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Top five must-have StoreWALL accessories

When it comes to organizing your garage, workshop, or home, efficiency and functionality are key. That’s where the StoreWALL system shines, offering a versatile range of accessories that can transform cluttered spaces into well-organized havens. Here’s a rundown of the top five must-have StoreWALL accessories that promise to enhance your storage capabilities and streamline your space.

Universal Hooks

Universal hooks are the quintessential accessory for any StoreWALL setup. Made from high-grade steel and designed to withstand substantial weight, these hooks are perfect for hanging everything from garden tools and sports equipment to large ladders and hoses.

Ideal Uses:
Attach a series of universal hooks on your StoreWALL to hang chairs, ladders, and garden tools, saving precious floor space, and protecting them from damage. They are also ideal for keeping power cords untangled and easy to access.

Top five must-have StoreWALL accessories

Heavy-Duty Shelves

StoreWALL’s heavy-duty shelves are robust and designed to hold heavier items without sagging. These shelves are equipped with CamLok™ attachments, ensuring they stay securely locked in place, even under heavy loads.

Ideal Uses:
Heavy-duty shelves are perfect for storing large bins of seasonal decorations, automotive supplies, or bulky sports gear. Place them at various heights to maximize vertical space and keep less frequently used items out of the way but within reach.

Top five must-have StoreWALL accessories


The wire baskets offered by StoreWALL are an excellent solution for items that don’t sit well on shelves. Their deep construction and sturdy design make them perfect for holding a variety of objects securely.

Ideal Uses:
Use wire baskets to store painting supplies, car care products, or gardening tools. They’re particularly useful for items that might leak or spill, keeping messes contained and off your floor.

Power Tool Hooks and Racks

The Vertical Tool Hook is ideal for hanging most powered gardening tools such as the trimmer or hedger. Our Power Tool Rack allows you to hang multiple power tools such as impact drivers and drills, ensuring they are out of reach of small children and pets.

Ideal Uses:
Mount a tool rack above a workbench for easy access to tools while working on projects. This setup not only saves time but also keeps your workspace clear and efficient.

power tool rack


Tilt bins are an innovative storage solution that offers visibility and accessibility. They are perfect for storing small and medium-sized items and come in a great range of sizes. Their open and tilting design allows for easy access without the risk of spilling contents.

Ideal Uses:
Install tilt bins near your crafting area to store beads, buttons, and sewing supplies, or in the garage for organizing screws, nails, and other small hardware. These bins can be labeled for even better organization.


Choosing the right accessories for your StoreWALL system can dramatically improve the functionality of your storage space. From universal hooks to tilt bins, each accessory has been designed to meet specific storage needs, ensuring that every item has a place. Whether you’re looking to declutter a crowded garage or organize a busy workshop, these top five accessories will help you achieve a more orderly and efficient environment. Incorporating these tools into your StoreWALL will not only save you time but also make your space safer and more enjoyable to use.

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Storing your Storage Containers

storewall sale

One of the most popular ways to store your many unwanted items is to use a Storage Container. Walk into any Bunnings or Kmart and they are full of them. Once full, however actually storing your storage containers can be tricky.

Storage containers come in lots of different sizes, shapes and colours. Just search on the Bunnings online catalogue and you will see what I mean. From 5L to 100L, Clear or Black, and even multi-coloured.

Storing your Storage Containers

Stacking Storage Containers

One way to store your storage containers is to simply stack them one on top of the other. They are actually designed to be stored this way. This method works well when the containers are filled with light materials and they can easily be added and removed. If you carefully label them, then stacking them is an effective way for storing your storage containers.

Depending on what you store in your modular storage container, having some on the ground floor can be useful for kids so they can easily access what they need and then return them when finished.

However, this is not particularly practical when the containers are heavier. What you will find is that lifting them on and off each other is difficult. More importantly, the lids crack and break and then stacking them is no longer an effective option.

I generally find that modular storage containers are OK for adults who will spend a few extra seconds to ensure that returned items allow the container lid to close correctly. Kids on the other hand are not so patient. If the lid is not closed properly, stacking another container on top of it only increases the likelihood that it will be broken.

