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Using low-cost Pegboards in Garage Organization

Pinnacle Pegboard

Garage organization is crucial for homeowners looking to maximize space and maintain order. One common solution for tool storage and organization is the use of pegboards. Pegboards can be purchased from all major hardware stores. However, while cheap pegboards may seem like an economical choice, they come with several weaknesses that can compromise their effectiveness and durability. This article explores the drawbacks of using low-cost pegboards in your garage.

Compromised Durability

Low-cost pegboards are often made from lower-quality materials like thin-pressed wood, metal, or low-grade plastic. These materials are prone to warping, cracking, and breaking, especially under the weight of heavier tools. This fragility limits the type and amount of equipment you can safely store. Over time, the wear and tear from regular use can render these boards unusable, leading to the need for frequent replacements.

If a lot of cases, where MDF is used and has been painted. Regular use can cause chips and scratches that are difficult to repair.

Limited Weight Capacity

One of the most significant drawbacks of inexpensive pegboards is their limited weight capacity. They are often unable to support heavier tools and equipment, which is a critical consideration in a garage setting. This limitation not only restricts what you can store but also poses a safety hazard if the board or hooks give way under too much weight.

Poor Aesthetic and Fit

Low-cost pegboards usually offer limited options in terms of size, color, and design. This lack of variety can make it challenging to find a board that fits well with the aesthetics of your garage or home. Additionally, cut-rate boards might not fit properly against the wall, leaving gaps that reduce stability and visual appeal.

Lack of Customization

Higher-quality garage wall storage systems often come with a range of accessories and customization options, allowing you to create a storage solution tailored to your specific needs. Cheap pegboards lack this versatility, offering only basic hooks and limited arrangement options. This restriction can lead to inefficient use of space and difficulty accessing frequently used tools.

Combined with a limited range of accessories, cheap pegboards can quickly turn into a throw-away solution.

Environmental Impact

Lower-quality materials often have a higher environmental impact, both in terms of manufacturing processes and the need for frequent replacements. Investing in a more durable garage wall storage system made from sustainable materials can reduce your environmental footprint while providing better long-term value.

Better Garage Storage Options

While the initial low cost of cheap pegboards can be appealing, their weaknesses in durability, weight capacity, aesthetics, customization, and environmental impact make them a less desirable choice for effective garage organization. Homeowners are better served in the long run by investing in higher-quality, more durable storage solutions that can reliably hold their tools and withstand the demands of a garage environment.

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Cheap Pegboards

peggie cheap pegboards

Pegboards have long been a popular, budget-friendly solution for organizing tools and accessories in the garage, utilizing hooks inserted into pre-drilled holes for versatile storage. However, the market now offers a plethora of modern and stylish alternatives that elevate the traditional pegboard concept.

The appeal of pegboards lies in their simplicity: typically made from composite wood, they feature a grid of holes to accommodate hooks, which can be repositioned as needed for customizable storage.

The versatility of pegboards has expanded far beyond mere hooks. Today, they can be outfitted with a variety of accessories, including shelves, paper holders, storage bins, bags, and even roll holders, enhancing their functionality.

In our roundup, we’ve evaluated a selection of pegboards, ranging from economical options to more premium choices, all worthy of consideration for those seeking efficient garage organization solutions.

Ikea Skadi Pegboard

cheap pegboards
Ikea Cheap Pegboards

Ikea stocks the Skadis Pegboard and Accessories. The boards come in 2 colours, Wooden and  White. The size of the board is 76cm x 56cm.

This is how Ikea describe the Skadis Pegboard:

You can store things on both sides of the pegboard if you use it as a divider on a desk or in a freestanding ALGOT storage combination. Choose the accessories in the SKÅDIS series which suit your needs and create a personal storage combination.

ikea cheap pegboards
Ikea Cheap Pegboards

Peggie Cheap Pegboards

The Peggie System seems to be a lot more upmarket in terms of presentation.

Peggie Cheap Pegboards

“She is made of the good stuff with honest geometry and a material palette to match. Solid wood. Baked-on lacquer. A touch of brass. Peggie’s perforated grid system and dependable kit of parts create a framework for your ideas. You can count on Peggie to securely lock into place.”

The boards from the Peggie range come in a broad range of sizes. A couple of examples include:

  • 1190mm x 558mm
  • 890mm x 558mm

The boards are made from either Laminate or Wood. The colour range includes Natural Oak, White, Black and Ply. The range of accessories includes a hanging rail, prong, hook, cup, mirror, noteboard and clip.

