (top row). The Basic Duty White is a lot whiter.

The Basic Duty Panels are on sale now via our online store. They can be purchased as individual panels or in a pack of 4.

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I need a Garage Organiser

garage organisers

I was speaking to a group of friends recently who both recently completed a major home renovation. One had just completed building a brand new home and had just moved in. The other had completed an extension to their home and had been living in the house for over a year. The common discussion point for both of them was the state of their garage and needing a garage organiser.

It is not uncommon that the garage is the last space in the home to receive any attention. It will usually take place 12 or more months after the owners have resettled. I happened to be at the home of one of the couples talking about the need for a garage organiser. We inspected their garage to take a look at what they had accumulated during and since the renovation. As expected everything was on the ground. It was a two car garage, one side had the stuff, the other the car.

I talked them through their garage organiser options and explained that there are several options depending on what type of help their thought they needed and how much they wanted to spend on the garage.

garage wall storewall garage organiser

Organising Expects

Search the net and you will quickly find the multitude of organising expects offering their design services. Most of them focus on design alone and then recommendations on how to un-clutter the area, prioritise what to keep and what to let go. From here there are recommendations on what type of storage the owners can invest in. Be it Shelving, Storage Containers, Wall Hooks, Cupboards, or Overhead Storage. The key service offered is the consultancy around advice and design.

Garage Organisers

In a similar vain, garage organisers also offer the consultancy piece but they have a focus on implementation of select storage options. By this I mean they will usually sell a range of storage equipment which is either their own or that of one or more other suppliers.

This type of garage organiser will review the space that is available and much like a kitchen designer will deliver a design and the cost to build and install.

In terms of price, the Organisers Organising Experts would tend to be more flexible with what services they can offer and therefore can cater for a lower budget easier. It’s not that the Garage Organiser is more expensive, its more that they usually offer the full deal of design, build and install.

garage organiser

Garage Solutions

The final category are services like StoreWALL, StorEase from Bunnings and many others. These services offer a more Do It Yourself option. The solutions range from full garage solutions, to basic shelving options, to wall storage solutions like that from StoreWALL. Home owners can pick and choose combining solutions to fit their space and budget. Much of the responsibility around design and even installation mainly sits with the home owner. Note that several of these solutions (including StoreWALL can also organise installation for the home owner).

Whilst it’s unfortunate that the garage is so often left as the final room of the house to be renovated, it’s important to view the garage like the kitchen. It might not warrant the same budget but it does require some design and investment. If you need a garage organiser, hopefully this article will guide you as to where you need to invest your time seeking advise on possible solutions.

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Ball Storage Rack

storewall large tote bag

My son and I really enjoy playing soccer. Over the past 4 years since he started playing we have accumulated about 6 soccer balls. Some of these we purchased ourselves and some have been received as birthday presents. Finding an effective way to store these balls in some ball storage rack of sorts has really been challenging.

My son plays for a local soccer team and trains twice a week. We also train together once per week. So our collection of soccer balls are always scattered between the garage floor, boot of the car (multiple) and the back yard.

Ball Storage Rack

Inside the garage we have used a ball storage rack of sorts which is essentially a storage bin. Now storage bins are great, but not really the ideal solution for balls.

The local soccer club that my son plays for uses Tote Bags to store the soccer balls that the teams can share. In fact each coach has their own tote bag for training balls.

Sports Tote Bags

StoreWALL offers its own range of canvas tote bags, but best of all they also offer hooks long enough to enable you to easily hang the tote bags from your garage wall. This is a much more effective ball storage rack than using a bin.

ball storage rack - sports totes

Tote Bag Sizes

The Tote bags offered through StoreWALL come in 4 sizes, small, medium, large and extra large. They are made from a tick heavy duty mesh canvas material with draw strings which can be spread across 2 hooks. The hooks which are attached to the wall with CamLok, are called 300mm Universal Hooks (you will require two of them which can be shared across bags).

ball storage rack - sports ball totes

The sizes of the Tote Bags are

  • Small – 279mm (d) x 304mm (h) x 457mm (w)
  • Medium – 279mm (d) x 457mm (h) x 457mm (w)
  • Large – 279mm (d) x 457mm (h) x 609mm (w)
  • Extra Large – 279mm (d) x 609mm (h) x 863mm (w)

These dimensions refer to the actual width, depth and height of each bag.

