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Slatwall Performance

slatwall performance

Over the past month, we have seen a significant increase in the number of households looking at upgrading their garage with a garage wall panel installation. Many question the strength ratings of our various panel types and the weight each panel can hold. I thought it would be helpful to compare the Slatwall Performance of StoreWALL with two other alternative solutions readily available focusing on the recommended installation options each offers.

Slatwall Performance

A key question that has come with the many enquiries, is the benefits of installing with InstallStrips over just screws straight through the panel.

InstallStrips are not unique to StoreWALL, but the majority of garage wall panel systems on the market today will have you install your panels with screws directly through the panel. They do this because it makes the wall solution cheaper to buy and easier to explain. However it is not necessarily quicker and certainly does not result in a stronger wall storage solution.

Below I have reviewed three garage storage solutions including StoreWALL and compared recommended installation options as well as the overall strength of the wall storage system. I hope it provides a good guide as to what is on offer in terms of slatwall performance.

Bunnings StorEase

StorEase offers a couple of Metal Track/Rail Options upon which you can hang an extensive range of hooks and other accessories.

StorEase Smart Rail

The StorEase solution only offers one install method and that is using screws directly through the panel and onto your wall. The StorEase panel actually comes with pre-drilled screw holes to make it easier for you.

The 1.2m panel offers 6 pre-drilled holes to use on your wall. Installing on a plastered wall means you need to drill a hole through the stud and into the wall surface first. You then need to line up the predrilled hole in the StorEase rail with the hole in your wall.

Ensuring your panel is level, you then screw directly through both holes with your screws.

If your wall is made from brick or another masonry surface, the same process applies however you will need to fill the hole with a plug so that you can then screw into this plug.

The StorEase 1.2m panel provides you with 6 holes (3 sets of two) at 600mm intervals (ie 0, 600mm, 1200mm).

The rated weight for the StorEase panel is: 150kg (as stated by their website).

You can read our review of StorEase here.

Gladiator GearWall Panels

Gladiator Garageworks offers 2 styles of garage wall panels. One is a rail similar to the StorEase panel. The second is a PVC based wall panel measuring 1230mm x 320mm.

Gearwall panels
Source: gladiatorgarageworks

The Garageworks GearWall PVC panel comes in a White colour and is also installed with screws directly through the panel.

I have included a photo below from their installation guide. It is pretty comprehensive. To ensure the strength of the installation, screws need to be placed in each groove (of which there are 4 per panel) along the length of the panel and on each wall stud (or every 40cm – 45cm). Therefore, a typical panel will have approx 16 screws.

The most effective and cleanest way to install using screws through your panel is to pre-drill the holes in your panel. This ensures you don’t damage your panels when finally screwing into them. Pre-drilling however means you need to measure up correctly.

The max weight they reference per square foot is 50 lbs. Based on the dimensions of the a 1.2m panel (1230mm x 320mm = 4.24 sq ft), the max weight per panel is 200 lbs or 90 kg.

StoreWALL Installation Options

Installing garage wall panels with screws is quite common. In fact, StoreWALL also gives you this option should you choose it. The process works much the same way as the Gladiator GearWall in that screws are placed in the slots across the length of the panel.

In StoreWALL’s case, the Basic and Standard Duty panels have 3 slots (Heavy Duty has a 4th slot).

slatwall performance
  • Step 1: Make a level line at the top or bottom of desired location. (Use a laser, level or string for accuracy).
  • Step 2: Secure the ­first panel by driving the screws through the slots of the panel’s front face, directly into the centre of the wall studs or blocking.

StoreWALL also offers the option of colour matching screws. No pre-drilling or countersinking is necessary. The screw head will flush up with the slot surface.

We recommend approximately 20 screws per 1.2m panel.

Weight Specifications

slatwall performance

StoreWALL specifications state that the maximum weight that you can hang on a StoreWALL wall panel when installed directly with screws is 34 kg for a 2.4m length (at 10cm from surface wall). Performance is higher at the surface.

This is about half of that stated by GarageWorks. It’s also a lot less than StorEase. I would suggest the testing undertaken by either organisation might be different.

99% of StoreWALL customers however, install using InstallStrips. It is the best method and delivers the best slatwall performance for your wall both in terms of strength but also the final finish.