Storing Your Storage Containers on Shelves

Using shelves to store your storage containers gives you the option of lifting some of your containers off the floor and up higher. This ensures that containers which are used irregularly can be put away.

Storing your Storage Containers

In the photo above, the lower containers which are smaller are stacked (3 on top of each other) on a shelf. The larger containers are also on a shelf but are not stacked.

Storing your Storage Containers

in this example, shelving is also used. However, the larger containers are kept rather high and out of reach.

Storing Your Storage Containers with StoreWALL

The biggest advantage of deciding to line your garage walls with StoreWALL Slatwall is that you create any garage wall you want and for as long as you want it.

What this means is that a wall you design today with shelving to hold storage containers, can in a few years quickly be re-designed to hold tools and bikes. No messy holes in the walls are left for you to repair. Simply remove the shelves and the brackets and replace them with a different assortment of hooks.

StoreWALL allows you to build your own shelving with our 254mm and 381mm brackets. These shelves can be spaced as you need them to hold your storage containers.

modular shelving for garage

StoreWALL also offers solid metal shelves that can be used for storing your storage containers. These shelves are ideal for your heaviest containers.

Storing your Storage Containers

We have also recently released our 600mm deep shelf which is specifically designed for modular containers. This is a wired shelf option.

Deep Wire Shelving
Storing Container Boxes

Yes, there is another option which doesn’t utilise shelving at all. In fact, depending on the storage containers you have purchased, you can actually hang them directly on our brackets. As long as the container has a wide rim around it, it can be hung between two brackets.

Storing your Storage Containers
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Clear Storage Box with Lid

clear storage box with lid

Bins are a very popular accessory at StoreWALL. To give our customers even greater choice , this week we introduced a new Clear Storage Box with Lid. This is our first bin which comes with its own lid. The StoreWALL Clear Storage Box with Lid is a unique bin which is only available in Chrystal Clear and is shaped like the Cube Bin but comes with a very useful lid.

The Clear Box was designed for retail stores but it is also very useful at home particularly if you are using your StoreWALL as a work area for storing craft or even sewing materials.

Clear Storage Box with Lid

Clear Storage Box with Lid

The dimensions of the new Clear Box are: 230mm (L) x 150mm (W) x 150mm (H). The bin is made from a toughened polycarbonate finish, is very durable and can hold between 10 – 15 KG in weight.

The edges are rounded making it rather elegant in terms of appearance. This is why it is particularly suited for retail stores.

Chrystal Clear Bin for Retail

We originally came across this bin when a client who was opening a retail store in Alice Springs contacted us about bin options. Initially he had ordered 2 types of open bins, but following some additional enquiries we were able to access the Clear Box with Lid for him which was ideal for his retail store. He ordered 40 of these bins so they could hold party accessories and balloons.

The Chrystal Clear Bin comes with a lid so it securely holds all types of merchandise. From lollies to craft items to haberdashery. The Clear Box with Lid is the ideal accessory to your slatwall.

Slatwall Bins

The Bin has been designed for all types of slatwall not specifically for StoreWALL. Therefore, if you already have your wall covered at home or in a store, the Clear Bin can still work perfectly for you.

Whilst our latest order was specifically for this client, we are keen on your feedback and will stock the Bin as a regular item if we find customers need and want it.

StoreWALL offers a diverse range of bins for your slatwall panels. They come in various sizes and colours. In terms of price, our smallest and most popular bin is around $3. StoreWALL Bins are super easy to install and can be moved around as required.

Heavy Duty Storage Recycle Totes

This last month we also introduced a new range of Storage Totes. These are Heavy Duty Storage Recycle Totes and are great for storing large items in the garage. This item is perfect for recycling uses and can be hung with StoreWALL Heavy Duty 380mm Brackets (sold separately) or rested on any shelf.

The Heavy Duty Storage and Recycle Tote comes with a ventilated base is ideal for storing files and any valuables including food items.

  • Comes with an internal hanging rail designed for storage of hanging files
  • Ventilated base protects contents against sweating
  • Large 68 Litre Storage Capacity Security Crate
  • Weight capacity 70KG
  • Food Grade PP (Polypropylene) that has a very high melting point of approx 160 degrees which is very high compared to many other plastics,
  • Hot water used when washing will not cause container to warp
  • Strong and Durable Metal Rods hold hinging lids
  • Lid Lockable with Large Padlock or Security / Cable Ties Etc.
  • Also comes in a smaller 34L model.

We are experimenting with these new Storage Bins to see demand from customers. The wait on them is about 10 days but this is reduce as we get more orders and store a greater local quantity.

You can find all of our Storage Bin options in the StoreWALL online store.

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Craft Wall

craft wall

We talk a lot about garage walls on our StoreWALL blog but slatwalls can be a great addition to any class room and its Craft Wall. 

Art teachers are always keen to show off their pupil’s achievements and hanging art and craft is a great way to do this.

A recent order from a client in Melbourne included a range of wall panels (1.2m and 2.4m sizes) and a large number of bins. No hooks, shelves, bags or brackets. The order got me thinking about the use of small and large bins in a home, garage or workshop.

Craft WALL

With school just about to end for the year in Australia and school teachers will begin preparing for 2019 and improvements that can be introduced.

Following a recent visit to my 8 year old’s class room, I noticed how craft bits and pieces where kept. The class room had a large chest of drawers which housed much of the craft materials plus a large selection of tubs. The school has a dedicated art room but the kids also do craft activities in their class room. The chest looked effective but messy with some drawers closed, others half or fully open.

I couldn’t help thinking if a craft wall wouldn’t be more effective. The advantage of a craft wall is that materials are on display and easy to access. Tubs stacked on top of each other would be eliminated. The StoreWALL range of bins is extensive and easily replaces the messy tubs.

It’s not just bins sizes that StoreWALL offers, it’s also a range of shapes and colours. We have what are called Slot Bins, Cube Bins and Large Bins of various sizing. In terms of colour we carry Clear, Crystal Clear, White, Black and even Grey.

A Craft Wall isn’t just for your class room, its a great option for your garage or even inside your home if craft is a hobby or business. By combining bin sizes, shapes and colours, your craft wall can be effective and well organised. This applies equally for workshops and garages.

Below I have added a short video on the StoreWALL bin range so you can see its extent and how practical it can be for a Craft Wall.

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Slatwall Bins

slatwall bins

The StoreWALL product range this week got a little bigger with the introduction of our new Slatwall Bins. We have added 5 new slatwall storage bins to our catalogue to give you greater storage choice complimented with a great variety of colours.

Our new bin range includes 3 popbox bins and 2 slot bins. We offer:

  • Small popbox – (L) 130mm x (W) 140mm x (H) 100mm
  • Large popbox – (L) 357mm x (W) 280mm x (H) 170mm
  • Cube popbox – (L) 170mm x (W) 140mm x (H) 180mm
  • Small slot bin – (L) 115mm x (W) 140mm x (H) 85mm
  • Big slot bin – (L) 275mm x (W) 275mm x (H) 170mm

The range of colours includes, white, clear, black and crystal clear.

StoreWALL Slatwall Plastic Bins

StoreWALL’s range has been hand picked to give you lots of options to store those smaller items that hang around your bench. With a range of sizes you can combine our slatwall bins to cater for nails, screws, hinges and tapes if you have a workshop. Alternatively, if its part of a workshop or craft section you can you the bins for your haberdashery items.

Some of the key features of the slatwall bin range includes:

  • Slathook for an easy fit into your existing StoreWALL panel
  • An elegant and curved profile
  • A flat base making it easy to place on existing shelving
  • All bins are made from super-tough, impact-modified, fade-resistant, virgin polypropylene

Managing Lego Sets

A great ways to use your slatwall bins is with kids toys like lego. The Cube Popbox bins can be great for this. The Lego pieces can be grouped into colour or sizes and then held in each of the bins. So 5 or so bins will probably do it for a young kids room. You might also want to add an additional bin “working bin” for any new Lego set that your child receives and starts playing with. It will help them keep all of the pieces together until the new creation  has been completed.

Managing lego can be a nightmare with pieces always straying on the floor and being stepped on. They also get lost far too easily. If you can combine a range of shelves you can even have the new completed sets on display.

Our complete Slatwall bin range can be found in our online store.