Easy Access

What is actually great about these bags is that once they are removed from the wall (essentially slip off the hooks), the draw strings can be used to close them and they can be taken with you to your sports activity.

ball storage rack - sports ball totes
Removing the Tote Bag

Take a look at our wall storage options here. You can combine a Basic or Standard Duty Wall Panel with a StoreWALL Tote Bag and still have room on your panel for a few more hooks to cater for other garage or gardening storage needs.

Compatibility with Slatwall Systems

If you are already an owner of a StorEase panel (wider silver panel) sold by Bunnings or slatwall panels from GarageTek or GarageSmart, you can also combine StoreWALL Hooks and Totes to your panel(s).

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How to organise your garage and bikes

How to organise your garage and bikes

Whilst garage spaces are similar from one home to another, how you use your space and what you keep in it can vary significantly. That is why tips on how to organise your garage and bikes can be useful but they can’t really delivery the full recipe for each and every person.

The benefits of being organised inside the home are exactly the same outside it. An organised garage can not only make it easier for you to find things, but it can also reduce the chance of damaging items kept in your garage like cars and the bikes themselves.

Today’s article has a focus on bikes because bike riding is becoming a whole lot more popular in Australia. Many people not only ride on the weekends, they now also ride to work. Bikes can be a much bigger investment than what they used to be, and people take that investment quite seriously.

Greater popularity also means more bikes in homes and a bigger challenge on how to how to organise your garage and bikes without compromising the bike or the rest of the garage.

The Bike Plan

The tips for your bike plan are to consider what amount of space you need for storing your bikes, ie look at the size of each bike and the space you will need around it. The last thing you want is damaging the bikes as they are taken form storage and then returned.

You will need to consider where in the garage you want them to be stored and how they will be accessed. This includes taking the bikes off and stand or hook and then returning them. Consider that you might need access to all bikes at the same time, particularly if you are riding to work on weekdays and with the family on weekends.

Storing bikes is not just about the bikes themselves, its also about the accessories. Think about helmets, pumps, shoes and other clothing. These items also take up space and can actually be quite awkward to store.

How to organise your garage and bikes

There are lots of different ways to store your bikes. Vertical storage is by far the most popular and where you will find the most storage ideas and options.

If you’re opting for indoor storage, you need to accept that any effective solution will require you to drill holes in your walls. The only other alternative is to run poles from floor to ceiling, or to consider free standing solutions which are effective but take up lots of valuable space.

We did some research and found several stores selling a variety of bike storage options. In terms of vertical storage ideas consider:

Wall mount bike storage

The most common types of indoor bike storage is a simple set of hooks screwed into your wall. One hook allows you to hang your big vertically (on its side). Two hooks allow you to hang your bike horizontally.

A hook designed for bikes allows you to hang your bike vertically with the tyres facing the wall. This saves you space along the wall.

Hanging your bike horizontally on the wall requires that you either have two hooks or brackets. Alternatively there are also options like the one below which combines a bracket and two hooks. This type of hooks has the bike sitting off the wall and easy to view and admire.

How to organise your garage and bikes

Below is a more modern hook which needs to be screwed into the wall but allows for the bike to face the wall.

How to organise your garage and bikes

An alternative hook solution is the one below which has one for the top and one for the bottom. This solution enables the tyres to rest without touching the wall. In this case however two hooks also means more holes in your wall.

How to organise your garage and bikes
Source: bibelo

StoreWALL Bike Hooks

StoreWALL bikes hooks are also a great alternative for hanging your bikes vertically on your wall. The StoreWALL solution utilises a wall panel which is installed on your wall. The Bike hook is then attached to the panel.

Use of a wall panel allows the Bike Hook to be moved around as required. Additional hooks can be added for your helmets and other bike accessories.

Freestanding storage stands

If you own more than one bike or you live in a house of cyclists, then buying bike storage specific furniture may be worth investigating.

Pulley & winch systems

A pulley system is directly attached to the ceiling or on the wall high up. Having your bike high up has it out of the way. The Pulley and Winch system uses a harness and hook to lift the bike up towards the ceiling.

A secondary attachment is used to secure the bike from movement making it safe dangling above your head.

Using the ceiling in your garage can be useful as long as it doesn’t interfere with any garage door systems. It looks like a pretty effective way to organise your garage and bikes

How to organise your garage and bikes
Source: 99bikes

Bike Storage Sheds

If the challenge to organise your garage and bikes is getting too hard, consider a separate bike storage shed. It does require more space and quite a bit more in cost but it also get the bikes out of the garage and securely stored.

