StoreWALL InstallStrip (Standard Duty)

SD InstallStrip
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Brand: StoreWALL

The InstallStrip-SD is compatible with storeWALL Standard Duty wall panels. See below regarding quantities needed for your order.

When you install with InstallStrip-SD, there are no unsightly visible screws or fasteners and the strips attach to any surface; wood, plasterboard, concrete or brickwork. You can add or change panels at any time. Installation couldn’t be easier or look better.

The InstallStrip-SD simplifies installation, provides superior strength, increases versatility, and enhances aesthetics.

On a Standard Duty Panel the weight capacity using an InstallStrip is:

  • 110kg at the panel surface
  • 50kg at 10cm from the surface of the wall

Each 914mm InstallStrip-SD can be separated into 609mm or 304mm sections to provide a truly customisable installation.

Materials: Rolled steel, 18 gauge zinc plated for rust resistance.

Note: The InstallStrip-SD is designed to work with storeWALL Standard Duty panels only.

Recommendation: One InstallStrip-SD for EACH 1.2m panel (qty 4 InstallStrip-SD for one case of 1.2m panels). Two InstallStrip-SD for EACH 2.4m panel (qty 8 InstallStrip-SD for one case of 2.4m panels).

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