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Slatwall Panels

storewall heavy duty wall panels

Slatwall Panels are a popular way to dress up your garage and store most of the things you have lying around taking up floor space and causing a hazard. Storewall Australia brings superior wall mounted storage solutions to Australia to through a great range of hard wearing and secure wall panels that you can use in your garage, home, workshop and retail store.

Storewall Slatwall Panels

Storewall’s slatwall panels are much more than your ordinary slatwall. The range of colours includes the popular Weathered Grey, Rustic Cedar, Global Pine, Dover White, Brite White, and Graphite Steely. However it isn’t just the colour selection that makes them so unique. Our wall panels are significantly stronger and more substantial than conventional wall panels. They are also waterproof, recyclable and easily cleaned.

Storewall’s panels have a patented profile, designed to accept the exclusive InstallStrip for easy installation and a beautiful screw free appearance. HeavyDuty panels are molded, solid core, so the colour and finish goes throughout the panel. Panels carry a 10 year Warranty.

Installing Slatwall Panels

Most slatwall panels are installed using screws which fasten the panel directly to your plaster or concrete wall. In order to conceal the screws and offer a clean finish, colour screws are used. The challenge with going directly into the wall however is that the strength of the wall panel and what can hang off it eg hooks and shelves can be limited.

Storewall’s Slatwall Panels can be installed simply and easily with our Installstrip solution. Installstrips are metallic strips which sit behind the wall panels and are installed with screws directly on your wall. The wall panels are them clipped directly to the install strips. There are no unsightly visible screws or fasteners and the strips attach to any surface; wood, plasterboard, concrete or concrete block. You can add or change panels at any time. Installation couldn’t be easier or look better.

Range of Sizes

To make installation easy, Storewall panel’s come in two sizes, the 1.2m panels and the 2.4m panels. The dimension of each panel options are:

Standard Duty

  • 2.4m range – 2438.4mm x 304.8mm x 16.7mm (covers 0.74m squared)
  • 1.2m range – 1219mm x 304.8mm x 16.7mm (covers 0.37m squared)

Heavy Duty

  • 2.4m range – 2438.4mm x 381mm x 17.7mm (covers 0.92m squared)
  • 1.2m range – 1219mm x 381mm x 17.7mm (covers 0.46m squared)


Beyond the Slatwall Panel however, Storewall gives you the ability to add heavy duty accessories such a Hooks (over 12 sizes), baskets, brackets and shelves. Each of these accessories is not only hooked onto the wall panels but it is also locked in using CamLok, the unique locking mechanism that only Storewall offers.

There are plenty of slatwall system available in the marketplace but Storewall is not your ordinary slatwall panel.


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Why StoreWALL?

storewall heavy duty utility hook

My name is Arthur Koulianos and I am the owner of StoreWALL Australia. Over the past 10 years I have built and run several online businesses learning plenty along the way, helping lots of customers and earning a little extra money for my family. I really enjoy building and running projects and have a background doing this in my full time job (see Linkedin profile). There are lots of reasons which answer Why StoreWALL?

I stumbled across StoreWALL when looking at starting a new project. An online business was for sale which sold a range of garage storage solutions. It’s market was the USA which wasn’t going to work for me in Melbourne but I thought why not do something similar in Australia. I investigated the market further and then spoke to several providers of these wall mounted systems.

Wall Mounted Storage

What I discovered was that wall mounted storage has traditionally been marketed and sold by Garage solutions specialists. In addition the wall panel solution is also popular for retail store fitouts. Most people including myself had no idea about these solutions because they aren’t really offered to the retail market.

Once I discovered StoreWALL I made contact with the Managing Director (owner) and we started to exchange a few emails. He explained how its sold in the US and what we can do in Australia. I took this onboard and then contacted a few distributors in the US for feedback. All of them said that the product was “really good quality”, some even said it was the “best wall mounted system” they had used.

I also reviewed their range, watched the videos and compared pricing to what some of the local solutions had offered and was confident I had found the right product. The range of wall panels was great. Both standard and heavy duty options with a great range of colour. The accessories are second the none in both variety and quality. On top of this is the CamLok system which secures it all together so that it never falls off the wall.

Why StoreWALL? – Best Product in its Class

One of the things I had learned when started my previous online projects was the work on offering the best product on the market. Whilst price mattered, having the best product as your offer meant less issues and happier customers who hopefully would refer new ones to you.

So began StoreWALL Australia. We will be offering the StoreWALL range via our online store directly to every day mum and dads. It will solve an important problem in the garage or storeroom its DIY when to comes to installation. Even if they don’t want to do it themselves we can refer installers that they can work with. We will also work with garage solutions specialists who want a more durable and quality wall mounted system.

StoreWALL has enjoyed great success in the US and has a great reputation as a quality system. We hope to do the same in Australia with great service and advice. We offer online chat, phone and email support for whoever wants to know more about the solution. Hopefully everything above has answered the question – Why StoreWALL?

The biggest challenge for any online business is finding customers and getting some attention from search engines. We will work on this daily and learn and hopefully start to build traffic. We will also try some advertising and see what the results are. There are no plans for a retail store or showroom but we might try a kiosk at a shopping centre or similar later in the year. Lots of challenges ahead but I am glad we started.


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Storewall CamLok System

storewall camlok

Slatwall systems have been around for a couple of decades and are now used across retail stores, workshops as well as home garages. StoreWALL have been providing slatwall wall panels since 1997 and its success is based on some very unique features which make it standout from the rest of the slatwall panel options on the market. One key feature is the StoreWALL CamLok locking mechanism which comes with each and every hook and bracket

storewall camlokYour typical slatwall is designed to hold a hook via the top and bottom cavity which makes up every panel. The hook will usually have a lip at the top and bottom which fits into the cavity and holds it in place.

The lips allow the hook to be easily moved left and right across the length of the panel. The challenge however is the process of hanging and removing a weight from the hook. This process can place both downward and upward pressure on the hook itself. It can also loosen the locking mechanism and spill the contents on the ground.

StoreWALL CamLok

StoreWALL is not your average slatwall system. It has taken the technology one step further with the StoreWALL CamLok system. CamLok is a locking mechanism which comes with every hook, bracket and basket you purchase from StoreWALL. A simple twist of your CamLok and your hook is locked it. Better still you can continue to move it left and right with ease.

CamLok is best explained with the below video which clearly shows how it works and the added advantage it provides.

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Garage Tool Storage Ideas for Home

garage tool storage ideas

Having lived in my current home for almost 20 years, I like most people have accumulated a wealth of stuff. Amongst this are my prized tools. As the collection has grown so has my endeavour to find new garage tool storage ideas.

Garage tools come in all shapes and sizes. Some are small enough to easily fit into a drawer eg your spanners and screw drivers. But even these can be a struggle as their size grows. They can also be very heavy, so having them all in one drawer is not always the smartest idea.

About 12 months ago, I decided to build my own wall storage space. The wall panel is about 1m x 1m and has a 18cm shelf at the bottom. I added about 6 hooks across the top so that I could hand the longer tools. The shelf has been used to store cans of spray, glue, putty and basically anything that would fit.

It turned out OK in the end but when I discovered the StoreWALL range, I knew my panels were a bit amateur. StoreWALL has better garage tool storage ideas that are not only durable but do more with the space. My wall panel has very little depth outside of the shelf. Tools are also hung vertically using the hooks. The problem with this is that the middle area space is kind of wasted.

StoreWALL has a great range of hooks which come in varied depths. They can hang your garage tools both vertically and horizontally. For $400, I could have ended up with a much stronger and more versatile solution. It’s not only hooks however, StoreWALL has shelves and brackets can be really useful and easy to move around. They come in a range of sizes and depths to assist any garage.

Compare the StoreWALL hook range and see for yourself how it can help with your garage tool storage ideas.

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Doing More With Garage Shelving

Best use of shelves

Whether it’s elaborate, sleek, wood, plastic, deep or shallow, when you’re organizing your spaces, nothing is quite as simple and functional as well-placed garage shelving. Shelves are an easy way to make use of your wall space getting them off your floors, tables and counters. And unlike cabinets tthey don’t require you to open doors.

Here are a few tips and tricks for more effective shelf use:

Being shallow can be a good thing.

Using shelves that are way too big for the items you need to store is a giant waste of space, and an effective organization killer. Keep shelves the proper size – use garage shelves that are as deep as the items you want to put on them.

If you need to reach behind an item to get to something else, you risk knocking or pulling things off the shelf you didn’t want to. If items fall off your cluttered shelf they can break, or even worse, they can cause injury.

StoreWALL Shelve Depths

StoreWALL offers a great range of shelf depths:

  • 127mm shelf – Used for small items such as spices, picture frames or bottles of household cleaners. They come in different lengths to fit all your spaces and mount easily into storeWALL wall panels. StoreWALL panels make adjusting and moving shelves really easy
  • 254mm shelf – Perfect for bigger items such as boxes and books of all sizes
  • 381mm shelf – Ideal for large items such as kitchen appliances, softdrink cases or laundry baskets.

Don’t let them buckle under pressure.

The internet is a great tool for spreading new, creative ideas. While many of these ideas look great, you have to sometimes wonder how much the shelves can actually hold before they rip out of your wall and dump everything sitting on them onto the ground.

