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Home Storage Solutions

home storage solutions

Clutter, clutter and more clutter, it just keeps building up. To give you some helpful ideas on how you can get on top of this challenge we have worked through some decorative home storage solutions that will go some way to creating a a clutter-free home.

If yours is an existing home or a you are building a new home from scratch, looking at custom home storage solutions can really help you better enjoy your home and its free space.

These idea apply equally for those renting a home. There are plenty of options that can be aesthetic and easily constructed as well as removed when you decide to move. Either way decorative storage solutions can help you enjoy your living areas a whole lot more.

From kitchen storage to decorative storage baskets, giving thought to how you will store and display your belongings is time well spent. Below we cover 9 home storage solutions ideas which can inspire you to look at how your space is used at home.

Home Storage Solutions – Storage Shelving

Storage shelves are a worthwhile addition for every kitchen, laundry, living room, bedroom and garage. They offer a great way to store books, picture frames, electrical goods like TVs, trophies and personal items. The range of shelve options includes different sizes, the material they are made of and how they are added to your wall. The easiest way to source your storage shelving is through a furniture store eg IKEA. Shelving ideas include the ability to create different compartments for different items. Alternatively shelves can be coupled with baskets which can look stylish as well as hide your belongings.

Furniture as Storage

I remember as kid my bed had two large drawers built into its bottom frame (the mattress siting on top). This style of bed is home storage solutionsprobably not so popular these days but the idea has merit. It provides a clean storage compartment within a single piece of furniture.

Bedhead storage makes a great place for all those winter blankets that normally clutter your linen warddrobes.

However it doesn’t need to be a bed, it can be a sofa or a console which has a storage areas built within it. Even if it doesn’t there are plenty of stylish baskets available today which can be added to any piece of furniture making it dual purpose.

Transform the area under your bed, where dust bunnies like the swirl, by using rolling boxes, drawers, or even shelving to create extra room.

Home Storage Solutions – Storage Containers

Storage containers and boxes are regularly used as streamlining vessels in pretty much every part of the house. Whether its the foyer area for keys and phones, the kitchen for utensils or the bathroom for soap and other accessories. The endless shapes and colours make them really attractive. They are also relatively inexpensive which makes them easy to chop and change.

Similarly trays are a great way to organise kitchen cupboards. Organise and store your packets and bottles on specific trays and keep them from falling over.

Closed Cabinets or Joinery

All houses need closed joinery to store those larger, bulkier items. This can include electrical goods and appliances. Most established houses will have these cabinets spread out all over the home. However they can be easily added with minimum cost through flat pack kits available at your local hardware store or even furniture store. A key thing to consider when buying or even building your joinery are the hinges and the opening mechanism.

There are some very modern finishes available today making the look very streamlined.

Open Cabinets and Joinery

The rising popularity of open joinery comes down to its ability to allow natural light to flow, remain decorative but also allow for home storage solutionsstorage. It is used regularly in modern kitchens, especially over benches, allowing for extra storage and freeing up valuable bench space. Consider having open cabinets custom built for your new home and kitchen as it can be a real winner.

Even in established homes, custom built open cabinets can be designed and built by your local kitchen or cabinet maker and then installed. Whether its painted or stained timber or even a veneer finish. Consider this for your laundry and dining areas.

Up High – Floor to Ceiling Storage

Most homes neglect to use the full hight of their home. This area is ideal for storage and can be cleverly designed to look stylish and a simple extension of your wall. Shelving over door frames or windows can provide a place to much loved books that are also in good condition. If you are looking at book cases, consider a custom built book case which goes floor to ceiling, rather then ending a foot short. This extra foot will be an un-used area.

Traditionally cabinet makers when designing kitchens gave you an option of building all the way to the ceiling or capping the kitchen about a foot short. This area is just a dust pool. Consider better uses for it in your kitchen so that you can get rid of clutter as well as kitchen-ware and appliances that are not used very often but still needed.

Attic Attack

Very popular in the 80s and 90s but not so much today, Attic conversions are a great way to make use of the roof area in your home storage solutionshouse. With easy access through ladders, an attic can be a fantastic addition which will add value to your home. You don’t need to have a high pitched roof for an attic, enclosed in air tight bags the roof area can be used to store seasonal items such as Christmas trees. Just remember that the temperature in the roof can be extremely warm in summer

Bathroom Bliss

Most houses make little use of the toilet for storage. Closed cupboards will allow you to not only store toilet related items but also those for the laundry and bathroom. Consider shelving that frames the toilet area, from floor to ceiling to give you much needed space.

Staircase Storage

Cupboards and shelving below the stairs is nothing new, but think outside the box and use the between your stairs to store all sorts of bits and bobs.

