StoreWALL Steadyrack Brackets (set of 2)

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Brand: StoreWALL

Introducing the StoreWALL Steadyrack Brackets, now providing compatibility between Steadyrack and all StoreWALL slatwall systems. This set includes StoreWALL backplates, offering a seamless integration for your bike storage needs.

Please note that the Steadyrack Bike Bracket is sold separately (99 Bikes or your local bike store). The StoreWALL Steadyrack Brackets are sold as a pair, and you will need one pair (an upper and lower bracket) for each Steadyrack Bracket.

Steadyrack Brackets Specifications:

  • Sold as a pair (2 pieces). 1 Upper and 1 Lower Bracket
  • Compatible with Basic Duty Panels, Standard Duty Panels, and Heavy Duty Panels

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