Can I install StoreWALL on a metal frame?

Yes, StoreWALL can be installed on both a wooden and metal frame. This includes installing StoreWALL panels either directly or with Installstrips. It also includes plastered walls sitting over a metal frame.

If your home has a metal frame or metal studded wall rather than a wooden frame, you can install StoreWALL using the appropriate metal screws. What you need is a flat-head (not hex) self-tapping screw with the appropriate tip. Wafer flat like the image below is OK. This means the head will not protrude and impact the wall panel.

Some metal screws are called tek or tech screws. What is important is the tip. It needs to be beveled like in the images below. This is what will penetrate the metal stud. The 10G is the thickness. Metal studs are hollow so the attachment is at the surface only. Therefore a thicker screw is better.

This video explains the types of screws well that you can use for metal frames.

At this stage, we don’t sell screws for metal frames on our site, but you can find them at your local hardware store. These are 2 examples:

Can Wall Panels be glued to the wall?

Technically yes, but as a method of securing them to the wall to hold the specified weight, then NO, this is not recommended.

Adhesives like liquid nails and other similar products (stronger ones) will certainly secure the panel to the wall but we cannot in any way guarantee that the panel will hold any weight.

On a plasterboard wall, glueing the panel to the plaster is simply glueing it to the outer paper layer.

We recommend that you use our Installstrips. If you don’t want to invest in installstrips, you can screw through the panels and into your wall.

installing slatwall panels

Do you offer a full service Garage Service?

StoreWALL focuses on delivering the best in Garage Wall Panels and Garage Wall Accessories. Our focus is your garage walls.

We consider StoreWALL Wall Panels to be the strongest and best-engineered panels in the market. Combined with our Installstrips, there is no better solution on the market.

We also believe that our range of accessories, their design, protection, and locking mechanism (CamLok) offer you the best in long-term value.

Depending on your location we can suggest providers of garage furniture such as cupboards and benches as well as garage floor re-surfacing. Note that these are not services that we directly offer.

Gladiator Garage Works

Are StoreWALL hooks and accessories compatible with the Gladiator Gearwall and Geartrack panels?

Unfortunately due to the spacing of the grooves on the Gladiator Gearwall and Geartrack panels, StoreWALL accessories will not fit and lock in securely.

We have managed to access some limited stock of the selective Gladiator Hooks. You can find them on this eBay store.

You are welcome to call us about these products if you have questions.

TidyWall Compatibility

Are StoreWALL accessories compatible with my TidyWall Wall Panels? Based on feedback from several customers, TidyWall panels use a similar groove spacing to StoreWALL Panels. This means that the spacing between grooves that will hold the accessory is the same at 75mm.

Therefore, you can confidently purchase StoreWALL accessories and use them on your TidyWall wall panels. Conversely, if you own StoreWALL wall panels, your TidyWall accessories will work on your panels.

Corner Trims

StoreWALL Corner Trim can be used to frame your StoreWALL Installation and eliminate being able to view into the back of the wall panel when you have an exposed end.

We sell a Wide Corner Trim (in various colours) for this and it can be added to the external vertical ends of your wall. It can be secured to your wall with Velcro tabs or magnetic tape. We prefer this do glue as it allows you to add and remove the Corner Trim down the track should you need to.

At this stage, we do not offer a Trim for the Top or Bottom of your wall.

If you are covering an internal corner, you can either butt the two wall panel ends together to create your corner (lining the grooves up) or you can also use the Wide Trim to frame the ends.

You can read more about our Trims and how they can be used via this document.

Fastening StoreWALL Shelves

StoreWALL will give you One Bracket Packet (with 2 StopSlip Pads and 2 Pine Tree fasteners) with each shelf bracket. This includes both the 254mm and the 381mm bracket.

StopSlip pads are anti-skid. Your shelf stays firmly in place and can be repositioned at any time.

  1. The StopSlip pad is peel and stick.
  2. Apply the adhesive side of the StopSlip disk to the bracket.
  3. Place the shelf on brackets.

Use the Pine Tree fastener when the shelf is to remain permanently in place.

  1. Place brackets in storeWALL.
  2. Place the shelf on brackets.
  3. Mark bracket hole positions on the underside of the shelf.
  4. Remove the shelf and drill 1/4″ hole at the marked positions.
  5. Replace the shelf on brackets and align the shelf and bracket holes.
  6. Insert the Pine Tree fastener through the underside of the bracket into the underside of the shelf.

How do I cut StoreWALL Panels?

StoreWALL panels can be cut with a circular saw, a drop saw, and a jigsaw. The panels are made from hardened PVC so anything which will cut PVC can also cut a StoreWALL panel.

Panels can be cut vertically to your desired length. The can also be cut horizontally if you are trying to squeeze them into a smaller area.

To help our customers, we are happy to cut your panels to your desired length prior to shipping them to you. Please ensure you know your exact lengths as there are no returns on incorrect measurements.

We will ship you your cut panels and any off-cuts.

This is a free service.

Who do I call if I need help with installation?

More than 50% of StoreWALL customers will install StoreWALL themselves. Whilst installation is not complicated, it does require patience, effort, and tools.

If you have embarked on the installation yourself but are stuck and need some advice, please give us a call. We are happy to take your call even on the weekend to help you out.

Our Youtube Channel has lots of videos on the installation process which we think will assist you. If however you still want to call us, please do so. We are here to help you.

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