StoreWALL Rotating Bike Hook

Increase the room in your garage.
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Brand: StoreWALL

Introducing the StoreWALL Rotating Bike Hook, an innovative solution that combines the functionality of our original J-Hook with the added flexibility of rotation. Now, you can swivel the bike to store it up against the slatwall, providing efficient space utilization and enabling multiple bike storage.

With the pre-installed CamLok™, the Rotating J-Hook remains securely on the wall as you effortlessly remove or stow your bike. Transform your garage storage with this versatile and space-saving Rotating Bike Hook!

Rotating J-Hook Specifications:

  • Dimensions: (Height) 190mm x (Width) 152mm x (Depth) 177mm
  • Maximum recommended weight capacity: 100KG (wall panels installed with InstallStrips)
  • Compatible with Basic Duty Panels, Standard Duty Panels, and Heavy Duty Panels

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