InstallStrips Deliver Best Slatwall Performance

slatwall performance

There are two key reasons to install with InstallStrips – Strength and Finish.

Using InstallStrips will significantly increase the weight your 1.2m or 2.4m panel can hold.

  • The maximum weight that the 2.4m Standard Duty Panel will hold is 113 kg at 10cm from panel surface.
  • The maximum weight that the 2.4m Heavy Duty Panel will hold is 136 kg at 10cm from panel surface.

The reason for the added weight capacity is the InstallStrip itself. It is made from Rolled steel. It also has an 18 gauge zinc plating for rust resistance. I have had 2 InstallStrips exposed to the elements for 4 years and they still have not rusted.

The InstallStrip has 4 hooks which latch themselves onto the back of your panel. See photo. Made of steel, these hooks provide the support for carrying the specified weight. The number of screws per InstallStrip is 12. Each of the 3 sections which make up an InstallStrip has a screw hole which allows you to adjust the height and position of your InstallStrip to assist with lining up your panels.

Heavy Duty InstallStrip has 3 additional hooks (1 per section) 15 in total. They are also slightly wider.

InstallStrips enable you to secure your garage wall panels without screwing holes into your panels. There is no risk of making a mistake with your drilling. Your wall panels will have a nice clean finish allowing you to also take them away with you at a time in the future.

Furthermore, it also makes for a much quicker installation. You are not having to screw blindly into your wall with the panel in front of you. The InstallStrips are lean and easy to work with. Once your InstallStrips are screwed onto your brick wall or studs, there is no more screwing. Cut your panels and start hanging them.

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Old Slatwall System

Slatwalls have been around for years. StoreWALL itself has been around for over 10 years in the US and over 5yrs in Australia. All Slatwall systems evolve, both in terms of the panels they offer as well as their accessories. Some have evolved so much that newer accessories are no longer compatible with older wall panels. The material they are made from has changed along with the shape and style of the accessories. Maintaining an old slatwall system can be challenging.

Old Slatwall Systems

The other day I received a call from a client who had purchased a StorEase system from Bunnings several years ago (must have been 3-5 years ago). The panels were made from a plastic material which today are no longer offered by StorEase nor from Bunnings. His problem however was not the panel itself but the accessories he had purchased.

His StorEase accessories where made from plastic and used to hang brooms in his garage. The accessories had performed well for many years but one of them had recently cracked and couldn’t be used. When trying to remove one of the remaining hooks in order to examine it, he found that it fell apart when he took it off the panel. It actually disintegrated. This unfortunately left him with no working hooks for his brooms. His old slatwall system was no longer usable.

StorEase from Bunnings

He visited Bunnings to find new accessories and whilst Bunnings still sell StorEase, the accessories available and the panel to suit them have all changed. The entire StorEase system has moved on. Panels are now leaner aluminium rails and accessories are metallic. None of what was available was compatible with his old slatwall system.

StorEase Smart Rail
Source: Bunnings

The predicament for this client is to either find accessories which fit his existing panels or to replace the panels and start all over again.

L Shaped Lip

StoreWALL’s panels are very standard in their sizing. By this I mean the panels are designed for accessories with an L shaped lip. See the image below which shows how the accessories are fitted to the panel and how they are secured.

Each panel is about 300mm in height and has 4 slots. The number of grooves on each panel is 5 when you count the top of the panel. See image below.

old slatwall system
old slatwall system
StoreWALL Panel Size
Storewall groove

Each accessory secures itself to a panel at two points – the top and the bottom. The L at the top of each accessory is used to secure to the top of each slot and the CamLok is used for the bottom groove of each slot.

Below are the slot specifications for each Standard Duty panel. StoreWALL’s L-shape slots accept slat wall compatible accessories.

Slatwall Slots

garage slatwall measurements

Slot Specifications:

  • spacing: 76.2mm on center
  • groove height: 10mm
  • lip height: 10mm
  • opening: 10mm
  • CamLok position: sits 90mm from top of accessory

Whilst the dimensions of the panels, their slots and grooves are important, so are the dimensions of each accessory, specifically the backing plate with the L Shaped lip and locking mechanism.


