Corner Trims

Category: Installation

StoreWALL Corner Trim can be used to frame your StoreWALL Installation and eliminate being able to view into the back of the wall panel when you have an exposed end.

We sell a Wide Corner Trim (in various colours) for this and it can be added to the external vertical ends of your wall. It can be secured to your wall with Velcro tabs or magnetic tape. We prefer this do glue as it allows you to add and remove the Corner Trim down the track should you need to.

At this stage, we do not offer a Trim for the Top or Bottom of your wall.

If you are covering an internal corner, you can either butt the two wall panel ends together to create your corner (lining the grooves up) or you can also use the Wide Trim to frame the ends.

You can read more about our Trims and how they can be used via this document.