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Pegboard Versus StoreWALL

Pinnacle Pegboard

StoreWALL panels are regularly compared to Pegboard solutions offered by many Hardware and even Homeware stores. To help you better understand the differences, I completed my own Pegboard Versus StoreWALL comparison.

Bunnings sells several Pegboard solutions, both MDF and in a metal finish. The metal finish Pegboard is from Pinnacle which also supplies a large range of shelving at Bunnings. I decided to buy a Pegboard as well as some accessories so that I could test drive storing a range of power tools.

The below video review takes a look at how the Pinnacle Pegboard is installed and how its PowerTool accessories work.

The video review also takes a look at StoreWALL and what is on offer in terms of PowerTool storage.

Pinnacle Pegboard

Pinnacle’s Pegboard comes in several sizes, the smaller 900mm x 450mm panel is about $39. I also purchased a packet of the Heavy Duty Tool Clips which includes 4 pieces for about $13.

The Pegboard is installed with a few screws using pre-drilled holes on the Pegboard. There are 8 holes in total (2 at each corner). You could drill additional holes if you needed to and in locations better suited to your wall. The Pinnacle Pegboard does not come with fasteners. So you will need to source these yourself.

I am a little concerned about how well 4 screws will go holding up the actual pegboard, particularly if the total weight of what is being stored starts to climb over 10kgs. The Bunnings website doesn’t seem to provide a weight rating for it.

The Pinnacle Pegboard looks sturdy, it is powder-coated black. Being a pegboard, the vast number of punctured holes allows you to add accessories anywhere on the wall.

If you read the reviews on the Bunnings website, they are generally positive. I think most people are just happy to find something they can install themselves and clean up their garage. There are concerns about the powder coating being easy to scratch. The biggest concerns however are that some users found the pegboard complicated to mount securely to their wall.

Pinnacle Heavy Duty Tool Clip

The Heavy Duty Tool Clip is a very lightweight accessory that is attached to the Pegboard with a couple of teeth at the back of the accessory. Two plastic screws are also provided to secure it to the Pegboard. I was able to install the screws and secure them to the Pegboard but screwing them all of the way was difficult. Reading the reviews on the Bunnings site, some people have commented with similar experiences.

The accessory itself is usable but it is stiff and you will need your Pegboard to be firmly fitted to your wall so that you can securely attach and remove your accessories. Whilst there is no max weight that each accessory can hold, it seems strong enough to support your typical impact drill set.

Pegboard Versus StoreWALL

Pegboard Versus StoreWALL

In the video review, I also include a review of two of StoreWALL’s PowerTool Accessories. There are in fact many more which I will cover in a separate video. The two in the video include:

When it comes to durability and fit for purpose, I don’t think you can really compare what StoreWALL offers to a Pegboard. Pegboards are OK for lightweight items, but as your requirements start to grow, the lightweight nature of the Pegboard solution starts to limit what you can use it for. Pegboard Versus StoreWALL is not a fair comparison.

StoreWALL’s panels are a lot thicker and sturdier than your Pegboard (both MDF and Metal). Our installation options using the StoreWALL installstrips provide for greater weight capacity and therefore the ability to store even your heaviest PowerTools ie Hammer Drills, Power Saws, and even bigger items such as Chain Saws.

Furthermore, the video clearly shows the difference in our range of accessories. Our Hooks are Industrial grade, built for heavy items. They will not leave your wall and last a lifetime.

The other key thing to remember with pegboards is that they aren’t designed for storing your larger items like ladders, chairs, hoses, bikes or anything that is actually more than 20cm in length/height. Your investment in a StoreWALL wall panel definitely is.

So what’s the catch? There is a price difference. $52 buys you a 900mm x 450mm Pegboard and 4 Heavy Duty Tool Clips. One StoreWALL panel will set you back about $66. The PowerTool Hook or Rack are about $40 each. Yes, there is a difference in the investment you will need to make with StoreWALL. However, this investment will last a lifetime.

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Cheap Pegboards

peggie cheap pegboards

Pegboards have long been a popular, budget-friendly solution for organizing tools and accessories in the garage, utilizing hooks inserted into pre-drilled holes for versatile storage. However, the market now offers a plethora of modern and stylish alternatives that elevate the traditional pegboard concept.

The appeal of pegboards lies in their simplicity: typically made from composite wood, they feature a grid of holes to accommodate hooks, which can be repositioned as needed for customizable storage.

