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600mm Deep Wire Shelf

600mm Deep Wire Shelf

Last week we released our latest shelf into the StoreWALL accessories range. The 600mm Deep Wire Shelf is exclusive to our Australian and New Zealand market. It has been specifically designed for those large plastic bins that we have all accumulated and want to store on our Slatwall wall panels.

600mm Deep Wire Shelf

Following a lot of requests from customers for deeper shelving options, we looked around the market for options that we could introduce which would be wide and deep enough for those clunky items that we all have at home in our garages.

StoreWALL already offers a large range of shelving options including wired shelving and shelving using our heavy-duty brackets. The depth of these options however only extends out to 381mm and many customers wanted something a lot deeper.

600mm Deep Wire Shelf

Shelving Options

The market is full of shelving options. Most however are either stand-alone shelves (racking) or they need to be bolted to your wall. StoreWALL is all about your Slatwall garage wall panels. Everything we offer is designed to work with your Slatwall installation.

Working with the same group which designed our Power Tool Shelf, we got to work designing our new 600mm Deep Wire Shelf.

Having only arrived in Australia a few weeks ago we have already seen huge demand for the shelves. Most customers are buying 2 or even 8 of the shelves to line the length of their garage. Being competitively priced has helped spur demand.

600mm Deep Wire Shelf


The specification of the shelf is 600mm deep (off the wall), 900mm wide (end to end), and 190mm high (height of the brackets and shelf).

The shelf comes in 3 parts which you set up yourself on your wall. One shelf and 2 brackets. The brackets come with the L Shaped Lip to slot into your Slatwall. They also have pre-cut-out grooves for the wire shelf to sit into. You place one bracket at either end and the shelf on top settled into the pre-cut-out grooves.

600mm Deep Wire Shelf

Note, this shelf does not have the standard StoreWALL CamLok to secure it to your wall panels. It has the L Shaped Lip only.

The weight it can handle is listed as 35kgs (tested by me locally). However, our supplier advises that it can hold a lot more than this. By adding an additional bracket, you can make it stronger and then comfortably hold more in weight.

The 600mm Deep Wire Shelf is only available in Australia and New Zealand.

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Doing More With Garage Shelving

Best use of shelves

Whether it’s elaborate, sleek, wood, plastic, deep or shallow, when you’re organizing your spaces, nothing is quite as simple and functional as well-placed garage shelving. Shelves are an easy way to make use of your wall space getting them off your floors, tables and counters. And unlike cabinets tthey don’t require you to open doors.

Here are a few tips and tricks for more effective shelf use:

Being shallow can be a good thing.

Using shelves that are way too big for the items you need to store is a giant waste of space, and an effective organization killer. Keep shelves the proper size – use garage shelves that are as deep as the items you want to put on them.

If you need to reach behind an item to get to something else, you risk knocking or pulling things off the shelf you didn’t want to. If items fall off your cluttered shelf they can break, or even worse, they can cause injury.

StoreWALL Shelve Depths

StoreWALL offers a great range of shelf depths:

  • 127mm shelf – Used for small items such as spices, picture frames or bottles of household cleaners. They come in different lengths to fit all your spaces and mount easily into storeWALL wall panels. StoreWALL panels make adjusting and moving shelves really easy
  • 254mm shelf – Perfect for bigger items such as boxes and books of all sizes
  • 381mm shelf – Ideal for large items such as kitchen appliances, softdrink cases or laundry baskets.

Don’t let them buckle under pressure.

The internet is a great tool for spreading new, creative ideas. While many of these ideas look great, you have to sometimes wonder how much the shelves can actually hold before they rip out of your wall and dump everything sitting on them onto the ground.

Make sure any shelf you hang is rated to safely hold the amount of weight you want to set on it. StoreWALL shelves are made from lightweight thermoplastic that’s also incredibly strong. Using InstallStrips with your wall panels ensures they can safely hold the recommended weight.


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Garage Shelving Solutions

garage shelving

If you are building your new home or have just finished renovating and a clean, organised garage is on your list of things to do then look to StoreWALL for your garage shelving solutions.

StoreWALL has been providing premium garage storage solutions in the US for over a decade and is now also available in Australia. The StoreWALL range of garage shelving is supported by a long list of accessories covering hooks, baskets, bins and brackets. These are then secured to the StoreWALL panels with the exclusive CamLok secure locking system.

Storewall garage sherlving solutions

Having recently updated my garage and reviewed a range of shelving and garage storage solutions, I found that a garage needs both shelves and wall panels. I found I needed shelves to store the large items like suitcases, rugs, tables and chairs but also hooks, brackets and baskets to keep the things I need to access regularly. The biggest challenge I found with the shelving I purchased was that whilst it stored everything really well, getting things out of it to use was not so easy.

Garage Shelving Solutions

heavy duty shelving
Garage Shelving Solutions

StoreWALL can compliment and heavy duty garage shelving solution you choose to use with its Standard and Heavy Duty Wall Panels. These are fitted to any bare wall you have with our exclusive InstallStrips which adds support to anything you then want to hang of your wall. Once your Wall Panels are on, you can then choose from 30 plus accessories which can hang or hold all of the things you want out of the way but not out of reach.

Think about you beach equipment like boogie boards which are regularly needed over the summer months. If soccer, basketball or football is played by the kids during the winter you will want these items off the garage floor but easy accessed by the kids.

storewall garage shelving solutions

The best way to get started with reorganising your garage is to strip it as bare as possible and to then group your items. Start with two groups covering things that you might need once or maybe twice a year and the other items that you will need more regularly. You can then further split this regular group into gardening, sports, summer and others.

Garage Shelving can then be used for the long term storage items and a combination of StoreWALL accessories can be used for the regular access items. Jump into our website and browse through each of the product categories to see what our range offers and how it can help you.