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Craft Wall

craft wall

We talk a lot about garage walls on our StoreWALL blog but slatwalls can be a great addition to any class room and its Craft Wall. 

Art teachers are always keen to show off their pupil’s achievements and hanging art and craft is a great way to do this.

A recent order from a client in Melbourne included a range of wall panels (1.2m and 2.4m sizes) and a large number of bins. No hooks, shelves, bags or brackets. The order got me thinking about the use of small and large bins in a home, garage or workshop.

Craft WALL

With school just about to end for the year in Australia and school teachers will begin preparing for 2019 and improvements that can be introduced.

Following a recent visit to my 8 year old’s class room, I noticed how craft bits and pieces where kept. The class room had a large chest of drawers which housed much of the craft materials plus a large selection of tubs. The school has a dedicated art room but the kids also do craft activities in their class room. The chest looked effective but messy with some drawers closed, others half or fully open.

I couldn’t help thinking if a craft wall wouldn’t be more effective. The advantage of a craft wall is that materials are on display and easy to access. Tubs stacked on top of each other would be eliminated. The StoreWALL range of bins is extensive and easily replaces the messy tubs.

It’s not just bins sizes that StoreWALL offers, it’s also a range of shapes and colours. We have what are called Slot Bins, Cube Bins and Large Bins of various sizing. In terms of colour we carry Clear, Crystal Clear, White, Black and even Grey.

A Craft Wall isn’t just for your class room, its a great option for your garage or even inside your home if craft is a hobby or business. By combining bin sizes, shapes and colours, your craft wall can be effective and well organised. This applies equally for workshops and garages.

Below I have added a short video on the StoreWALL bin range so you can see its extent and how practical it can be for a Craft Wall.

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Build Your Own StoreWALL Bundle

Build Your Own StoreWALL Bundle

We operate Google analytics on the StoreWALL Australia website and it provides us with valuable information on which pages clients visit. StoreWALL bundles seem to be a very popular section of our StoreWALL online store. In this week’s post we take a look at how to build your own StoreWALL bundle.

Getting Started With StoreWALL

StoreWALL is a wall panel solution built for homes, workshops and garages which is equally suitable for heavy duty applications in industrial environments. The key premise with StoreWALL is that you have a wall and wall panels.

If you are starting with a bare wall then you are in luck as we will work through the process helping you to build your own StoreWALL bundle.

Even if you already have StoreWALL or wall panels from another supplier, you can read on as we will cover how to use our accessories on your walls.

StoreWALL Slatwal Panels

Most people come to our website looking for hooks, brackets, shelves or baskets. They have identified they need one or more of the accessories and begin to look at who supplies them, the range on offer and for how much they cost.

StoreWALL accessories need a slatwall supporting them. As I mentioned earlier, this can be StoreWALL’s or someone else’s.

Let’s assume at this stage that your wall is bare, made from plaster board or brick or comprised of exposed wooden studs.

Slatwall Colour – Grey or Grey?

Grey or Grey isn’t exactly correct as StoreWALL does offer up to 7 colours but our standard colour is Weathered Grey. Other colours are available but as a special order.

Having picked Weathered Grey, the next question is what are you looking to do with your wall and considering you need slatwall panels, how much of the wall you need covered.

Wall Size

StoreWALL offers two sizes of wall panel – 1.2m or 2.4m. If your wall space is small, the 1.2m panels will probably work best. Made from thermoplastic not only are they water proof and highly durable, they can also be cut to size. If your work area is medium or larger then the 2.4m panels will be more economical.

  • 1.2m panels can be purchased individually or in a carton of 6 panels. Each panel covers:  0.371 sq meters.
  • 2.4m panels can be purchased in a carton of 4 panels. Each panel covers: 0.74 sq meters.

Once you have measured your wall area, simply divide it by either 0.371 or 0.74 and work out how many panels you need and whether the 1.2m or 2.4m panels will suite you best. Outside of the length, both panels are exactly the same in thickness, height and composition.

To InstallStrip or Not?

We recommend using InstallStrips as it makes your wall sturdier and able to handle more weight. However they are not compulsory.

If you are using InstallStrips, they will be fitted to your wall first using screws. Once fitted, the wall panels are added to them.