Peggie Cheap Pegboards

Bunnings Cheap Pegboards

At the other end of the scale, you have the Bunnings Pegboard. In its most basic form, Bunnings sells its Masonite Cheap Pegboards for about $28 measuring 1220mm x 915mm x 4.8mm.

Bunnings Pegboard

Bunnings also sells the Pinnacle range of Pegboards. These are made of metal and come in both White and Black colours.

Both types of Pegboard include a good range of hook accessories which can be used for your garage items.

bunnings cheap pegboards
Bunnings Cheap Pegboards

Garage Slatwall Alternatives

The alternative to Cheap Pegboards is affordable but a lot more durable and versatile in what it can be used for.

cheap pegboards
StoreWALL Slatwall Wall Panels

Slatwall Garage Wall panels are a much better alternative than cheap pegboards. They look a lot nicer and cover your wall with a durable and water-resistant surface. They also come with a great range of accessories that no cheap pegboard supplier can match.

StoreWALL Garage Slatwalls are made from hardened PVC and come in a very broad range of colours. These include Brite White, Weathered Grey, Pine, Cedar, Graphite Steel, Barnwood, and Whitewood. Importantly, these colours are not a layer of paint on the outside of a board. The colour is blended into the PVC and runs through the depth of the panel.

StoreWALL’s panels can be used to cover all or part of an entire wall. All StoreWALL accessories come with the super secure CamLok locking mechanism which prevents your accessories from falling off the wall whenever you decide to use them. Watch the video below and compare the locking mechanism on your Pegboard’s accessories to that offered by StoreWALL.

Having experienced cheap pegboards myself in my garage, all I ever found was pegboard hooks lying on the ground. Most of my accessories were on the floor with the hooks. My masonite pegboard also warped in shape over time and was not water or moisture-proof.

Is StoreWALL cheap? What I can tell you is that it will last a lifetime and so will the accessories that support your stored items.

Below is a comparison of a standard sheet of pegboard from each of the suppliers this review has covered (pricing as of 11/2021).

IKEA Skadis Pegboard

  • 76cm x 56cm (.42sqm) – $25 each (other sizes are also available)


  • 89cm x 56cm (.49sqm) – $185 each

Bunnings MDF/Steel Pegboard

  • Masonite 122cm x 91cm (1.1sqm) – $34
  • Pinnacle 90cm x 45cmm Garage (.40sqm) – $39

StoreWALL Standard Duty Panel

  • 120cm x 30cm (.36sqm) – $69.99 + Optional Installstrips (2 for $38)
  • Access several rows upon which you can store multiple items. You can easily add to it to expand your storage. Check out our Garage Gallery for ideas on how many Australian garages have used StoreWALL.

StoreWALL Basic Duty Panel

  • 120cm x 30cm (.36sqm) – $62.99
  • Access several rows upon which you can store multiple items. You can easily add to it to expand your storage. Check out our Garage Gallery for ideas on how many Australian garages have used StoreWALL.
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Great Value Garage Wall Panels

This week we launched our latest Garage Wall Panel range – Basic Duty. The StoreWALL Basic Duty Wall Panel is a great value wall panel built from the same durable and water proof material used for our popular Standard Duty and Heavy Duty panels.

The Basic Duty Panel has been designed to be installed directly onto your wall surface with no InstallStrips. The installation of these panels is with screws directly to your wall. The backing of the panel is flat with no hooks for the InstallStrips.

The Basic Duty Garage Wall Panel range was launched to provide a more price competitive offer for our customers. A wall panel with very similar traits to the Standard Duty, with similar strength to hold weight and all of your garage items but at a slightly lower price.

Garage Wall Panel Dimensions

Basic Duty Wall panels are the exact same dimensions as the Standard Duty 1.2m panels. Each panel is 1219mm (length) x 304.8mm (height) x 16.7mm (thickness). 1 panel will cover .371 sq meters. This is exactly the same as the Standard Duty 1.2m panel.

Garage Wall Panel Colour Range

The Basic Duty colour range includes Grey and White and is installed with approx 20 screws from the exterior of the panel. We have several images below as well as video showing the differences in the panels as well as the colour variations between the two models.

compare basic duty garage wall panels

Basic Duty Vs Standard Duty

Let’s take a look at the key differences between the two panel types to help you understand how you can use each panel. At StoreWALL we would consider both to be a great value wall panel.

compare garage wall panels

Basic Duty Panel Strength
– 34KGs at 120cm from the surface of the wall.

Basic Duty Panel Screw Installation
– Use colour matching screws for the best match to wall panels.

