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Carport Organisation with Durable PVC Slatwall

storewall carport storage

PVC slatwall storage systems are revolutionizing carport organisation, offering a blend of durability, flexibility, and aesthetic appeal. As carports increasingly serve as multi-functional spaces in homes, PVC slatwall storage provides an efficient way to manage and utilize these areas.

What is PVC Slatwall Storage?

PVC slatwall systems are made from high-strength polyvinyl chloride and feature adaptable grooves for various storage accessories. This customizable solution is perfect for diverse storage needs, from tools to sports equipment.

carport organisation

Advantages of PVC Slatwall in Carports:

  • Durability: PVC is known for its resilience and ability to withstand various weather conditions, making it ideal for carports that are typically semi-open spaces. Unlike wood or metal, PVC doesn’t rot, rust, or corrode.
  • Space Efficiency: By utilizing wall space, PVC slatwall systems free up floor space in your carport, making room for your vehicle and reducing clutter.
  • Customization: The modular nature of slatwall panels allows for customization. You can design the layout according to the specific storage requirements of your carport.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: PVC slatwalls come in various colors and finishes, enabling them to blend seamlessly with the existing design of your home and carport.
  • Ease of Installation: These systems are relatively easy to install, and the panels can be cut to fit any wall size, making them suitable for carports of all dimensions.

Carport Organisation with PVC Slatwall:

  • Versatile Tool Storage: Organize gardening and maintenance tools efficiently.
  • Seasonal Item Organization: Perfect for storing holiday decorations and winter gear.
  • Workbench Enhancement: Ideal for setting up an organized workspace in your carport.
  • Sporting Gear Storage: Efficiently store bikes, golf clubs, and more with dedicated racks and hooks.

Installation Tips for PVC Slatwall Systems:

  • Assess Wall Strength: Ensure walls can support the storage system.
  • Installation Options: DIY installation is possible, but professional assistance ensures safety and stability.
  • Select Appropriate Accessories: Choose accessories based on the weight and size of items to be stored.

Transform Your Carport with PVC Slatwall Storage:

PVC slatwall storage systems offer a practical and stylish way to enhance the organization and functionality of your carport. By opting for this storage solution, you not only gain a clutter-free space but also add value to your home through an organized and accessible storage system. Whether you’re storing tools, outdoor gear, or seasonal items, PVC slatwalls provide the flexibility and durability needed to keep your carport orderly and efficient.

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StoreWALL Carport Storage

storewall carport storage

If your home has a Carport rather than a fully enclosed garage to park your car, you might be wondering what options you have for securely storing your bikes, tools, ladders, and other items. StoreWALL Carport Storage offers a flexible and modular storage solution suitable for any carport.

Carport Storage Solutions

What makes StoreWALL unique is that it is built and designed to withstand the elements, including Australia’s unique weather. StoreWALL Wall Panels are water and dustproof. This means they will not become brittle if exposed to the elements. They will not change colour, or shape.

Supporting our Wall Panels are our Installstrips. Our InstallStrips are made from rolled steel plated with 18 gauge Zinc for rust resistance.

Installing StoreWALL In Your Carport

Whilst I wouldn’t be hanging your power tools in the carport, items such as garden hoses and cheaper gardening tools such as brooms or rakes could certainly be hung outside. Having them hang neatly in your carport would ensure they are easy to find and not lying around against the home or on the ground easily stepped on and damaged.

To install StoreWALL Garage Wall Panels in your Carport, you need a framed wall area. Ideally, your Carport wall has a studed frame, with the upright studs spaced at a maximum of 600mm. These uprights are required so that your Wall Panels can be secured to them to support your stored items.

If your framed wall does not have enough uprights you will need to add them. You can use framing timber sold by your local hardware store, or you can use TopHat battens such as the one pictured below. These Top Hat Battens can be used to add additional vertical frame elements to your carport wall so that the Installstrips can be attached.

carport storage solution

Once installed, these battens should mirror a wooden studded frame similar to what you would find on the wall of your home. On this, you then screw the StoreWALL Installstrips and then hang your StoreWALL panels.

StoreWALL 1.2m and 2.4m panels are sold in cartons of 4 panels. There are plenty of colour options for you to choose from as well. StoreWALL can be a great addon for any Carport Storage Solution.

Garage and Carport Hooks

Below are ten ideas that you can use to store your most common garage items.


Bikes are large, heavy, and awkward to store. StoreWALL sells a range of Bikes Hooks that are suitable for your Carport. From our common Bike Hook to our HD Universal Hook. Both solutions are well priced and will keep your bikes off the floor and on your wall.


Use our HD Universal or HD Utility Hooks to store your ladders upright against the wall and out of the way. Ladders are also large and awkward to store, so having them stored on your wall when your carport space is limit is a great idea.

Garden Rakes and Brooms

We all have more than one of these. StoreWALL HD Tool Hook can store 2 or even 3 garden tools for you.

Sporting Balls

The StoreWALL Grab and Go Tote Bags come in 4 sizes from Small to Extra Large. Combined with the 300mm Universal Hooks, our Tote Bags can store Soccer Balls, Basketballs, and all of your smaller sporting balls. These Tote Bags can be positioned exactly where your kids can access and return the balls when they have finished.


Our Bungee Straps can be used to store your wheelbarrow upright and against your wall so they don’t take up much room in your carport.


Use our Angle Shelf to store your outdoor shoewear. From gumboots to sporting shoes, the Angle Shelf is ideal for this.

Don’t think that just because your home has a carport and not a closed garage that your garage storage options are limited. StoreWALL cam ensure you get the most out of your carport storage solution.