The dimensions are as follows:

  • Size of the back plate: 103mm
  • Size of the lip: 12mm
slatwall hook plates

If you are in a similar predicament to this client and are looking for new accessories for your older slatwall systems, I would suggest you compare your panels and accessories to the dimensions listed above. If they look about right, I encourage you to send us an email with some pictures so that we can conform the sizes and shapes with you.

You can then decide to order a single accessory to try. We are happy for you to return it if it doesn’t fit.

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Compare Garage Wall Panels

StoreWALL provides the most extensive range of garage wall panels in Australia. All StoreWALL garage wall panels are made from a hardened thermoplastic and come in a range of sizes, grades and colours. We compare garage wall panels to help you pick the right wall panel for your garage.

Compare Garage Wall Panels

Below is a simple comparison table providing a detailed overview of each of the garage wall panel grades offered through StoreWALL. Each core features is listed down the far left column with details for each grade on the right.

Most measures in the table are in US Imperial (ie inches and feet). To help you convert this to Metric (what we use in Australia), I have the following tips.

  • A 12” panel height is 300mm. A 15″ panel height is 380mm.
  • The equivalent of 8 square feet is .74 square meters. Similarly 10 square feet is .92 square meters.
  • 32′ (square feet) = 2.97 square meters and 40′ = 3.71 square meters.
Compare Garage Wall Panels

StoreWALL Australia gives you access to everything from StoreWALL in the US. To help you better understand what is on offer in Australia, and compare garage wall panels I have provided a more in-depth review of each grade of wall panel. StoreWALL offers three grades: Heavy Duty, Standard Duty and Basic Duty.

Standard Duty Wall Panels

StoreWALL’s Standard Duty is the leading product in Australia and the ideal product for your home. The Standard Duty Wall Panels are designed for your home, retail store or workshop. They are designed with a patented profile to accept the exclusive InstallStrip (sold separately) for easy installation and a beautiful fastener free appearance. Standard Duty panels are moulded, solid core, so the colour and finish goes throughout the panel.

Compare Garage Wall Panels

The Standard Duty profile shown above is used to lock in the panel to the InstallStrip. This ensures a secure panel as well as the strength to store and hang heavy items to your garage wall.

StoreWALL Standard Duty Panels are sold in 1.2m lengths as separate panels or in a carton of 6. In Australia we currently stock the Weathered Grey colour in the 1.2m range. However if you are interested in other colours, these can be custom ordered for you.

The more popular panel in the Standard Duty range is the 2.4m length. These are sold in cartons of 4 panels. Panels are available in your choice of 3 designer colours (Weathered Grey, Brite White and Dover White). Additional colours are available as a custom order.

Each panel is 300mm in height and 16mm in thickness. These dimensions apply to both the 1.2m and the 2.4m option.

Installation is via the StoreWALL InstallStrip (fastener free look) or using screws directly to the panel.

Basic Duty Panels

Launched in early 2019, this is the most recent addition to the range. The Basic Duty Panels are designed primarily for home and come in a narrower range of colours.

Compare Garage Wall Panels

Basic Duty panels are only available in 1.2m lengths as single panels or in a carton of 4. The other key dimensions are a thickness of 16mm and a height of 300mm.

The Basic Duty colour range includes White and Grey. Both of these colours are stocked and available for order.

Installation of the Basic Duty Panel is via direct screws to the panel using the grooved section. We recommend approx 20 screws per panel. Screws can be colour matched to disguise them.

Heavy Duty Wall Panels

The Heavy Duty Wall Panel range is the original StoreWALL panel designed for your home, retail store or workshop. They are also designed with a patented profile to accept the exclusive InstallStrip (sold separately) for easy installation and a beautiful fastener free appearance. Note that the Heavy Duty InstallStrip is not interchangeable with the Standard Duty InstallStrip (profiles are not the same). HeavyDuty panels are also moulded, solid core, so the colour and finish goes throughout the panel.

Compare Garage Wall Panels

StoreWALL HeavyDuty Panels are sold in both 1.2m and 2.4m lengths in cartons of 6 and 4 panels respectively. Panels are available in your choice of 7 designer colours and wood grains. Each panel is 380mm in height and 16mm in thickness.

