Can I install StoreWALL on a metal frame?

Category: Installation

Yes, StoreWALL can be installed on both a wooden and metal frame. This includes installing StoreWALL panels either directly or with Installstrips. It also includes plastered walls sitting over a metal frame.

If your home has a metal frame or metal studded wall rather than a wooden frame, you can install StoreWALL using the appropriate metal screws. What you need is a flat-head (not hex) self-tapping screw with the appropriate tip. Wafer flat like the image below is OK. This means the head will not protrude and impact the wall panel.

Some metal screws are called tek or tech screws. What is important is the tip. It needs to be beveled like in the images below. This is what will penetrate the metal stud. The 10G is the thickness. Metal studs are hollow so the attachment is at the surface only. Therefore a thicker screw is better.

This video explains the types of screws well that you can use for metal frames.

At this stage, we don’t sell screws for metal frames on our site, but you can find them at your local hardware store. These are 2 examples: