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Garage Wall Hanging Hooks

Earlier this month I received a call from a client (Peter) in Melbourne looking for garage wall hanging hooks that could hold some serious weight. He had invested in a wall panel system recommended by his architect which turned out to be rather inferior. It looked great, but in terms of storage options it was really limited.

The range of garage wall hanging hooks offered by the system was limited to what is usually offered in a retail setup, basically long thin hooks and some baskets. The client tried ordering hooks from other garage wall systems including StorEase sold by Bunnings. Nothing really worked or didn’t lock in solidly in order to hold reasonable weight. The alternative hook options also had a very limited range of accessories.

Garage Wall Hanging Hooks

Discovering StoreWALL

Around a month ago, Peter called StoreWALL and we talked through what our garage wall panel solution offers. I explained how our wall panels are installed with InstallStrips for added strength. We also talked through our range of accessories including hooks.

We actually dropped off a StoreWALL hook to try with his existing panels just in case it could be secured. Unfortunately it didn’t work. The end result was that Peter decided to remove some of the wall panels from the previous supplier (not all) and replace them with StoreWALL garage panels. He also wanted panels installed on 3 additional walls.

The panel wall sizes were: 

  • 1st wall – 3170W x 2300H
  • 2nd wall – 2880W x 2300H
  • 3rd wall – 2520W x 2000H
  • 4th wall – 1900W x 2000H

Installing on Different Types of Walls

The interesting thing about this installation was the types of walls we had to work with. The home had been recently renovated (or should I say redeveloped). The walls where all in the basement/garage of the home and included a combination of Wooden studded walls and plastered brick walls with metallic battens.

We spent the first hour of the day working out was actually behind each wall so that we could install on it. Once this was completed, we worked out the spacing of the battens (which differed by wall) and then prepared each wall for the InstallStrips.

Some of the wall were brick combined with wooden studs or metallic battens. Drilling into the Metallic Battens did not create any problems. It was as secure as drilling into the wooden studs.

One of the walls had plaster and the metallic batten which was supported in sections by a wooden stud. Some sections however had no supporting stud so we had to use longer screws for the InstallStrips in order to grip the plaster, batten and the stud which sat several cm further back (basically supporting the other side of the wall).

I have included some pictures of the work we completed at this home. The panels in the picture above were removed and replaced with StoreWALL. You can see the difference below.

Garage Wall Hanging Hooks

One thing to note is that when making the cuts, we found it much easier to joint to cut pieces on an InstallStrip. This way both ends share half an InstallStrip rather than one or the other. It adds stability to both panels and made the wall look much nicer. You can see the example above.

Garage Wall Hanging Hooks

Most importantly however the client was able to purchase shelves and garage wall hanging hooks which worked on his wall and allowed him to store his belongings safely. This included our Heavy Duty Cradle Hooks, Tool Hook and some smaller single hooks.

They also added a 1.2m metal shelf pictured below. This is the bigger brother to the 80cm metal shelf.

Garage Wall Hanging Hooks
Garage Wall Hanging Hooks

The video below shows the process of preparing the wall, installing the InstallStrips and then adding multiple rows of wall panels in order to complete the installation.

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Slatwall Hooks for your Garage

slatwall hooks

Slatwall panels have traditionally been found in retail stores, used for display of merchandise. Whether they are made from timber, a composite timber product or PVC they offer great flexibility when needing to quickly adjust a wall display. Garage solutions like Storewall, offer high quality slatwall panels which can also be access by everyday consumers for their garages and workshops. Slatwall are coupled with slatwall hooks, baskets, brackets, bags and shelfs.

Slatwall Hooks

StoreWALL gives you access to 24 different Slatwall Hooks, ranging in size, shape and length. All StoreWALL Slatwall Tool Hooks storewall heavy duty tool hookcome with the CamLok secure locking mechanism. Some of the uses for our metal slatwall hooks include:

  • Handyman tools
  • Bags
  • Timber
  • Cables
  • Sports equipment
  • Tote bags
  • Gardening tools
  • Fishing equipment

This list is just a taste of what you can do with our hook range. You can in-fact get even more creative. Consider using a hook for:

  • Wheel barrow – rather than just leaning your wheel barrow on the wall, why not use our Bungee Hook to wrap and secure the wheel barrow against the wall so that it will not slide off the wall and fall. Storewall offers Bungee Hooks in 3 sizes to allow you to secure items such as timber, surf boards, window panes and even ladders.

We go one step further with our Pole Hook. This slatwall hook allows you to secure your fishing rod or anything else with a thin rod. The pole hook is slightly angled to add securely grip the rod preventing it from slipping through the rod.

If you have heavy tools and want them secured to your wall without the risk of your hooks bending from the weight and the tools themselves slipping off check out our Heavy Duty Tool Hook. It’s been designed for heavy tools so that you can store several of them together conserving space on your walls.

Heavy Duty Grade Hooks

What makes StoreWALL equipment different from your ordinary hook set from your hardware store? All storeWALL’s slatwall hooks - defaccessories feature our exclusive CamLok system to lock your accessories securely into the panels. This chrome plated solid metal CamLok gives you the advantage of safety, security and protection. A simple twist holds the accessory securely in place; another turn and the accessory can be easily moved to a different location on the slatwall panel. All our accessories are built to perform with superior construction and the best materials: industrial grade steel, heavy duty powder coat finishes and soft touch protective rubberised grip will withstand years of use and abuse.