Heavy Duty Wall Panels are currently only available as a custom order in Australia. Please give us a call if you are interested in this panel range.

StoreWALL Australia can help you decide which panel grade is best for your storage project. We can help you add to your existing StoreWALL installation and start a new one. Give us a call if you have any questions.

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StorEase Smart Rail

Over the past fortnight, I have been receiving calls from customers looking for accessories for their StorEase Slimline Smart Rail. The StorEase Slimline Smart Rail Wall Bracket is sold by Bunnings and allows you to clip on a broad range of accessories for your garage, sporting gear or workshop.

StoreWALL is not StorEase

StoreWALL is not StorEase. Whilst most of our accessories might work on the StorEase range of Wall Brackets, it is not the same product nor quality. I’d like to think StoreWALL is a much better solution, but I will let you be the judge of that.

About a year ago, I did an in-depth review of the StoreEase Aluminium Smart Wall Panel and one of its more popular accessories. The review includes several videos and has proven to be rather popular. The Smart Wall Panel is very similar to the StorEase Slimline Smart Rail but it is a slightly wider wall panel and raw aluminium in colour. The StorEase Slimline Smart Rail is painted Black.

StorEase Smart Wall Panel

StorEase Smart Rail
Source: Bunnings

StorEase Slimline Smart Rail

StorEase Slimline Smart Rail
Source: Bunnings

StorEase Slimline Smart Rail Compared

Some of the key difference between the two StorEase panels is that the Wall Track Slimline is a different Colour, a different Width and has a different groove for locking the accessory. In fact, several of the calls I have received have actually been specifically about the StorEase Slimline Smart Rail locking mechanism.

The price of the StorEase Slimline Smart Rail is about $30.82 and its dimensions are: W:105 H:10 L:1200. The Smart Wall panel is priced similarly but its dimensions are: W:158 H:5 L:1200. About 50mm wider. In fact, it now seems (2023) that the Wall Panel can only be purchased directly from StorEase as it is no longer featured on the Bunnings website.

StorEase Slimline Smart Rail Review

So I ventured down to my local Bunnings Store to see for myself what the StorEase Slimline Smart Rail looked like and how it worked. I had the opportunity to test it with one of the StorEase hooks and I have included some photos and video below.

It didn’t take long to work out where the confusion and calls were coming from. I honestly didn’t find the StorEase Slimline Smart Rail very intuitive. As you can see from the video, trying to secure the hook to the rail was not easy and I wouldn’t be confident hanging heavy items from it.

StorEase Smart Rail

This is in contrast to what I found with the Smart Wall Panel in my review. It secured the hook a lot better (probably a little too well). The StorEase Slimline Smart Rail looks nicer with its powder-coated black colour. It is also slimmer which makes it less visible on the wall. It just didn’t quite do the job when it comes to holding the accessories. This is supported by some of the reviews on the Bunnings website.

StorEase Smart Rail

Comparing StoreWALL

StoreWALL’s wall panel system is in many ways similar to what is offered by StorEase but also quite different. For one, StoreWALL is not a rail, it is a wall panel, designed to cover your wall area. You can cover as much as you need to. Also, each wall panel is double the width of the StorEase product. The width of the panel is about 300mm (30cm) as opposed to the StorEase panel being 150mm (15cm). Being wider it has room for two rows of grooves and can therefore fit more accessories. You would need to join two StorEase panels together to get the same result.

Price wise the 1.2m StoreWALL panel is $69.99 sold separately and slightly cheaper purchased in a carton of 4. The cost of two StorEase Slimline Smart Rails is about $61.64.

Another key difference is the accessory range. StoreWALL’s accessories are designed to be attached to the panel and then locked in. There is no threat of the accessory falling off the panel. The CamLok locking mechanism eliminates this. See the below video on how it works.

StoreWALL Accessories

StoreWALL’s accessories are priced a little higher than the equivalent from StorEase but as noted the quality and locking mechanism are different. The panels are also not aluminium but hardened thermoplastic which will not change shape, or attract rust or mold. They also come in several colours so you can match them to your wall colour or other cabinetry in the garage.

Having tested the StorEase Smart Wall Panel (wider panel), I can confirm that you can use the StoreWALL accessories on your StorEase Smart Wall Panel.


