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Garage Ladder Storage

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They are super handy but they are big and usually stored in your garage standing vertically against the wall or lying horizontally on the ground. Garage ladder storage is challenging at the best of times and the bigger the ladder the harder storing securely seems to be.

I have 4 ladders at home. Two are your 1.2m aluminium one sided step ladder. One is a larger 1.8m single sided step ladder and the fourth is a 6.5m aluminium extension ladder.

I have stored them all sorts of ways in the garage and outside. The larger two ladders are the hardest to manage. Due to their size they need to be secure and accessible but not in the way of everything else including the car. More on these ladders at the end.

The two 1.2m step ladders can easily be accommodated within my garage and so that is where I store them. My garage ladder storage solution is to have them up against the wall but secured so they can’t be knocked over and damage anything.

StoreWALL offer several ideas for garage ladder storage whether you are storing your ladders vertically of horizontally.

Vertical Garage Ladder Storage

Both my 1.2m ladders are stored vertically and are tied to the wall with a StoreWALL Bungee Hook set. This includes two closed hooks at either side of the ladder and an elastic cable with clips across the middle which is what holds the ladder in place.

These Bungee Hook sets come in several sizes. The small size has a cable which starts at 38cm in length and can extend to double this length (clip to clip). There is also the Medium size Bungee Hook set which works the same way but its cable starts at 58cm and extends to over 1m (clip to clip fully extended).

Finally we have the Large Bungee Hook set which has an extension cable which can stretch from 95cm to approx 2m.

In my case I have used the small Bungee Hook set to secure each ladder. With the CamLok locking mechanism you can adjust the tension yourself by moving the hooks closer or further away from each other and the item you are securing. In fact, the extendability of these cables actually allows you to secure more than one item with the one cable.

garage ladder storage
garage ladder storage - closed loop hook
garage ladder storage - bungee hook set

Horizontal Garage Ladder Storage

The alternative to storing your garage ladder vertically is to secure it horizontally ie hanging off your wall. StoreWALL has 5 or 6 different hooks which can be used to secure your small, medium or large step ladder on your wall.

The StoreWALL Heavy Duty Cradle Hook is ideal in this situation as it is a deep hook with a curved form giving you added security that your ladder will not fall off the wall and hit someone or the car.

Other StoreWALL hooks which are just as the effective are the Universal Hook, the Wide Hook and the range of 12 inch Universal or Long Hooks.

Back to the two larger ladders I have stored outside the garage. In their case, I have secured two brackets to my backyard fence and have them hanging from these brackets horizontally. The brackets are permanently attached and would need to be unscrewed and moved unlike your StoreWALL alternatives which are easily moved around. The StoreWALL hooks as per the video would be a better choice but I had already invested in these brackets many years ago and they work.

Whether you want to secure your garage ladder horizontally or vertically to your wall, StoreWALL allows you to do both with minimal cost and effort. Best of all, once you want to make a change, you can simply swap your hooks around and adjust how you use your garage wall storage.

All of the Garage Ladder Storage options listed in this article can be found on the StoreWALL website and online store.