Make sure any shelf you hang is rated to safely hold the amount of weight you want to set on it. StoreWALL shelves are made from lightweight thermoplastic that’s also incredibly strong. Using InstallStrips with your wall panels ensures they can safely hold the recommended weight.


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Garage Shelving Solutions

garage shelving

If you are building your new home or have just finished renovating and a clean, organised garage is on your list of things to do then look to StoreWALL for your garage shelving solutions.

StoreWALL has been providing premium garage storage solutions in the US for over a decade and is now also available in Australia. The StoreWALL range of garage shelving is supported by a long list of accessories covering hooks, baskets, bins and brackets. These are then secured to the StoreWALL panels with the exclusive CamLok secure locking system.

Storewall garage sherlving solutions

Having recently updated my garage and reviewed a range of shelving and garage storage solutions, I found that a garage needs both shelves and wall panels. I found I needed shelves to store the large items like suitcases, rugs, tables and chairs but also hooks, brackets and baskets to keep the things I need to access regularly. The biggest challenge I found with the shelving I purchased was that whilst it stored everything really well, getting things out of it to use was not so easy.

Garage Shelving Solutions

heavy duty shelving
Garage Shelving Solutions

StoreWALL can compliment and heavy duty garage shelving solution you choose to use with its Standard and Heavy Duty Wall Panels. These are fitted to any bare wall you have with our exclusive InstallStrips which adds support to anything you then want to hang of your wall. Once your Wall Panels are on, you can then choose from 30 plus accessories which can hang or hold all of the things you want out of the way but not out of reach.

Think about you beach equipment like boogie boards which are regularly needed over the summer months. If soccer, basketball or football is played by the kids during the winter you will want these items off the garage floor but easy accessed by the kids.

storewall garage shelving solutions

The best way to get started with reorganising your garage is to strip it as bare as possible and to then group your items. Start with two groups covering things that you might need once or maybe twice a year and the other items that you will need more regularly. You can then further split this regular group into gardening, sports, summer and others.

Garage Shelving can then be used for the long term storage items and a combination of StoreWALL accessories can be used for the regular access items. Jump into our website and browse through each of the product categories to see what our range offers and how it can help you.

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April is Organisation Month

slatwall messy garage

April is organisation month and we are focusing on organising your garage so that it can be everything it can be. A real slatwall messy garageopportunity to take the project on, and to see it through and reclaim your garage.

One month from today, you could have a garage that is actually a pleasure to spend time in. A place where you can easily find what you need. A place where you can accomplish things: fixing something old, building something new, finding your inner peace, etc. Times change, seasons change and ideas change, so what we store and how we store it should change accordingly. Having a flexible organisation system is very important.

StoreWALL can be the foundation of every wall storage and organisation project in your garage, workshop, gym or laundry. Tough enough to perform in any environment, our panels are waterproof, mould and mildew resistant and performance guaranteed. Plus, storeWALL panels are resistant to nicks, scratches and chipping! Storage and organisation at your finger tips! Further more, StoreWALL is easy to install with installSTRIPS, which attach easily to any surface.

And accessories, let’s not fail to mention the storeWALL accessories! Accessories that are built rugged and look great; the storeWALL hooks, baskets and shelves are the perfect storage solution for all of your garage storage and home organisation needs. The exclusive camlok keeps the accessory, and your stuff, in place yet allows for easy repositioning.

Get Organised

This includes dusting, wiping, sweeping, mopping, etc. And speaking of “organised” – take the time to organise your items. Group items together according to tools, lawn and garden equipment, sports and recreational equipment, automotive, seasonal decor, etc. Trash, donate or recycle items that are broken or haven’t been used in quite a awhile. Doing this step now will make the last step much easier.


Measure your space! It’s important to know the exact measurements and the layout of the space that you’re going to utilise. Now is also the time to choose the desired colour of your wall panels and some accessories to at least get you started.


Whether you’re a DIYer or you’re going to have a local installer/contractor install the panels for you, they need to be secured to the wall. We recommend InstallSTRIPS.


Now for the real fun! Arrange your hooks, baskets and shelves on the wall panels and then organise your stuff on the accessories. storeWALL accessories are so simple to use that you can move them, change them or reposition them in seconds, yet they lock in place with the twist of the camlok.

So, there you have it, getting organised in organisation month can be pretty easy. storeWALL can easily and quickly bring your garage to order based on your needs and personal style. So go ahead and tackle this project, storeWALL will certainly exceed your expectations.

Oh, here’s one last important tip for after the project is complete in order to keep your garage organized and de-cluttered. Remember to put things where they belong after you’re done using them! A place for everything and everything in its place!

storeWALL…Walls That Work!