Below is an example of what one client did in Melbourne. They had a StorEase rail in the garage and added 2 StoreWALL U Hooks to hang this dart board.

Storewall hooks on storease

Give us a call should you want to know more about the differences.

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Mud Room Shelf

mud room shelf

One of the popular additions to the layouts of new homes being built in Australia are mud rooms. These are small closet styles rooms or areas you encounter when you enter your home via the garage or side entrance. They allow you to quickly take off you dirty shoes, jacket or school or work bag. A mud room sounds like a great idea, but without some storage accessories, it very quickly become a messy closet. A mud room shelf is a great way to clean up your mud room, getting all your heavy and bulky items off the floor and up high out of the way.

Mud Room Shelf

Kitting out your mud room is key to getting the most out of this space in your home. Otherwise the school bags and shoes will simply be thrown in all together without some order to get them out. Typically the size of these rooms or areas are small and designed to only hold one person at a time.

Many mud room designs you will find online use custom built cabinetry for shelving, hooks for jackets and some baskets or ledges for your shoes. If you don’t have the budget for this, another way to kit out your mud room is with a couple of 1.2m StoreWALL panels. Two panels will cover 1.2m in width and 600mm in height. This will be enough to hold a Mud Room Shelf across the top and several hooks below.

You can also make it taller with a few more panels and add a couple of angle shelves down below for shoes and boots.

Shelving Options

StoreWALL offer a great range of shelving options for your mud room. We have heavy duty metal shelves in two sizes, wire shelves which can be straight or angled plus deep, narrow, short and long plastic shelves.

The plastic shelves can be installed directly onto the Slatwall or they can be used along with StoreWALL brackets.

Pricing for the shelves varies based on the size and material they are made from but they start from about $42.

Mud Room Shelf

Build Your Own Mud Room Shelf

StoreWALL enables you to build your own shelves by bringing your own custom shelf and using the brackets from StoreWALL. All StoreWALL brackets come with CamLok to secure the bracket to the wall. They also come with non-slip stickers which will hold your shelf in place.

Each bracket has two pre-drilled holes and two plugs which allow you to secure your shelf in place. The plugs are 20mm in length allowing you to have a shelf of about 15mm.

Using your own shelf means you can paint it a colour which suits your wall. You can also use stained wood or any other surface that suits your home or Mud Room.

The non slip stickers and the plugs come complimentary with each 254mm and 381mm StoreWALL bracket.

Mud room shelf

Mud Room Designs

Below is a mud room designs I found online. For some reason most of them are also painted white which I don’t think is very practical given most of the items stored in this area are supposed to be outdoors and likely dirty.

Source: airtasker

Using Slatwall Panels

There are several advantages for using Slatwalls in the mud room. Firstly the panels allow you to add a great range of accessories from shelves to baskets and even bins for keys. You can also move these accessories around as you need to.

Slatwalls also come in a great range of colours. StoreWALL has both a Brite White and a Dover White colour (as well as our Weathered Grey).

If you prefer a wooden slatwall, then they can be painted any colour you want.

A plastic slatwall like that from StoreWALL has its coloured running right through the panel, so even if it gets scratched or dented you will need seeing a different colour. Being plastic StoreWALL panels are much easier to clean that painted panels and are water proof.

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Slatwall Garage Storage

tidy up your garage

StoreWALL has recently launched its latest Wall Panel range – StoreWALL Basic Duty. StoreWALL Basic Duty will launch as our entry level slatwall garage storage solution designed to be more affordable and accessible for home and garage owners.

Slatwall Garage Storage

StoreWALL Basic Duty Wall Panel will be reaching Australia in mid to late June 2019 and will join our already popular StoreWALL Standard Duty range. The Basic Duty Slatwall Garage Storage Panel comes in two colours, Grey and White and both will be available in Australia.

The new range continues to be provide a hard plastic wall panel finish ideal of your garage or home. It is easy to clean, hard wearing and weather proof. Installation is made even easier than before. InstallStrips are NOT AN OPTION with the Basic Duty Panel, it can only be installed via screws from the face of the panel directly into the wall.

