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Maximize Wall Storage with StoreWALL's Advanced Bike Kit – Perfect for Efficient Bike and Equipment Organization

Keep Your Bike Secure and Off the Floor with Our Innovative Wall Storage Solution

Elevate your garage organization with StoreWALL's Advanced Bike Kit, designed to keep your bike and related equipment neatly stored off the floor and on the wall. This bundle, popular among cycling enthusiasts, features our innovative Rotating Bike Hooks and includes a variety of hooks and brackets to suit all your storage needs.

What's Included in the Advanced Bike Kit:

  • Rotating Bike Hooks: 2 of our popular rotating hooks for easy bike storage.
  • Versatile Hooks: 2 x Universal Hooks and 1 S Hook for hanging gear and accessories.
  • Additional Storage Solutions: 2 x 63mm Single Hooks for smaller items.
  • Protective Brackets: 2 x 381mm Brackets, each equipped with Non-scratch padding, for safe storage.
  • Handy Basket: 1 x HD Shallow Basket for organizing various equipment.

Please Note: Wall Panels Sold Separately

  • For a complete setup, remember to purchase the wall panels that best fit your space.

Revolutionize Your Bike Storage with StoreWALL:

StoreWALL's Advanced Bike Kit is not just a set of hooks and brackets; it's a comprehensive solution for keeping your bike and equipment organized, accessible, and secure. Whether you're a cycling enthusiast looking to streamline your space or simply seeking an efficient storage solution, this kit offers the versatility and quality you need.

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