Basic Duty Wall Panel Carton (1219mm) (Get Started Kit)

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Brand: Storewall

StoreWALL 1219mm Basic Duty Get Started Kit

The StoreWALL 1219mm Basic Duty Get Started Kit includes everything you need to install 4 x 1219mm Basic Duty Panels on your plastered or brick wall.

Choose from Grey or White colour panels and your colour match screws.

StoreWALL 1219mm Basic Duty Get Started Kit includes:

  • 1 carton of 4 x StoreWALL 1219mm Basic Duty Panels (1.219m x 1.219m)
  • 1 pack of fasteners
  • Optional brick wallplugs

StoreWALL Basic Duty Panels are our latest wall panel solution. Ideal for home usage, the Basic Duty Wall Panels are a simple entry-level wall panel solution. Each panel is installed with screws from the outside of the wall panel.

StoreWALL Basic Duty Panels come in White and Grey and can be used both inside the home or the garage or workshop. Each panel is waterproof, versatile, and significantly stronger than most storage or slatwall panels currently available in Australia. Note that the Grey and White are both slightly different tones to the Standard Duty Weathered Grey and Brite White colours.

Our slatwall panels are made from toughened PVC and are water and mould-resistant.

Basic Duty Wall Panels come in a carton of 4. Each panel is 1219mm (length) x 304.8mm (height) x 16.7mm (thickness).

Get Started Kit includes coloured screws and optional brick wall plugs.

4 panels per carton covers 1.48 sq meters.


  • 34kg at 10cm from the surface of the wall

Recommendation: Basic Duty Panels are installed directly with screws and not with InstallStrips. There are no hooks on the back for InstallStrips. You should aim to use approx 9-12 screws per panel.

Please note that all StoreWALL panels are shipped via courier.

We have a comparison chart of the 3-panel options here.

You can learn more about the advantages and limitations of PVC Slatwalls here.

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