The versatility of pegboards has expanded far beyond mere hooks. Today, they can be outfitted with a variety of accessories, including shelves, paper holders, storage bins, bags, and even roll holders, enhancing their functionality.

In our roundup, we’ve evaluated a selection of pegboards, ranging from economical options to more premium choices, all worthy of consideration for those seeking efficient garage organization solutions.

Ikea Skadi Pegboard

cheap pegboards
Ikea Cheap Pegboards

Ikea stocks the Skadis Pegboard and Accessories. The boards come in 2 colours, Wooden and  White. The size of the board is 76cm x 56cm.

This is how Ikea describe the Skadis Pegboard:

You can store things on both sides of the pegboard if you use it as a divider on a desk or in a freestanding ALGOT storage combination. Choose the accessories in the SKÅDIS series which suit your needs and create a personal storage combination.

ikea cheap pegboards
Ikea Cheap Pegboards

Peggie Cheap Pegboards

The Peggie System seems to be a lot more upmarket in terms of presentation.

Peggie Cheap Pegboards

“She is made of the good stuff with honest geometry and a material palette to match. Solid wood. Baked-on lacquer. A touch of brass. Peggie’s perforated grid system and dependable kit of parts create a framework for your ideas. You can count on Peggie to securely lock into place.”

The boards from the Peggie range come in a broad range of sizes. A couple of examples include:

  • 1190mm x 558mm
  • 890mm x 558mm

The boards are made from either Laminate or Wood. The colour range includes Natural Oak, White, Black and Ply. The range of accessories includes a hanging rail, prong, hook, cup, mirror, noteboard and clip.

Peggie Cheap Pegboards

Bunnings Cheap Pegboards

At the other end of the scale, you have the Bunnings Pegboard. In its most basic form, Bunnings sells its Masonite Cheap Pegboards for about $28 measuring 1220mm x 915mm x 4.8mm.

Bunnings Pegboard

Bunnings also sells the Pinnacle range of Pegboards. These are made of metal and come in both White and Black colours.

Both types of Pegboard include a good range of hook accessories which can be used for your garage items.

bunnings cheap pegboards
Bunnings Cheap Pegboards

Garage Slatwall Alternatives

The alternative to Cheap Pegboards is affordable but a lot more durable and versatile in what it can be used for.

cheap pegboards
StoreWALL Slatwall Wall Panels

Slatwall Garage Wall panels are a much better alternative than cheap pegboards. They look a lot nicer and cover your wall with a durable and water-resistant surface. They also come with a great range of accessories that no cheap pegboard supplier can match.

StoreWALL Garage Slatwalls are made from hardened PVC and come in a very broad range of colours. These include Brite White, Weathered Grey, Pine, Cedar, Graphite Steel, Barnwood, and Whitewood. Importantly, these colours are not a layer of paint on the outside of a board. The colour is blended into the PVC and runs through the depth of the panel.

StoreWALL’s panels can be used to cover all or part of an entire wall. All StoreWALL accessories come with the super secure CamLok locking mechanism which prevents your accessories from falling off the wall whenever you decide to use them. Watch the video below and compare the locking mechanism on your Pegboard’s accessories to that offered by StoreWALL.

Having experienced cheap pegboards myself in my garage, all I ever found was pegboard hooks lying on the ground. Most of my accessories were on the floor with the hooks. My masonite pegboard also warped in shape over time and was not water or moisture-proof.

Is StoreWALL cheap? What I can tell you is that it will last a lifetime and so will the accessories that support your stored items.

Below is a comparison of a standard sheet of pegboard from each of the suppliers this review has covered (pricing as of 11/2021).

IKEA Skadis Pegboard

  • 76cm x 56cm (.42sqm) – $25 each (other sizes are also available)


  • 89cm x 56cm (.49sqm) – $185 each

Bunnings MDF/Steel Pegboard

  • Masonite 122cm x 91cm (1.1sqm) – $34
  • Pinnacle 90cm x 45cmm Garage (.40sqm) – $39

StoreWALL Standard Duty Panel

  • 120cm x 30cm (.36sqm) – $69.99 + Optional Installstrips (2 for $38)
  • Access several rows upon which you can store multiple items. You can easily add to it to expand your storage. Check out our Garage Gallery for ideas on how many Australian garages have used StoreWALL.

StoreWALL Basic Duty Panel

  • 120cm x 30cm (.36sqm) – $62.99
  • Access several rows upon which you can store multiple items. You can easily add to it to expand your storage. Check out our Garage Gallery for ideas on how many Australian garages have used StoreWALL.