Standard Duty Wall Panel - Brite White Carton

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Brand: Storewall

StoreWALL Standard Duty Brite White Carton - Minor Damage to Panels

Carton Includes:

  • 3 x 1300mm Panels
  • 1 x 560mm Panel
  • 1 x 670mm Panel
  • 5 x SD Installstrips

Panels have minor scratches. Some panels have chips at the back of the panels. See photos. These chips do not impact panel performance.

StoreWALL panels are ideal for just about every use around the home, garage and even workshop. Each panel is waterproof, versatile and significantly stronger than most storage or slatwall panels currently available in Australia.

Our slatwall panels are made from toughened PVC and are water and mould resistant.

Find Storewall slatwall panel specifications here.

Find Storewall slatwall panel brochure here,

We have a comparison chart of the 3 panel options here.

Standard Duty garage slatwall panels offer an excellent waterproof and versatile slatwall storage option, with many of the design features of the original storeWALL. Significantly stronger and more substantial than conventional garage storage slatwall.

Easy Installation
InstallStrips are sold separately and use 8g x 40mm screws. Each 1219mm panel uses 1 InstallStrip. Each 2438mm panel uses 2 InstallStrips. Be sure to order the proper InstallStrips: Standard Duty or Heavy Duty. Or you can use storeWALL Colour Matched Screws and fasten each panel from the front. (approximately 20 screws per 1219mm panel).


Our garage Slatwall Panels are available in your choice of 7 designer colours: Weathered Grey, Brite White, Dover White, Khaki, Graphite Steel, and Rustic Cedar. Our Graphite Steel finish is a unique metallic surface treatment, very similar to that found on an automobile. The substructure is solid PVC as are all storeWALL slatwall panels. Please note the metallic effect is only on the surface and if gouged deep enough, just like an automobile, the gouge may show. Thus we encourage reasonable care and handling be exercised when choosing our Graphite Steel slatwall panels. Our Weathered Grey finishes are made as solid colour slatwall but do have a painted finish on the surface. This is to eliminate common streaking in the extrusion process that is only found in grey extruded plastic. The painted finish results in a even consistent finish. Our Rustic Cedar, Global Pine and Barnwood grain finishes are intended to simulate real wood; and like real wood there might be some variation in grain and tint from panel to panel.

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