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New Slatwall Shelving Solutions

Over the coming month we will be launching a new range of StoreWALL Slatwall Shelving Solutions which have been designed specifically for our local Australian market.

Our New Slatwall Shelving Solutions will be made from metal and will be compatible with all StoreWALL Slatwall Panels. This includes our StoreWALL Basic, Standard and Heavy Duty panel range.

Garage Tool Organiser

Our existing plastic Garage Tool Organiser has been super popular since we introduced it over 18mths ago. We thought we could however make some simple improvements which would make it extra useful for our customers. The latest version of the Garage Tool Organiser will:

  • be made from metal (2mm thickness).
  • have the ability to be added and removed easily from your wall panel.
  • come with pre-cut holes for your tools.
  • be powder coated.
  • be quite a bit larger than the existing model at 200mm (depth) x 600mm (length) x 20mm (height).
Slatwall Shelving Solutions

Additionally, this shelf will be compatible with many other Slatwall panels on the market at the moment including StorEase sold by Bunnings.

812mm Metal Shelf

We are also introducing a new metal shelf which has a similar design to the Garage Tool Organiser minus the holes. This shelf has been designed so that it can be easily added and removed from your slatwall panel. There will no longer be the need to install it from the exposed side of the panel.

The 812mm Metal Shelf will have a thickness of 2mm making it quite strong and able to carry a reasonable amount of weight. Note however that this shelf does not come with the StoreWALL CamLok locking mechanism. Therefore you will need to be careful with the amount of weight held on it.

The dimensions of this new shelf are: 200mm (depth) x 812mm (length) x 20mm (height).

Slatwall Shelving Solutions -Metal Shelf

This shelf will also be compatible with most Slatwall panels on the market.

Slatwall Shelving Solutions – Floating Shelf

The last of the three new shelves is a 812mm Floating Shelf which has been designed to work with our range of StoreWALL Brackets (254mm and 381mm).

This new shelf has been designed in line with our existing 1219mm Shelf. It is a fully enclosed shelf which can be added to your existing StoreWALL brackets or any brackets you have purchased from your local hardware store.

The Metal Shelf is also made from metal (1mm thickness). Its dimensions are 254mm (depth) x 812mm (length) x 20mm (height).

Metal Floating Self

These shelves are in the process of making their way to Australia and we hope to have them available over the coming 4 weeks (mid October). We will however let you know when they become available and their pricing via our newsletter once they have arrived.

You can sign up to our newsletter here for all new product news.

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Garage Storage Shelving Systems


StoreWALL offers a great range of Garage storage shelving systems which can be attached to our StoreWALL Wall Panels and easily moved around. The range comprises plastic and metal garage wall shelves of 800mm or 1.2m lengths.

Metal Garage Wall Shelves

StoreWALL Metal garage wall shelves come in 1219mm and 760mm sizes and are made from solid industrial grade steel, with a steel reinforcement bar on the underside. Our Metal Shelves will keep all your items safely stored. All of our Metal Shelves also come with CamLok backplates and are coated with a heavy duty powder finish.

Light Plastic Shelves

Compliment your StoreWALL panels with our new light weight plastic shelves. The 812mm & 1219mm shelves are made from a sturdy plastic and are supported by StoreWALL brackets (sold separately). One side has no edges, flip it over and it is a tray with a lip edge all the way around. The shelves have a maximum weight capacity of about 45kg.

Garage storage shelving systems – Ledge Shelves

The 1219mm Ledge Shelf fits directly onto your StoreWALL wall panels (no brackets required). Shelves are moulded of strong, lightweight thermoplastic, do not require paint or finishing and are simple to keep clean. The Ledge Shelf can easily be converted into a custom display shelf or tool organiser.

Metal Wire Shelves

StoreWALL offers two Wire Shelves (Small and Large). The Large Wire Shelf (760mm) provides more space for storing a wide variety of supplies and is perfect for places where Garage storage shelving systemsbrackets cannot be used. A great place to store muddy boots and boxes off the floor.
The Small Wire Shelf (760mm) is designed for storing items such as a tackle box, small cooler or a tool box.

Wire shelves are equiped with our CamLok locking mechanism.

Tool Organiser

Our garage workshop storage solutions now extend to our tool organiser. Made of extruded, lightweight thermoplastic, pre-drilled and ready to use. The 406mm Tool Organiser is incredibly strong, easy to clean and does not require paint or finishing.
It also attaches easily to StoreWALL without additional brackets.

All of our shelving options can be found here.

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New StoreWALL Products

magnetic tool bar

We will be stocking some new StoreWALL products over the coming month (Feb 2019) which I think many of our existing clients and those looking to use StoreWALL for the first time will be really excited about. The new product range includes larger brackets, new shelving options, tools holders and baskets. I have provided details of them below.

Our new StoreWALL products will be in our store hopefully before Christmas. Look out for them and the blog post promoting them. Also look out for our newsletter on these great additions.

The new range is all listed in our shopping cart with pricing included. Stock will not be available till the 2nd half of February. Please check with us if you want to pre-order.

New StoreWALL Products – Angle Brackets

Whilst we have had brackets available in two sizes since we launched, the angle brackets are a welcome addition New StoreWALL Products - angle bracketas they add the ability to hang much larger items from your wall like kayaks and larger surf boards. We will be adding two sizes to our store, the 254mm and the 381mm option.

New StoreWALL Products – Dover White Wall Panels

Since we launched I have been keen to introduce more than the standard weathered grey wall panel option. StoreWALL has over 7 colour options. Carrying them is not quite an option at the moment but introducing at least one or two more colours is. We will be adding the Dover White and Brite White 2.4m panels as a trial and see what demand we receive. Depending on demand we might also add the 1.2m wall panel in time based on demand.

Trims for both colours will also be coming in.

New StoreWALL Products – 381mm Magnetic Bar

The Magnetic bar is a bit of a specialty item and I hope will prove popular. magnetic tool barAs the title states it allows you to connect and hang all types of metallic tools or items without actually needing to hook them. Ideal for pliers, screw drivers and other tools. It is finished with nickel plate to provide additional durability.

New StoreWALL Products – 406mm Tool Organiser

These new tool organisers will be here in a fortnight and we already have orders for them which is exciting. tool organiserAs you can see from the photo they have pre-drilled holes so you can slot your tools in and have them accessible when you need them.

New StoreWALL Products – Brush Chrome Clip

storage hook clipsThe new clips we are adding will help you to hold your gardening gloves and other smaller items that you want on your wall but not hidden away. The clips are padded to protect whatever it is that you are holding. The direction they hang can also be changed.

New StoreWALL Products – Caddy Basket

caddy basketWe already stock all sorts of baskets and all sorts of sizes. The Caddy basket is small in size. It’s dimensions are 150mm in height and depth and 300mm in width. Ideal for small sport items and cleaning needs.

New StoreWALL Products – Thermoplastic Lightweight Shelves

plastic shelfWe are adding some additional shelving options. These new shelves are plastic not metallic and come in 800mm and 1.2mm lengths hanging 254mm off the wall. They will compliment our larger and heavier metal shelves which have also been very popular but are larger and heavy. These new options are much lighter and easier to move around. The shelves will need brackets which will be sold separately.

New StoreWALL Products – Ledge Shelf

edged shelfThe final addition is the ledge shelf. This is essentially the standard shelf but with the added lip and will come in both the 1.2m size. The plastic surface is thermoplastic the same as the wall. The lightweight thermoplastic does not require paint or finishing, and is simple to keep clean.

We look forward to your feedback on these new items and hope to bring in more in 2019 as the StoreWALL range in the US grows and we see demand for these products in Australia.