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Garage Tool Storage Ideas for Home

garage tool storage ideas

Having lived in my current home for almost 20 years, I like most people have accumulated a wealth of stuff. Amongst this are my prized tools. As the collection has grown so has my endeavour to find new garage tool storage ideas.

Garage tools come in all shapes and sizes. Some are small enough to easily fit into a drawer eg your spanners and screw drivers. But even these can be a struggle as their size grows. They can also be very heavy, so having them all in one drawer is not always the smartest idea.

About 12 months ago, I decided to build my own wall storage space. The wall panel is about 1m x 1m and has a 18cm shelf at the bottom. I added about 6 hooks across the top so that I could hand the longer tools. The shelf has been used to store cans of spray, glue, putty and basically anything that would fit.

It turned out OK in the end but when I discovered the StoreWALL range, I knew my panels were a bit amateur. StoreWALL has better garage tool storage ideas that are not only durable but do more with the space. My wall panel has very little depth outside of the shelf. Tools are also hung vertically using the hooks. The problem with this is that the middle area space is kind of wasted.

StoreWALL has a great range of hooks which come in varied depths. They can hang your garage tools both vertically and horizontally. For $400, I could have ended up with a much stronger and more versatile solution. It’s not only hooks however, StoreWALL has shelves and brackets can be really useful and easy to move around. They come in a range of sizes and depths to assist any garage.

Compare the StoreWALL hook range and see for yourself how it can help with your garage tool storage ideas.