If you’re like most people, there’s never quite enough room in your house to put everything away. Create a place for everything and put everything in its place with these great storage ideas for your home.

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Wall to Wall Storage

wall to wall storage

If storage is at a premium in your home and there isn’t much room left for even a cupboard, a great alternative is to consider – Wall to Wall Storage. This week’s post offers some useful storage solutions so you can store, locate and use your favourite items when you need them.

Wall to wall storage focuses on solutions that use the height and width of your wall to store and manage your items. Rather than adding additional storage that sits in front of the wall reducing the overall space in your room, wall to wall storage is all about using the wall as the base and then adding accessories to manage your items.

The range of solutions is almost endless and best of all these ideas are not entirely about storing light weight items like shoes and kitchen accessories. Some of the options can hold over 20KGs in weight. Check them out you will be surprised.

Floating shelves

Floating shelves are a great idea for within the home. There are so many varieties today no matter your style of home. Use them in your kitchen to store those essential items, like spices and key everyday ingredients. Floating shelves can create the illusion of space and blend nicely with your walls. They are a simple wall to wall storage option that can be used anywhere within the home or even outdoors. Common styles include box (square) shelves as well as “U” shaped shelves (basically the box without the top cover).

Magnetic Strips

Magnetic strips can be a great storage solution for the kitchen as well as the garage. Use them to store kitchen accessories such as knives and scissors as well as metal measuring spoons. Go one step further and extend them to your garage. Depending on the strength of the strip you can hang tools such as pliers, screwdrivers, knifes and even spanners. Having them hang off the wall means they don’t clutter the bench nor hang around the floor. Magnetic strips come in all shapes and sizes (as well as colours). Some tapes are heavy duty with a Pull Force of 450 g/cm².


I am not the biggest fan of Pegboards but they are very affordable and can accommodate all sorts tools and items found in your garage. Used within the house they can hold keys, bills, reminders and most light weight items. This form of wall to wall storage is ideal of kraft rooms and art studios. Pegboards are very affordable and really easy to find. What I don’t like about them is that the hooks don’t lock in at all which makes them rather unreliable for heavier items.

Chunky hooks

Visit your local hardware store or storage retailer and you will find a large range of hooks. Hooks can be used to hang all sorts of tools and even ladders. They need to be fixed to a wall or something sturdy so that they can manage the weight. Hooks can be used in your bathroom and laundry for you towels and bags. They can also be used throughout your garage for pretty much anything light or heavy.

Used within the house, hooks can store your larger jackets, hats, scarves and school bags. A key part of using hooks is ensuring they are properly fixed to the wall so they can handle their specified weight.

Slatwalls (like StoreWALL)

wall to wall storage

We couldn’t go past wall to wall storage ideas without mentioning Slatwalls. Slatwalls can be cut to size and used anywhere within the home or the garage. The best thing about this horizontal storage solution is that it is fully customisable and can be kitted out with hooks, tubs, shelves, tote bags, brackets and baskets, depending on your needs. Once your needs or ideas change, simply take the accessories off and rearrange them. It takes minutes. StoreWALL slatwalls are PVC based and are water and dust proof.

Wall to Wall Storage – Wire baskets

One of the more popular slatwall accessories are wire baskets. Now you don’t necessarily need slatwalls for this idea but it can make moving them around really easy. Used in the kitchen, wall-mounted wire baskets can help you store fruit that doesn’t normally sit in the fridge or vegetables like onions, potatoes and garlic which or normally stored in the cupboard.

Wire baskets in the garage can store paint cans, boots, boxed items plus much much more. Once securely mounted, baskets provide visibility and ease of access. Being solidly built they can also store heavy items. The StoreWALL range of wired baskets can hold a maximum of 56KGs (see Heavy Duty Deep Basket).

Wire baskets come in a flat shallow form as well as at different depths.


A simpler alternative to slatwalls are Railings. Wall-hung rails are both practical as well as visually pleasing particularly when used to hang copper cookware or pots and pans in a traditional kitchen. This form of wall to wall storage is really simple to setup can generate considerable space in a very small area.

Hanging Rack for Your Boots

wall to wall storage

By far one of the biggest nuisances in every home are the loose shoes hanging around the doorway or in your clothing cupboard. Loose shoes are a major hazard and having them lie around can see them easily lost as well as damaged. Wall-mounted shoe storage systems will make your shoes easily accessible as well as allow the prettier ones to be out on display. An open-air storage system ensures your shoes are kept dry, mould and odour-free.

I hope our range of wall storage options have given you a few ideas so that you can make better use of spare wall areas whilst also cleaning up the mess beneath them.