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Angle Shoe Rack

Shoe Rack

Keep Your Floors Clean and Organized with Effective Shoe Storage Solutions

Maintain a tidy and dirt-free home by encouraging your family to store their shoes on a Shoe Rack before entering. The placement of your shoe rack is crucial and may require multiple locations based on your family’s entry points, like the garage, back, or front door.

Angle Shoe Rack

Versatile Shoe Rack Options for Indoor and Outdoor Use

  • Indoor Storage: Explore Howards Storage World for a variety of indoor shoe racks, including different sizes and designs with drawers for concealed storage. Ensure your rack is sturdy and well-fastened to handle various shoe sizes.
  • Outdoor Storage: For outdoor racks, opt for heavy-duty, powder-coated shelves to withstand weather conditions and prevent your shoes (and rack) from being scattered by the wind.
Howard Storage Shoe Rack

StoreWALL Angle Shoe Shelf for Garage Entrances

  • Garage Storage Solution: If your garage is a frequent entry point, consider StoreWALL’s Angle Shelf. It accommodates up to 3 large pairs of boots, with an angled design for mud and moisture drainage.
  • Durable and Secure: This powder-coated rack, measuring 762mm in width and 381mm in depth, is designed for compatibility with StoreWALL’s wall panels or most slatwall panels.
  • CamLok Locking Feature: StoreWALL’s CamLok ensures the rack stays in place, moving only when you want it to. It’s also versatile enough to repurpose for other storage needs, like wine bottles.
Shoe Rack

Upgrade your entryways with StoreWALL’s Shoe Rack solutions to keep your floors clean and your shoes neatly organized.