  • If you are using 1.2m panels you require: 1 InstallStrip per panel
  • If you are using 2.4m panels you require: 2 InstallStrips per panel

What do I do if I don’t want InstallStrips? No problem, simply screw your wall panels directly to your wall. I suggest buying coloured screw so that they don’t show up against the panel. You can find grey coloured screws (primer coloured) at your local hardware store.

Build Your Own StoreWALL Bundle

Now that your wall has been taken care of, its time to Build Your Own StoreWALL Bundle.

What is really obvious with StoreWALL customers is that they begin with the key accessories they need today and then add and remove accessories a couple of years later.

Therefore don’t stress looking for every accessory just in case you might need it. Focus on what you need today and in the next 12 months. If and when those needs change you can adjust your wall accordingly.

Most people need hooks, whether they be for bikes or other garage items. Hooks are a great way to get items off the ground and onto the wall so they can be accessed easily but also protected. Consider some smaller and larger hooks as a bundle.

If you are interested in shelving, consider our brackets which allow you to build your own shelves. We also offer a 760 mm metal shelf which is 390 mm deep and super heavy duty.

Over the next few months we hope to expand our shelves menu with some new options recently launched in the US.

We also offer a great range of baskets in deep and shallow form. Baskets are a great way to store small and bulky items.

The simplicity of StoreWALL means you can combine a range of accessories and lock them in so they are secure or move them around when you want to adjust your settings.

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Measuring your Garage Storage Solution

Measuring your Garage Storage Solution

In this week’s blog post we focus away from ideas and to the practical side of pricing and measuring your garage storage solution. The internet is filled with ideas on what you could eventually make your garage look like, but Instagram and Pinterest don’t really tell you how to get from A to B.

Measuring your Garage Storage Solution

Let me be frank, there is no best garage wall storage solution. There are lots of ideas and ideally you can pick a little or a lot from many of them. The end result should be something which will cater for most of what you need to store today and the next few years. Expect to have to review and adjust your design a few times over the life of your garage.

When you are looking for ideas, spend just as much time in your garage as you do on the internet or the hardware store. Its super important that don’t lose focus from the goal of managing your items. Knowing what is in your garage is important when solving how to store it. Sometimes we can get carried away with the desire to make it look like what is in the photo.

Cleaning up the garage

I have covered this lots of times in previous articles but your first step in a garage makeover is to clean up your garage. Do your best to throw (better still give it away Measuring your Garage Storage Solutionif its in good condition) out enough without causing a family WW3. The clean-out is import because it will free up space for more stuff. It’s also important because in order to install any new garage storage solution, you will need room to work.

The clean out should be carried out over a few weekends. Repeating it is important because your are likely to throw out more the more you review what is stored and never used. As I mentioned earlier, spend time in your garage to understand what you have.

Walls or the Whole Garage

Working on the garage of a new home (which is empty) is different and much easier compared to working on an existing garage with its pre-existing mess (even if it has been cleaned out).

If it’s an existing garage you might consider starting with one wall and then extending the design gradually to the rest of the garage.

Most garages make-overs will require a combination of the follow features:

  • Shelving – whether you need more of it or need to replace what you have, shelving is super important. DIY shelving comes in various lengths, depths and heights. Think about how many shelves you will require. Consider what you have to store and the space you have to store it. My garage shelving is used to hold luggage, plastic storage containers and food items. DIY shelving is accessible from all major hardware stores as well as online. DIY shelving is affordable and very easy to setup. The aluminium frames are very strong and can hold hundreds of KGs.
  • Bench space – it could be 1 metre or several, but no matter how much, you need some. Most hardware stores can assist with varying ways to build bench space into your garage. There are several portable benches which come complete with drawers and cupboards built in. Alternatively you can also just build your own and there are lots of youtube videos showing you how.
  • Cupboards and drawers – if this is important to you then you will need to look at some professional storage solutions which can be built and installed for you. If it’s just drawers that you are after, a pre-made set that is portable (on wheels) might also be worth considering.
  • Wall Hanging Storage – slatwalls, and pegboards are a great way of hanging tools and everyday garage items via hooks. StoreWALL’s range of hooks will hang anything from bikes to ladders. Slatwall options like StoreWALL also cater for baskets, bags and shelves all hanging from the wall.

Measuring Your Garage

Prior to selecting what to add to your garage or storage area, you need to measure up. If you are renovating just one wall then measure the whole wall (ceiling to floor and corner to corner). Note these measurements. You will also need to measure the areas you want to dedicate to Shelving, Bench, Cupboards, Drawers and Slatwall.

