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StoreWALL Shipping Options

StoreWALL Shipping Options

Covid has done a real number on the transportation industry. Not only are they now so much busier, but they are also suffering from a lack of staff. This has resulted in many of them significantly lifting their rates and reducing the type of parcels they are willing to collect.

Parcels over 2m long have been severely impacted. Over the past 6 months, we have seen courier rates for our 2.4m cartons almost double with several couriers such as Startrack who deliver pretty much everywhere, pull out altogether. This means that we are no longer able to use Startrack as a courier for our longer cartons.

StoreWALL Shipping Options

Reduced courier options and higher rates have resulted in StoreWALL removing our free shipping offer which was super popular. It has also resulted in us having to regularly review and adjust our shipping rates.

Real Cost of Shipping

To give you an example, the cost to ship a 2.5m carton weighing 20kg from Melbourne to Sydney is now about $100. This is approx 20% of the value of the item. We are currently charging approx $75 for this on our shopping cart. And it doesn’t get much cheaper if you have 2 or 3 of them. 3 cartons are about $220. It is madness!

No one likes to pay for shipping. I understand this. The challenge we have at StoreWALL is that we are a small (and growing) business but we don’t have distribution centres in other states to ship directly to you. Everything ships from Melbourne. The other challenge is that we ship large and long cartons to residential addresses. Couriers don’t really like these combinations and now charge a lot more for the service.

Quote Me Separately

To make your shopping experience quick and transparent, we have all of our pricing listed on our website including shipping. This has enabled you to see exactly what your garage storage project will cost you should you choose StoreWALL. This hasn’t changed. We are still showing you shipping rates even for larger and longer items (they are just much higher than last year). However, in order to help reduce your shipping costs, we have introduced a “Quote Me Separately” Shipping option when you add items longer than 2m to your shopping cart.

Quote Me Separately is optional, but it enables you to create your shopping cart and then contact us via email so that we can manually quote you for shipping. Once we receive this request, we can contact a few couriers to try and generate a sharper shipping charge for you.

You are under no obligation to accept our automated nor manually quoted shipping charges. Please note that no order will leave until full payment of both materials and shipping is made.

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Free Shipping in Australia

free delivery

Everyone loves free shipping and its seems to be a real winner with StoreWALL in the US so we are introducing it in Australia as well. Free shipping in Australia started about a week ago and applies to most cities around the country.

What are the conditions?

To get Free shipping in Australia the minimum spend required is $500 (this may vary up or down from time to time). For purchase values lower than this, we also offer discounted shipping charges.

The challenge in Australia is that shipping is expensive but also varies quite a bit between locations. The same parcel sent to Sydney and to Hobart can cost a different amount even though the distances are about the same.

Does it apply to all cities?

Free Shipping in Australia applies to all capital cities, all metro areas and regional towns. We continue to deliver all over Australia no matter where you live.

When is it Calculated?

Our shopping cart has a built in delivery calculator. As you work through your order and the shopping cart, you will be required to enter your delivery address. At this point we will calculate shipping for you. Depending the value of your order and the location we will display the cost of shipping. If your order and location meet the Free Shipping conditions then Free Shipping will be displayed for you.

Alternatively you can also have shipping quoted separately.

Shipping Methods

We utilise a range of couriers for delivering StoreWALL products. Our focus is on delivery time frames, tracking of order and value for money. All orders are boxed securely to ensure your goods are protected. This includes all panels and accessories.

All goods are packed and wrapped to ensure they aren’t damaged during transit. We also aim to get your order out to you as soon as possible.