StoreWALL Small Bungee Hook Set

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Brand: StoreWALL

Small Bungee Hook Set: Maximize Vertical Storage Space

Efficiently utilize your wall space with the Small Bungee Hook Set from StoreWALL. This set includes two closed loop hooks and a bungee cord, perfect for vertically storing items like ladders, golf bags, or patio umbrellas. The Small Bungee measures 230mm without clips and extends to 830mm, clip to clip.

Set Includes:

  • 1 - Small Bungee cord with clips
  • 2 - Closed Loop Hooks


  • Dimensions: 114 mm H x 381 mm W x 63 mm D (un-stretched clip to clip)
  • Compatible with Basic Duty Panels, Standard Duty Panels, and Heavy Duty Panels

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