If you are combining storage, draw up a plan and design. Add your measurements and visualise the end result.

In a recent example, a client called me looking to add hanging bike storage to his garage. We worked through the actual wall space he had to use. This included looking at how much of the actual wall he wanted covered by the StoreWALL slatwall surface. With 4 bikes and each bike taking up about 500mm each, he required about 2m of wall surface. In addition to hanging bikes he also wanted baskets for the helmets and hooks for other items in his garage.

The benefits of StoreWALL’s slatwall finish is that all accessories can be added and moved around or removed altogether depending on your need at the time. You aren’t locked in.

Measuring your Garage Storage Solution – Client Example

Measuring your area (and re-measuring it) will provide a clear understanding of the space required by each garage storage idea. As per the previous paragraph measuring your Garage Storage Solution will help you design it.

In the case of the client with the bike hooks, his garage was 4m in length. He decided to buy four 1.2m StoreWALL panels (each 1.2m panel is .3m in height with a surface area of .36m) making two rows of 2.4m of StoreWALL slatwall. The total surface area covered by the two rows of panels is 1.4m squared (calculated as two rows of .7m). Each panel comes with 4 slatwall grooves which allow for the hooks to be added and moved around.

With any slatwall installation you also need to consider what surface you will be installing on ie what the garage wall is made from. Slatwalls will need to be fastened to the wall. If the wall is plastered then you will be able to install them using the studs under the plasterboard (usually spaced 450mm apart). If the wall is bricked, you will be able to drill into the mortar or brick and fasten to this. The only challenging wall surface will be a tin/aluminium wall. These walls will usually also have a wooden or metallic frame. In this case you might need to add additional frame in order to support the slatwalls.

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StoreWALL Garage Installation Ideas


When you are investigating options for reorganising your garage storage area its important to see working examples others have completed. This week I have searched the web and found several examples of StoreWALL garage installation ideas.

maximising your garage walls

Two Wall StoreWALL Garage Installation

This is a busy garage on the left has much of the wall area installed with StoreWALL. They have implemented a large range of hooks as well as shelves to manage their many tools, brooms and other gardening equipment. Notice the use of StoreWALL’s specialist pole hanging hooks. They are both secure and can hang multiple poles from the one hook. This approach saves space on your limited wall.

StoreWALL Stairwell Installation

StoreWALL Garage Installation Ideas

This is a much smaller fit out of StoreWALL. It’s also not in the garage but inside the home. Making better use of your smaller storage areas is ideal use of StoreWALL accessories. In this small area they have lined the wall with StoreWALL panels. The use of accessories has enabled this family to hang and store all sorts of cleaning tools. Each item has its rightful space and so can be returned once used. This eliminates that cluttered cupboard which most of us end up with.

StoreWALL Sporting Garage Installations

StoreWALL Garage Installation Ideas

This StoreWALL garage installation has been built on only one side of the garage. To the far left we have brackets for storing the bikes horizontally. As you can see this method of storing and hanging bikes is effective but takes up one third of the space. This garage has also combined a range of hooks for helmets and other sporting gear. They have kept all of their sporting balls within tote bags which enables them to see what is held in the bag and easily grab it. In addition you also have box hooks for gardening scissors as well as hooks for smaller ladders and electrical cables.

StoreWALL Fitness Room Installation

Whilst this isn’t your typical garage, many people (including myself) have converted part of their garage area or an internal room into a workout area. This example is rather large but it shows how you can hold weights whether in dumbell form or as free weights using StoreWALL accessories. Baskets and shelves can also be used to hold much of the smaller equipment like skipping ropes, grips and weight gloves. Hooks are then used to hold your boxing gloves, belts and weight balls.

Part Wall StoreWALL Garage Installation

StoreWALL Garage Installation Ideas

This example shows how you can use StoreWALL for only part of your garage wall and still allow for what is hanging to be removed from the floor. Floor space can be used for heavier items that need to be accessed frequenlty. This garage has installed StoreWALL on the rear wall but has only used StoreWALL on half of it. StoreWALL is installed about 600mm from the ceiling and about 1000mm from the floor. In total you have about 3 panels of StoreWALL running horizontally across the wall. Interestingly this garage wall also has smaller cupboards at one end. StoreWALL has been cut to size around this cupboard to create a clean and professional wall and garage setup.