Slatwall Garage Storage

Many Australians are looking for new ways to tidy up their garage and have admired the simplicity of StoreWALL. Unfortunately for some, the Standard Duty Slatwall Garage Storage Panel has been outside of their budget. The Basic Duty Panel gives Australians a new option which is affordable, easy to use and install.

Tidy up your Garage

StoreWALL’s Basic Duty Wall Panel is compatible with all StoreWALL accessories including all Hooks, Brackets, Shelves, Baskets and Bags. CamLok is just as effective with the Basic Panel.

We are launching the Basic Duty Panel in a 1.2m size with both Grey and White colours. They will be sold in packs of 4 (1 carton) and as individual panels. A 2.4m option is available in the US and we may consider this down the track as we get feedback from home owners.

Pricing for the new range is almost half of the Standard Duty Panel at $170 for 4 panels. Each panel is 1219mm (length) x 304.8mm (height) x 16.7mm (thickness). Four panels per carton covers 1.48 sq meters.

In terms of Installation, we recommend you use approx 20 screws per panel. Get more details from our online store.

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Broom and Mop Storage Organisation

broom holder

My household has atleast 5 brooms, most of which are used outside the house. Now we do have an indoor broom which can be found in the main cupboard hanging on the wall using a broom holder. I can’t say the same for the outdoor brooms. Some are in the garage, some are outside and some are in my gardening shed. What I do know is whenever I need one I wander around hoping to find one. Broom and mop storage organisation can really be challenging to setup and stick to.

Indoor Broom Holder

Broom and mop storage organisation inside our house is as complex as the Broom Holder in our cupboard. It is made from rubber and holds 4 poles, be they brooms, dusters or smaller items like dust pans. I believe I paid under $20 for it and it works OK. The poles aren’t falling out of the holder, so I can’t complain.

I have a picture below from my cupboard. In theory the broom holder can hold 8 items at once (I haven’t tried this) using both the circular holds and in-between. If they are all poles this would probably work but once you add larger/bulkier items, 8 might be a challenge given the spacing. I would also challenge how much weight it can hold prior to giving way off the wall. It’s only held with two screws.

Pole Hook

Broom and mop storage organisation outside the house is really non existent. It would actually be useful to have something similar outside for the brooms I use more frequently and can’t find. StoreWALL has a great range of hooks several of which have been designed specifically for holding poles.

The StoreWALL Pole Hook has been designed for horizontal or vertical storage. Cleaning devices such as mops and brooms can hang up off the floor. The Pole Hook caters for one pole at a time.

broom holder

Heavy Duty Tool Hook

StoreWALL’s Heavy Duty Tool Hook is probably our best Wall Broom Hanger because it’s designed to carry several items at the same time. It’s useful design saves you space and keeps you organised.

Brooms, shovels and rakes are ideal for our Heavy Duty Tool Hook. They don’t all have to be big items either because the Tool Hook can pretty much carry anything you have. Our specs state it can actually hold about 30KGs.

storewall heavy duty tool hook

Smaller Hooks

Our options for broom and mop storage organisation don’t end with the Tool Hook. We also carry a great range of smaller hooks which are versatile enough to carry a variety of gear from the garden, whether it’s gardening, household or even sport related.

Check out our HD S Hook for your brooms or other gardening gear as well as our Cradle Hook. All of these StoreWALL accessories are versatile and can be moved around and used in so many different ways.

Pricing for the StoreWALL range starts from $12 for the Pole Hook and around $28 for the HD Tool Hook. You obviously need the wall panels as well. A single wall panel (1.2m) is just $55.

broom holder
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New StoreWALL Products

magnetic tool bar

We will be stocking some new StoreWALL products over the coming month (Feb 2019) which I think many of our existing clients and those looking to use StoreWALL for the first time will be really excited about. The new product range includes larger brackets, new shelving options, tools holders and baskets. I have provided details of them below.

Our new StoreWALL products will be in our store hopefully before Christmas. Look out for them and the blog post promoting them. Also look out for our newsletter on these great additions.

The new range is all listed in our shopping cart with pricing included. Stock will not be available till the 2nd half of February. Please check with us if you want to pre-order.

