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Kayak Storage Racks

Are you looking for Kayak Storage Racks? Taking a quick look on the internet and Kayak’s come in several sizes and weights. An Adult Kayak can have dimensions of 266cm (length) x 66cm (width) x 25cm (height) and weigh about 17-20kg. There are also smaller “youth” size Kayaks with dimensions of 183cm (length) x 61cm (width) x 26cm (height), weighing at around 8kg. StoreWALL’s Angle Brackets have been specifically design to solve the problem of finding the right size Kayak Storage Rack.

StoreWALL garage storage solutions are an ideal solution for helping you protect your Kayak by keeping it off the garage floor and up high on your wall. Better still, our solutions also provide for easy access when you are ready to load your kayak onto your vehicle for your next excursion.

Custom Kayak Racks

The key challenge in terms of storing a Kayak is managing its bulky size both in terms of length but also depth and height. When you look at the typical size of a Kayak, 66cm width and 25cm in height require a special hook designed specifically for a Kayak.

Over the past 6mths I have helped several customers with a Kayak Storage Racks and we have used a couple of different options.

kayak storage racks

StoreWALL Angle Brackets

StoreWALL offer two Angle Bracket options which are ideal for solving your Kayak Storage Solution. The available sizes include:

  • 254mm Angle Bracket – This bracket (padded with foam) extends to 430mm (off the wall). Note that the flat part of the brackets extends to 254mm off the wall. Each bracket has a width of 50mm and the height (lowest to highest point) of 300mm.
  • 381mm Angle Bracket – This bracket (padded with foam) extends to 647mm (off the wall). Note that the flat part of the brackets extends to 381mm off the wall. Each bracket has a width of 50mm and the height (lowest to highest point) of 450mm.

If you were going to use an Angle Bracket to store your Kayak, the Kayak could either be laid flat on its bottom or on its side. The 381mm Angle Bracket is the only option which could support lying the kayak on its bottom. With a flat width of 381mm, it will need to sit on an angle. The 647mm total width of the bracket will support this.

angle bracket

The best solution however is to have the Kayak sit on its side. Based on the Kayak measurements above, at about 25-26cm both Angle Brackets would work with the 381mm Angle Bracket being the best option due to its depth.

Using Kayak Storage Racks

One thing to note when using either of the Angle Brackets is that as the name indicates, they are on an angle. Therefore, in order to remove the Kayak, it will need to be lifted slightly over the brackets. When deciding where to place your Kayak on the wall, you will need to take into consideration how high the kayak will need to be lifted and the height of the person lifting it. Note the height of the bracket options: 300mm and 450mm respectively.

Placing the Kayak high on the wall might seem practical until you are actually trying to access it. Most people keep them in the middle of the wall.

kayak storage racks

Using Standard Brackets

In one instance a client opted for 2 x standard 381mm Brackets over the Angle Brackets because they didn’t have enough room in their garage to support the 647mm Angle Bracket depth. In addition to the standard 381mm brackets they also used a Small Bungee Hook to tie the Kayak to the wall.

I have included some examples of Kayak Storage Solutions using StoreWALL’s accessories throughout the article.

StoreWALL is not the only supplier of Kayak Storage Racks. I have found some alternatives at BCF and on Amazon. The BCF is a solution built for your wall. It retails for under $100. Some of the Kayak specialty stores also sell similar kayak storage rack solutions. Amazon sell a free standing rack by Rad Sportz. This stand will hold 2 Kayak’s and retails for A$500+. Another on Ebay is a “4 Pcs Kayak Holder Canoe Storage Rack Carrier” which is wall mounted and retails for about A$75.

StoreWALL’S Kayak storage solution will require that you invest in StoreWALL’s wall panels first. The Angle Brackets start at $67 each. You will need 2 of them.