Basic Duty Panel Accessories
• All storeWALL accessories are compatible with Basic Duty!

wall panel installation

Standard Duty Panel Strength
– 110KGs at the panel surface
– 50KGs at 120cm from the surface of the wall.

Standard Duty Panel Installation
In order to enjoy the additional weight listed above, installation must be with InstallStrips. Alternatively for a similar weight holding strength to the Basic Duty panel you can install directly with screws.

Standard Duty Accessories
• All StoreWALL accessories are compatible with Standard Duty panels.

Comparing Panels

Below I have images of both the front and the back of the panels and a comparison of the white and grey colours compared to the Weathered Grey and Brite White from the Standard range.

great value wall panel

The above image features both the Basic Grey and the Standard Duty Weathered Grey sitting on top of each other. The Basic Duty has the first 2 rows with the bottom two being the Standard Duty. You can see a difference in the Grey tone of the top panel. The lower panel is a smoother grey.

great value wall panel

The above image compares the White Basic Duty (below row) with the Brite White from Standard Duty (top row). The Basic Duty White is a lot whiter.

The Basic Duty Panels are on sale now via our online store. They can be purchased as individual panels or in a pack of 4.

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Garage Pegboard

garage pegboard

Cleaning up your garage starts with throwing out what you don’t need and reorganising what you decide to keep. The choices on how to effectively reorganise are endless. If you visit your local Bunnings store you will find the ever popular Garage Pegboard. Pegboard garage storage is relatively cheap and super easy to install. Garage pegboards are paired with a range of hooks which are inserted into the board to hold and hang your items. It’s all pretty simple.

Garage Pegboards

I hate pegboards. When I fist purchased the home I live in (19 years ago), my garage had pegboards on one of the walls. They covered several meters in length and about 90cm in height. The coverage was fine, but the quality and practicality was not. My garage pegboard was made from masonite. It was durable but over time it’s shape warped (severely). This wasn’t my main issue however. I just hated using the hooks. They were not sturdy enough when on the board and my items would always fall off.

I had several long and some small hooks and the small hooks (particularly the extra small ones) where a real nightmare. Below the pegboard I had a bench and everything would fall behind the bench.

Slatwalls Vs Pegboards

Slatwalls are a far superior solution for garage storage compared the the garage pegboard. This is why:

  • Firstly the material that your typical slatwall is made from is stronger and heavier. Although much of what is sold by Bunnings in terms of Pegboards are made of a metallic material.
  • The range of slatwall colours is much larger.
  • The range of hooks on offer by slatwall systems is significantly larger and now includes heavy duty hooks. Your pegboards are aimed at lighter goods.
  • The locking mechanism using by even the cheapest slatwall is strong and sturdier than a pegboard.
  • Your premium range of slatwalls like StoreWALL are made from thermoplastic so they don’t lose colour, rust, take in moisture nor change shape.
  • StoreWALL’s installation process using InstallStrips adds additional strength to your wall so that it can carry the heavy loads.
  • Yes there is a price difference but I believe it’s balanced out by the difference in quality.
garage pegboard

Pricing your Garage Pegboard

Let’s take a look at price first, because Pegboards are usually selected based on price.

Bunnings sells a powder coated steel pegboard (Size: 900 x 450mm) for $35. Total coverage is 0.40 square metres.

A pack of 4 x 200mm hooks is $6.50. You can see the locking mechanism with these simple hooks. The two hooks at the rear plug into the board and the one hook presses against the board, creating resistance and holding the hook in place.

A pack of 4 x 200mm hooks is $6.50. In total it comes to $41.50.

garage pegboard

StoreWALL’s equivalent includes:

1 x StoreWALL 1.2m panel (1.2m x 0.3m) for $55 with a total coverage are of 0.36 square metres.

Garage pegboard options

The images to the left show the StoreWALL alternative. I have displayed the 63mm hook and the 190mm hook alongside the Pegboard option offered at Bunnings.

Pricing for the StoreWALL options are as follows:

  • 63mm – $13.30 (each)
  • 190mm – $16.65 (each)

Key differences in StoreWALL’s quality include:

  • Heavier metal
  • Heavy plate on the back of the hook which is used to support the locking mechanism and weight.
  • CamLOK locking mechanism so the hook will NEVER fall off.

Garage Pegboard Ideas

This video shows me using the Pegboard hooks on the StoreWALL panel. They hook in with no issues but in terms of stability and a quality garage wall panel solution, you can’t really compare these hooks to what StoreWALL offers.