Complex StoreWALL Garage Installation

StoreWALL Garage Installation Ideas

If you are looking for a great custom build for your garage then this example will provide you with some inspiration. The owners of this garage have combined 6 sets of mid sized cupboards, two sets of drawers, bench space, built in shelving and a full wall of hanging accessories. This is a very busy wall.

StoreWALL is used end to end on the wall and in-between each of the pieces of furniture, including in between cupboards. The main tool section is above the bench space and in-between the two cupboards. One end of the wall has been lined with hooks to hang a range of garage items from sporting to gardening equipment. They have also added additional StoreWALL shelving to hold baskets and some bags.

Wall to Wall StoreWALL Garage Installation

StoreWALL Garage Installation Ideas

This is a great example of having StoreWALL from floor to ceiling across the entire garage. Two walls are shown in this example. The garage floor is nicely tiled. StoreWALL’s slatwalls then butt up against the lower tile to create a really clean finish for the wall.

This garage combines tall cupboards, bench space with cupboards as well as hanging cupboards. The range of accessories is minimal at this stage but they combine brackets for the biles and baskets for the larger items.

Notice they also have power points on the wall which they have cut around. Similarly they have trimmed StoreWALL around the windows.

StoreWALL Bike Installation

StoreWALL Garage Installation Ideas

This basic bike installation was included because we have been inundated with calls regarding bike hooks for the garage. You can see the StoreWALL bike hook in this example holds the bike vertically from the tyre. The rear tyre is either touching the floor or also suspended. If it is not touching the floor then it is likely to be touching the wall.

This garage has combined a range of hooks and baskets to cater for helmets and other bike related gear.

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Maximising Your Garage Walls

maximising your garage walls

Double garages have always been at a premium even when I was young and every home was on its own block. Today, houses are bigger on smaller blocks and the garage sits inside the building. A double garage is still at a premium and maximising your garage walls has become ever more important.

If you are building or have just built your new home, your garage walls (atleast 2 of them) will be shared with the inside of your home. This means you are usually starting out with 2 or 3 empty white plasterboard walls, and one exterior facing wall made from brick or your chosen exterior surface.

The challenge for you now is maximising your garage walls so that you can fit as much as possible whilst keeping it all nice and tidy.

Maximising Your Garage Walls

The typical first step for most households when decking out their garage is to seek out shelving (aluminium shelving). Shelving offers a great way to stack as much as possible into your garage utilising most of your available vertical and horizontal space. Aluminium shelving ranges in price from $150 for a 2m x 2m x 0.5m frame with 4 shelves. These are easy to put together yourself and can hold a max 400kg.

I have three of these shelves in my garage and they do keep everything off the ground and reasonably tidy. What I found with mine is that I ended up stacking lots into each shelf to use up the space which in some sections made it a little hard to pull things out when I needed them. I ended up using containers to store most of the storage which helped but then concealed much of the contents.

A slatwall garage solution is a great compliment to a new or old garage. Unlike garage shelving, slatwalls make it easy to access those garage items that you regularly. Whether it is tools or sporting equipment, having a garage solution that offers easy access is really important. In addition, slatwalls from StoreWALL offer a really nice finish to your garage walls. The weathered grey colour will blend in with your concrete driveway and provide a clean look and feel.

StoreWALL Slatwalls

StoreWALL slatwalls are complimented with a huge range of accessories to ensure you can maximise your garage walls. Whether it is baskets you need for sporting equipment or paint cans or hooks for tools or wood, StoreWALL offers it all. There are over 25 hooks to choose from catering for all of your small and large items.

Using shelving to store your tools doesn’t work. You can’t effectively hang your tools on a shelf. You can keep them all in a container but that doesn’t cater for all tools nor everything else usually kept in a garage.

I have one wall dedicated to tools and it holds several handsaws, a silicone gun, gardening saws, power cord extensions and several hammers. I also have several smaller shelves with cans used for degreasing as well as putties and several gardening oils.  Storing these items in a big shelf is not really suitable.

Then you have sporting goods. We use tote bags and baskets for the soccer balls, training cones and the roller skates and blades. There is also another basket for all the other balls and racquets that have accumulated over the years.

Hanging Bikes

Bikes are a real challenge no matter the size of garage. I was a a friend’s the other day and saw that his 8m garage wall was used to hold 3 bikes (hung horizontally on hooks). The bikes looked like works of art on the wall. They were high enough not to interfere with anything else, but they really didn’t;’t maximise the garage wall. One wall for three bikes is not a great use of space. StoreWALL’s bike hooks allow you to hang your bikes both horizontally and vertically so that you can maximise your garage walls.

