StoreWALL Steadyrack Brackets (set of 2)

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Brand: StoreWALL

StoreWALL is now offering a bracket system making Steadyrack compatible with all StoreWALL slatwall systems. This set includes the StoreWALL backplates only.

The Steadyrack Bike Bracket is sold separately from both StoreWALL and your local Bike store.

StoreWALL Steadyrack Brackets are sold as a pair. You will need one pair (2 brackets) for each Steadyrack Bracket.

Steadyrack Brackets Unit of Measure
Sold as 2 pieces

Steadyrack Brackets Unit of Measure Specifications
(Height) 203mm x (Width) 101 mm x (Depth) 152 mm

The maximum weight that each StoreWALL Bike Hook can hold 100KG (wall panels installed with InstallStrips).

Compatible with:

  • Basic Duty Panels
  • Standard Duty Panels
  • Heavy Duty Panels

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