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I need a Garage Organiser

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I was speaking to a group of friends recently who both recently completed a major home renovation. One had just completed building a brand new home and had just moved in. The other had completed an extension to their home and had been living in the house for over a year. The common discussion point for both of them was the state of their garage and needing a garage organiser.

It is not uncommon that the garage is the last space in the home to receive any attention. It will usually take place 12 or more months after the owners have resettled. I happened to be at the home of one of the couples talking about the need for a garage organiser. We inspected their garage to take a look at what they had accumulated during and since the renovation. As expected everything was on the ground. It was a two car garage, one side had the stuff, the other the car.

I talked them through their garage organiser options and explained that there are several options depending on what type of help their thought they needed and how much they wanted to spend on the garage.

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Organising Expects

Search the net and you will quickly find the multitude of organising expects offering their design services. Most of them focus on design alone and then recommendations on how to un-clutter the area, prioritise what to keep and what to let go. From here there are recommendations on what type of storage the owners can invest in. Be it Shelving, Storage Containers, Wall Hooks, Cupboards, or Overhead Storage. The key service offered is the consultancy around advice and design.

Garage Organisers

In a similar vain, garage organisers also offer the consultancy piece but they have a focus on implementation of select storage options. By this I mean they will usually sell a range of storage equipment which is either their own or that of one or more other suppliers.

This type of garage organiser will review the space that is available and much like a kitchen designer will deliver a design and the cost to build and install.

In terms of price, the Organisers Organising Experts would tend to be more flexible with what services they can offer and therefore can cater for a lower budget easier. It’s not that the Garage Organiser is more expensive, its more that they usually offer the full deal of design, build and install.

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Garage Solutions

The final category are services like StoreWALL, StorEase from Bunnings and many others. These services offer a more Do It Yourself option. The solutions range from full garage solutions, to basic shelving options, to wall storage solutions like that from StoreWALL. Home owners can pick and choose combining solutions to fit their space and budget. Much of the responsibility around design and even installation mainly sits with the home owner. Note that several of these solutions (including StoreWALL can also organise installation for the home owner).

Whilst it’s unfortunate that the garage is so often left as the final room of the house to be renovated, it’s important to view the garage like the kitchen. It might not warrant the same budget but it does require some design and investment. If you need a garage organiser, hopefully this article will guide you as to where you need to invest your time seeking advise on possible solutions.