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StorEase Storage Solutions

storease storage solutions
StoreWALL accessories on StorEase

Bunnings, Australia’s leading home hardware retailer, offers an exclusive range of home storage solutions, including the StorEase brand. With its extensive reach, StorEase storage solutions are readily accessible to countless Australian households.

A common query we get is whether StoreWALL’s versatile accessories, such as hooks, baskets, brackets, shelves, bins, bags, and totes, are compatible with other slatwall systems. It’s clear why this is a top concern—many Australians already have a wall panel system in place and recognize the benefits of StoreWALL’s superior accessories. For those looking to enhance their current setup without the need for a complete overhaul, integrating StoreWALL accessories offers a convenient and cost-effective solution.

Yes, StoreWALL accessories are indeed compatible with other panels, and we’ve put this to the test with an experiment at a local Bunnings store. We explored the StorEase range to confirm that StoreWALL’s range of accessories can be seamlessly integrated with StorEase wall panels.

StorEase Storage Solutions

StorEase panels, featuring an aluminum finish, measure 1200mm in width, 150mm in height, and 30mm in length. To utilize an array of hooks or baskets, you’ll need to stack multiple panels vertically. In our hands-on experiment, we tested the compatibility using our standard StoreWALL Cradle Hook, each equipped with our proprietary CamLok secure locking system.

We examined how StorEase hooks engage with their panels, noting the locking mechanism comprises two front teeth and a larger rear tooth. Our video demonstration reveals that while hooks secure firmly, insufficient depth during installation can result in looseness. Our testing indicated variability, with some hooks fitting tightly and others less so.

Attaching the StoreWALL Cradle Hook to the StorEase panel is straightforward, although some play is noted, which varies by hook as demonstrated in our video. Unlike StorEase hooks, which can come loose, the StoreWALL CamLok system ensures the hook remains attached despite any slack. This means that while the fit may not be perfect, it’s functional. Therefore, if you have StorEase installed at home, rest assured that integrating StoreWALL accessories will be compatible and efficient.

Alternate Wall Panels

StoreWALL accessories, with their CamLok system, are designed for slatwall grooves spaced at 74mm apart, ensuring a secure fit even if there is some slack. While we cannot guarantee compatibility with every panel on the market, it’s likely that many slatwalls with similar groove spacing will accommodate StoreWALL products effectively. If your slatwall features wider groove spacing, such as 100mm, you can still use StoreWALL’s accessories by simply removing the CamLok mechanism. This adaptability makes StoreWALL a versatile choice for enhancing your storage system.

StoreWALL CamLok

The CamLok system is a standout feature for any slatwall accessory, be it hooks, baskets, shelves, or bags, especially for enhancing existing slatwall setups. Demonstrated effectively with the StorEase Storage Solutions panel, CamLok securely locks in the accessory, ensuring it stays firmly in place even under pressure. This level of security is not commonly found in most slatwall systems, setting StoreWALL accessories apart as a reliable and robust choice for your storage needs.