StoreWALL Rotating Bike Hook

Increase the room in your garage.
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Brand: StoreWALL

The new Rotating Bike Hook or Rotating J-Hook is similar to our original J Hook but with the added flexibility of rotation. This new feature allows you to swivel the bike to store it up against the slatwall rather than wheels-to-the wall perpendicular storage. This option opens up your storage space plus allows for multiple bike storage.

Use the pre-installed CamLok™ and keep your J-Hook on the wall when you’re removing or stowing your bike.

Rotating J-Hook Unit of Measure
Sold as 1 piece

Rotating J-Hook Specifications
(Height) 190mm x (Width) 152 mm x (Depth) 177 mm

The maximum weight that each StoreWALL Bike Hook can hold 100KG (wall panels installed with InstallStrips).

Compatible with:

  • Basic Duty Panels
  • Standard Duty Panels
  • Heavy Duty Panels

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