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Slatwall Hooks for your Garage

slatwall hooks

Slatwall panels have traditionally been found in retail stores, used for display of merchandise. Whether they are made from timber, a composite timber product or PVC they offer great flexibility when needing to quickly adjust a wall display. Garage solutions like Storewall, offer high quality slatwall panels which can also be access by everyday consumers for their garages and workshops. Slatwall are coupled with slatwall hooks, baskets, brackets, bags and shelfs.

Slatwall Hooks

StoreWALL gives you access to 24 different Slatwall Hooks, ranging in size, shape and length. All StoreWALL Slatwall Tool Hooks storewall heavy duty tool hookcome with the CamLok secure locking mechanism. Some of the uses for our metal slatwall hooks include:

  • Handyman tools
  • Bags
  • Timber
  • Cables
  • Sports equipment
  • Tote bags
  • Gardening tools
  • Fishing equipment

This list is just a taste of what you can do with our hook range. You can in-fact get even more creative. Consider using a hook for:

  • Wheel barrow – rather than just leaning your wheel barrow on the wall, why not use our Bungee Hook to wrap and secure the wheel barrow against the wall so that it will not slide off the wall and fall. Storewall offers Bungee Hooks in 3 sizes to allow you to secure items such as timber, surf boards, window panes and even ladders.

We go one step further with our Pole Hook. This slatwall hook allows you to secure your fishing rod or anything else with a thin rod. The pole hook is slightly angled to add securely grip the rod preventing it from slipping through the rod.

If you have heavy tools and want them secured to your wall without the risk of your hooks bending from the weight and the tools themselves slipping off check out our Heavy Duty Tool Hook. It’s been designed for heavy tools so that you can store several of them together conserving space on your walls.

Heavy Duty Grade Hooks

What makes StoreWALL equipment different from your ordinary hook set from your hardware store? All storeWALL’s slatwall hooks - defaccessories feature our exclusive CamLok system to lock your accessories securely into the panels. This chrome plated solid metal CamLok gives you the advantage of safety, security and protection. A simple twist holds the accessory securely in place; another turn and the accessory can be easily moved to a different location on the slatwall panel. All our accessories are built to perform with superior construction and the best materials: industrial grade steel, heavy duty powder coat finishes and soft touch protective rubberised grip will withstand years of use and abuse.

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Heavy Duty Garage Hooks

storewall heavy duty cradle hook

Over the years I have inherited several large ladders that I use for jobs around the house. These jobs include cutting trees branches, repairs on the roof and general painting and other maintenance. These ladders are stored in my garage, in fact on the garage floor against the wall. They take up room and can be a nuisance. So I invested a little time looking at heavy duty garage hooks that would allow be to remove them from the floor and have then handing on the wall, out of the way.

There are lots of garage hooks on the market and they aren’t all the same. Looking for a heavy duty garage hook, I was keen on it being large enough to hold a large ladder and durable enough that I could remove and return the ladder easily without the worry that upon re-entry I would damage the hook. Finally, the garage hook needed to be able to hold enough weight for an even heavier ladder if possible.

StoreWALL Garage Hooks

Garage hooks are not just for ladders and following my research at my local Bunnings store, I found a large gap in the variety of hooks and how they can be added to a wall. StoreWALL’s range of hooks is big and its range of heavy duty hooks is impressive. They not only provide hooks for ladders but also for poles, rakes, bikes and even wheel barrows and larger items.

When StoreWALL labels a garage hook as Heavy Duty it means its fitted with the exclusive all-metal CamLok™. This amazing device helps keep accessories locked in place… until you decide to move them. An easy turn of the CamLok and your hook stays in position and it stays in position when you lift your gear or tool off that hook. In addition to CamLok they also feature Soft Touch Covers, durable powder coating and the use of heavy gauge industrial grade steel.