New StoreWALL Products – Angle Brackets

Whilst we have had brackets available in two sizes since we launched, the angle brackets are a welcome addition New StoreWALL Products - angle bracketas they add the ability to hang much larger items from your wall like kayaks and larger surf boards. We will be adding two sizes to our store, the 254mm and the 381mm option.

New StoreWALL Products – Dover White Wall Panels

Since we launched I have been keen to introduce more than the standard weathered grey wall panel option. StoreWALL has over 7 colour options. Carrying them is not quite an option at the moment but introducing at least one or two more colours is. We will be adding the Dover White and Brite White 2.4m panels as a trial and see what demand we receive. Depending on demand we might also add the 1.2m wall panel in time based on demand.

Trims for both colours will also be coming in.

New StoreWALL Products – 381mm Magnetic Bar

The Magnetic bar is a bit of a specialty item and I hope will prove popular. magnetic tool barAs the title states it allows you to connect and hang all types of metallic tools or items without actually needing to hook them. Ideal for pliers, screw drivers and other tools. It is finished with nickel plate to provide additional durability.

New StoreWALL Products – 406mm Tool Organiser

These new tool organisers will be here in a fortnight and we already have orders for them which is exciting. tool organiserAs you can see from the photo they have pre-drilled holes so you can slot your tools in and have them accessible when you need them.

New StoreWALL Products – Brush Chrome Clip

storage hook clipsThe new clips we are adding will help you to hold your gardening gloves and other smaller items that you want on your wall but not hidden away. The clips are padded to protect whatever it is that you are holding. The direction they hang can also be changed.

New StoreWALL Products – Caddy Basket

caddy basketWe already stock all sorts of baskets and all sorts of sizes. The Caddy basket is small in size. It’s dimensions are 150mm in height and depth and 300mm in width. Ideal for small sport items and cleaning needs.

New StoreWALL Products – Thermoplastic Lightweight Shelves

plastic shelfWe are adding some additional shelving options. These new shelves are plastic not metallic and come in 800mm and 1.2mm lengths hanging 254mm off the wall. They will compliment our larger and heavier metal shelves which have also been very popular but are larger and heavy. These new options are much lighter and easier to move around. The shelves will need brackets which will be sold separately.

New StoreWALL Products – Ledge Shelf

edged shelfThe final addition is the ledge shelf. This is essentially the standard shelf but with the added lip and will come in both the 1.2m size. The plastic surface is thermoplastic the same as the wall. The lightweight thermoplastic does not require paint or finishing, and is simple to keep clean.

We look forward to your feedback on these new items and hope to bring in more in 2019 as the StoreWALL range in the US grows and we see demand for these products in Australia.

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Coloured Slatwall

Camo - Swatch 2 (D)

Slatwalls are a popular wall surface used by retail stores to display their merchandise. Over the past 10 or so years, the concept of wall panels in your home garage has really taken off. Most wall panels, in particular slatwalls built for retail stores are white or grey in colour. Plastic slatwalls like those offered through StoreWALL are grey in colour. Accessing coloured slatwall outside of these standard white or grey colours can be challenging.

white slatwall
Painted Wall Panels

This (image on left) is what your typical timber slatwall panel looks like. This supplier offers white, dark grey and a wooden (Tasmanian Ash) finish. These slatwalls are built specifically for retail stores and the colour range reflects this. Whilst they can also be used at home and in the garage, there are some limitations. The composite wooden material they are made from is not going to perform well in garages that are likely to be exposed to really hot, cold or damp climates. It’s also a soft wood making it likely to show even the slightest knock.

Thermoplastic slatwalls like those from StoreWALL will not warp or attract moisture no matter the climate. They are also a dense plastic so are harder to dent but also the colour runs throughout the thickness of the panel making it less likely that knocks will show.

Coloured Slatwall

This week I was contacted by a previous StoreWALL client who had used the Dover White StoreWALL panel. It was used throughout his workshop and it looked fantastic. White has become rather popular and if you look on the internet for StoreWALL images you will see that white (both Brite and Dover White) regularly feature along with the Weathered Grey and the Baltic Pine.

StoreWALL is the only supplier of garage wall panels with such a variety of colours in several different panel grades.

