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Storing your Storage Containers

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One of the most popular ways to store your many unwanted items is to use a Storage Container. Walk into any Bunnings or Kmart and they are full of them. Once full, however actually storing your storage containers can be tricky.

Storage containers come in lots of different sizes, shapes and colours. Just search on the Bunnings online catalogue and you will see what I mean. From 5L to 100L, Clear or Black, and even multi-coloured.

Storing your Storage Containers

Stacking Storage Containers

One way to store your storage containers is to simply stack them one on top of the other. They are actually designed to be stored this way. This method works well when the containers are filled with light materials and they can easily be added and removed. If you carefully label them, then stacking them is an effective way for storing your storage containers.

Depending on what you store in your modular storage container, having some on the ground floor can be useful for kids so they can easily access what they need and then return them when finished.

However, this is not particularly practical when the containers are heavier. What you will find is that lifting them on and off each other is difficult. More importantly, the lids crack and break and then stacking them is no longer an effective option.

I generally find that modular storage containers are OK for adults who will spend a few extra seconds to ensure that returned items allow the container lid to close correctly. Kids on the other hand are not so patient. If the lid is not closed properly, stacking another container on top of it only increases the likelihood that it will be broken.

Storing Your Storage Containers on Shelves

Using shelves to store your storage containers gives you the option of lifting some of your containers off the floor and up higher. This ensures that containers which are used irregularly can be put away.

Storing your Storage Containers

In the photo above, the lower containers which are smaller are stacked (3 on top of each other) on a shelf. The larger containers are also on a shelf but are not stacked.

Storing your Storage Containers

in this example, shelving is also used. However, the larger containers are kept rather high and out of reach.

Storing Your Storage Containers with StoreWALL

The biggest advantage of deciding to line your garage walls with StoreWALL Slatwall is that you create any garage wall you want and for as long as you want it.

What this means is that a wall you design today with shelving to hold storage containers, can in a few years quickly be re-designed to hold tools and bikes. No messy holes in the walls are left for you to repair. Simply remove the shelves and the brackets and replace them with a different assortment of hooks.

StoreWALL allows you to build your own shelving with our 254mm and 381mm brackets. These shelves can be spaced as you need them to hold your storage containers.

modular shelving for garage

StoreWALL also offers solid metal shelves that can be used for storing your storage containers. These shelves are ideal for your heaviest containers.

Storing your Storage Containers

We have also recently released our 600mm deep shelf which is specifically designed for modular containers. This is a wired shelf option.

Deep Wire Shelving
Storing Container Boxes

Yes, there is another option which doesn’t utilise shelving at all. In fact, depending on the storage containers you have purchased, you can actually hang them directly on our brackets. As long as the container has a wide rim around it, it can be hung between two brackets.

Storing your Storage Containers