StoreWALL 300mm Power Tool Bracket

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Brand: StoreWALL

StoreWALL 300mm Power Tool Bracket: Secure & Organized Tool Storage

Tailored for Bulky Power Tools Like Leaf Blowers, Edgers, and Power Saws

Elevate your garage organization with the StoreWALL 300mm Power Tool Bracket, expertly designed to hold bulky tools such as leaf blowers, edgers, and power saws. This bracket's 300mm length provides robust support for the weight and depth of your tools, ensuring they're kept safely off the floor and neatly arranged on your wall.

Key Features:

  • Strong and Secure: The 300mm Power Tool Bracket is built to handle a significant load, perfectly accommodating the size and weight of larger power tools.
  • Exclusive CamLok™ Technology: Featuring our all-metal CamLok™ system, this bracket ensures that your tools stay securely in place on the slatwall, eliminating any risk of them falling to the floor.
  • Easy-to-Use: A simple turn of the CamLok keeps your bracket firmly positioned, offering both security and convenience.

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: Height - 101mm, Width - 76mm, Depth - 317mm.
  • High Weight Capacity: Designed to support up to 68KG when used with StoreWALL wall panels installed with InstallStrips.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Fully compatible with StoreWALL Basic Duty, Standard Duty, and Heavy Duty Panels, providing flexible installation options.

Upgrade Your Garage Storage:

The StoreWALL 300mm Power Tool Bracket is not just a storage solution; it's a crucial part of your garage organization strategy. Whether for personal or professional use, this bracket ensures that your power tools are stored securely and accessibly.

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