If you are keen on maximising your garage walls, do some research into slatwalls as a compliment to whatever shelving you might also require.

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Tips for organising your children’s sports gear

organising your children’s sports gear

Everyone agrees that having your kids spend less time in front of a screen stuck inside the house and more time outside playing sport is a good thing. The challenge in an age where we want everything nice and tidy is keeping it all organised. Having the right kind of storage system for organising your children’s sports gear is more than half the battle. Below we have provided some simple rules and tips which you can use for better management of your family’s sporting equipment.

Cricket & Baseball Bats, Hockey Sticks and Tennis Racquets

Most people stick the bats in the corner leaning up against the wall. Over time more and more gets piled on top of them and when you want to pull the bat out, its impossible to grab without knocking everything over. You can avoid this hassle and mess by keeping bats, sticks and racquets pegged onto a slatwall or pegboard. Today’s slatwall solutions come with a great range of hooks allowing for bats, sticks and racquets to be securely attached but easily accessed. Most hooks are usually long enough to hold more than one item.


Whether they are larger balls like basketballs or soccer balls, or smaller tennis or cricket balls, they can easily be kept in buckets or tote bags. StoreWALL offers a great range of Tote Bags which cater for balls of all sizes. If you don’t want a bag, consider a deep basket or a bin for organising your Children’s sports gear. What you want to avoid is finding all the balls on the ground because the kids where looking for the tennis ball which was at the bottom of the basket. Consider a container for smaller balls and one for larger ones.

Protective Gear and Clothing

A great way to organise uniforms is to either colour cod them or to arrange them by sport or family member. This makes it easy for everyone to identify whose clothing it is or which sport it belongs to. For items like gloves or cricket pads, I suggest you keep them all together with the related clothing. This ensures they don’t get misplaced or moved away.

As an example, your cricket clothing, pads and gloves could be kept in one specific basket or tote bag. Once the kids are done with using them, putting them away is as simple as placing them all back into the ONE basket.

Sports Shoes

storewall large tote bag

The ideal way to protect your soccer and football boots is to clean them after use (both training and matches). Regular cleaning with a wet rag protects the synthetic surface from scratching and staining. It also ensures whatever dirt (soccer and football being winter sports) accumulates under the shoe is not transferred to all of the other shoes or the floor.

Most sports stores sell tote bags designed for shoes. They keep the shoes aired so that they can dry out but also in a protected bag so that pairs aren’t split up. Some suggest to use peg boards to hang your shoes but I don’t find this really practical. Dirty shoes are not the nicest accessory to have on show. Use a larger tote bag or deep basket to keep your sports shoes together. If you follow the concept of having a basket for each key sport played by your kids, then you can add sports shoes to that basket as well. Preferably once cleaned.

Organising your Children’s Sports Gear

We all want our kids to spend more time outdoors than they do today. Organising your children’s sporting gear needs to be a shared responsibility. Easier to say than do, but with some discipline it can be achieved. It’s important that children learn from an early age that we don’t do everything for them. Organising their sports gear independently is one of the many things they can learn early on.

Tips on grouping sports gear

When deciding where the sports gear will live, consider:

  • Size and numbers – how much space is it taking up and how many do you have
  • Seasonality – is the gear used throughout the year, or can it be moved to a different place when not used
  • Shape – some things take up a lot of space due to their shape (e.g. balls).
  • Ventilation – it’s better to keep shoes in a well-ventilated container and room.
  • Accessibility – make sure the children can access their gear without your help.
  • Dirtiness – how dirty is the equipment.

Get the Kids into the Routine

An important key to achieving some success with organising children’s sports gear is having a routine before and after sport activities. Kids should know what they need to take with them for training and matches. Clothing, drink bottle, boots, towel, hat etc. Help them get into the habit of gathering these items before each session. The routine applies equally after the session is done ie returning everything to where they found it.

Here’s an example

  • Soccer boots get returned to the garage.
  • Put them in the soccer basket.
  • Drinking bottle is returned to the kitchen sink.
  • Put sports bag away in the laundry (where it lives).
  • Get undressed and throw everything in the laundry bin or return it to the garage with the rest of the sporting gear.

Whilst I would love to say that my kids follow all of these rules, they don’t but I have found that keeping items organised and in specific locations helps everyone find them before the game or training. It also ensures we aren’t running around looking for them for half the morning.