Over the past few years, StoreWALL has expanded its wall panel range to include 9 coloured slatwall panel designer options:

  • Weathered Grey
  • Brite White
  • Dover White (now replaced by Khaki)
  • Khaki
  • Graphite Steel
  • Rustic Cedar
  • Global Pine
  • Barnwood Grey
  • White Wood
  • Black (released end 2021)
coloured slatwall

I have included an image above demonstrating the range. From the left to right the colours are Brite White, Dover White, Khaki, Weathered Grey, Global Pine, Rustic Cedar and Graphite Steel. In addition to the 7 designer coloured slatwall options, StoreWALL also have in 2021 also released a Black Wall Panel.

Below are further images of the coloured slatwall range with each colour labelled to assist you.

Coloured Slatwall Panels

These series of images show the panels unpacked. You can see the colour coming through compared to the cardboard box in each case. It assists with drawing a perspective on the colour options.

Accessing Your Coloured Slatwall

In Australia, we stock almost every colour offered in the US. Special orders can also be placed for select colours and certain quantities.

Please give us a call or email to enquire. A quote can be provided for you.

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Slatwalls for Workshops

slatwall for workshops

Over the past month we have received several enquiries from office fit-out companies wanting to utilise StoreWALL’s slatwalls for workshops or their office environments. Visiting several offices recently I took specific notice of desk areas and in particular the partitions used. Some companies utilise standalone partition walls to separate work areas, whilst others had mini partitions as part of the desk setup.

Slatwalls for Offices

Wall Slats have been a popular option for office desk setups. Notably they can be cut to size and then also allow for a range of accessories to be added. These include large and small shelves as well as boxes and bins. Generally the slatwalls utilise a metallic finish ensuring their durability and ease of cleaning or dusting.

For your added convenience, Slatwalls can be cut to size and come in a great range of colours to compliment the office look/feel. Wooden slatwalls can be easily painted. Slatwalls from StoreWALL are made from thermoplastic with the colour built into the material and running through the panel’s depth.

Slatwalls in the office offer a very clean and professional finish. See the image to the right as an example.

slatwalls for workshops
Source: pinterest

Slatwalls for Workshops

Utilising slatwalls for workshops is also very popular. Consider a mechanic’s workshop or cabinet maker. Slatwalls enable the workshop to store important tools in select sections of the wall storage area. Tools are secured and unlikely to cause a hazard nor be damaged.

Slatwall accessory options include shelves, hooks, brackets, baskets and bags. These are all great options for the workshop environment. If using StoreWALL’s slatwall panels, it would be worth considering the Heavy Duty range which are larger, thicker and harder. This provides for additional durability in a harsh environment.

The hooks can be used for individual screwdrivers or wrenches. Shelves can be used for paints and larger tools. Bins can be used for screws and nails. Baskets can be used for larger items as well as paint and cleaning materials.

Options really are endless. You also have the added advantage that should the workshop owner want to move items around, they can do so within seconds.

Accessory Locking

A key requirement when using Slatwalls for workshops is the ability to secure the accessory to the wall. Many cheaper slatwall options are really simple to clip in and just use a small plated hook to secure themselves. What users regularly find however is that excessive on/off movements loosens the accessory and makes it prone to coming off the wall. In an workshop environment the locking mechanism is super important. Tools are a key to a businesses success and also really expensive to replace. Having tools fall of the wall with light or even heavy use is not ideal.

StoreWALL offers an exclusive locking mechanism in CamLok which with a twist of the locking key, your accessory will never come loose. You are totally in control when you want to loosen it and move it around. StoreWALL offers CamLok on every single accessory it offers (except the bins). Every hook, shelf, bracket and basket carries this exclusive mechanism.

Coloured Slatwalls

Slatwalls can be painted but this really isn’t long lasting in a high use environment. Slatwalls that have the colour running through the content of the wall are a better option. This ensures that even if dents occur they will be barely visible. Secondly, StoreWALL offers a great range of slatwall colours including our regular weathered grey, Brite White, Dover White, Khaki, Graphite Steel, Rustic Cedar and Global Pine.

Garage Slatwall

Garage slatwalls are exactly the same as those used at workshops or the office environment. The only difference is being able to buy in smaller quantities, the durability of the material used to make the slat panels and generally non-commercial pricing.