Can I install StoreWALL on a metal frame?

Yes, StoreWALL can be installed on both a wooden and metal frame. This includes installing StoreWALL panels either directly or with Installstrips. It also includes plastered walls sitting over a metal frame.

If your home has a metal frame or metal studded wall rather than a wooden frame, you can install StoreWALL using the appropriate metal screws. What you need is a flat-head (not hex) self-tapping screw with the appropriate tip. Wafer flat like the image below is OK. This means the head will not protrude and impact the wall panel.

Some metal screws are called tek or tech screws. What is important is the tip. It needs to be beveled like in the images below. This is what will penetrate the metal stud. The 10G is the thickness. Metal studs are hollow so the attachment is at the surface only. Therefore a thicker screw is better.

This video explains the types of screws well that you can use for metal frames.

At this stage, we don’t sell screws for metal frames on our site, but you can find them at your local hardware store. These are 2 examples:

Can Wall Panels be glued to the wall?

Technically yes, but as a method of securing them to the wall to hold the specified weight, then NO, this is not recommended.

Adhesives like liquid nails and other similar products (stronger ones) will certainly secure the panel to the wall but we cannot in any way guarantee that the panel will hold any weight.

On a plasterboard wall, glueing the panel to the plaster is simply glueing it to the outer paper layer.

We recommend that you use our Installstrips. If you don’t want to invest in installstrips, you can screw through the panels and into your wall.

installing slatwall panels

Do you offer a full service Garage Service?

StoreWALL focuses on delivering the best in Garage Wall Panels and Garage Wall Accessories. Our focus is your garage walls.

We consider StoreWALL Wall Panels to be the strongest and best-engineered panels in the market. Combined with our Installstrips, there is no better solution on the market.

We also believe that our range of accessories, their design, protection, and locking mechanism (CamLok) offer you the best in long-term value.

Depending on your location we can suggest providers of garage furniture such as cupboards and benches as well as garage floor re-surfacing. Note that these are not services that we directly offer.

Corner Trims

StoreWALL Corner Trim can be used to frame your StoreWALL Installation and eliminate being able to view into the back of the wall panel when you have an exposed end.

We sell a Wide Corner Trim (in various colours) for this and it can be added to the external vertical ends of your wall. It can be secured to your wall with Velcro tabs or magnetic tape. We prefer this do glue as it allows you to add and remove the Corner Trim down the track should you need to.

At this stage, we do not offer a Trim for the Top or Bottom of your wall.

If you are covering an internal corner, you can either butt the two wall panel ends together to create your corner (lining the grooves up) or you can also use the Wide Trim to frame the ends.

You can read more about our Trims and how they can be used via this document.

How do I cut StoreWALL Panels?

StoreWALL panels can be cut with a circular saw, a drop saw, and a jigsaw. The panels are made from hardened PVC so anything which will cut PVC can also cut a StoreWALL panel.

Panels can be cut vertically to your desired length. The can also be cut horizontally if you are trying to squeeze them into a smaller area.

To help our customers, we are happy to cut your panels to your desired length prior to shipping them to you. Please ensure you know your exact lengths as there are no returns on incorrect measurements.

We will ship you your cut panels and any off-cuts.

This is a free service.

Who do I call if I need help with installation?

More than 50% of StoreWALL customers will install StoreWALL themselves. Whilst installation is not complicated, it does require patience, effort, and tools.

If you have embarked on the installation yourself but are stuck and need some advice, please give us a call. We are happy to take your call even on the weekend to help you out.

Our Youtube Channel has lots of videos on the installation process which we think will assist you. If however you still want to call us, please do so. We are here to help you.

Do I need Installstrips and how many?

StoreWALL can be installed with and without Installstrips. Installstrips are galvanised metal brackets that are screwed to your wall and sit behind your StoreWALL panels. These brackets are used to hold your StoreWALL wall panels (so you don’t have to screw through them). They also provide much of the system’s strength.

StoreWALL Brick Wall Installation

Each Standard Duty Installstrip allows for 12 screws or nails to secure it to your wall. Each Heady Duty Installstrip allows for 16 screws or nails to secure it to your wall. The ability for your StoreWALL panel to carry our specified weight is based on the fact that:

  • our Installstrips are metal and several mm in thickness
  • they are secured with minimum of 12/16 screws or nails.

The chart below provides greater details regarding the weight specifications of our wall panels.

slatwall performance

What types are available?

We sell two types of Installstrips, a Standard Duty Installstrip and a Heavy Duty Installstrip. If you are using Installstrips you will need to purchase the appropriate one based on the panels you have chosen.

How many do I need?

  • You will require 1 x Installstrip for each 1219mm panel you order. This applies to both Standard Duty and Heavy Duty. Our 1219mm cartons will usually contain 4 panels. You will therefore need 4. 1219mm panels are also sold as individual panels.
  • You will require 2 x Installstrips for each 2438mm panel you order. Our 2438mm cartons will usually contain 4 panels. You will therefore need 8.

Where are the Installstrips placed?

The answer to this question depends on your wall.

Each Standard Duty Installstrip is 90cm long and can be broken into 3 sections each 30cm in length. This is in line with the height of a Standard Duty panel which is 304mm (30.4cm).

Each Heavy Duty Installstrip is 114cm long and can be broken into 3 sections each 38cm in length. This is in line with the height of a Heavy Duty panel which is 381mm (38cm).

You should aim to have 3 points of connection along a 1219mm panel and 6 points of connection along each 2438mm panel. These points of connection will include 1 at the start, one at the end, and one or more in the middle. See images on this page as examples.

StoreWALL Installstrip Installation

When installing on a studded wall you might need to adjust the number of installstrips to suite the actual number of studs on your wall. Sometimes this means you might only find 5 studs along the length and therefore only have 5 points of connection.

You can add additional installstrips if you want/need to by using these screw-in anchors. They are not as strong as an actual stud but can assist where required.

screw in plastic anchors

How many screws/nails will I need?

If you are installing on a plastered or gyprock wall, you will need screws to secure the Installstrip to the studs behind your wall. Each Standard Duty Installstrips requires 12 screws. Our Heady Duty Installstrips require 16 screws. We recommend that you use all of the available screw holes.

If you are installing on a brick or concrete wall, we prefer to use Nail Anchor fasteners instead of screws. See the picture below. The quantity needed is the same as the screw example above.

brick wall anchor nails

What if I don’t want to use Installstrips?

All of our panels can be installed directly with screws through the panel. You will drill through the groove section of the panel and into the stud of your wall or into your brick wall. We offer colour screw options to assist with blending the colour of the screw and the colour of your wall panels.

Do you have examples of StoreWALL installations that I can view?

We have tons of StoreWALL examples that you can viiew. Our Garage Gallery is filled with photos of installations that we have completed in Melbourne and many of our customers have completed themselves around Australia. This link will prvovide you with access to our Garage Gallery.

Furthermore, samples of our panels can be purchased and shipped to you so that you can evaluate the colour and form of the panel for your garage project. You will find these samples in our online store under the category of Panels.

Do I need to panel my entire garage wall?

How much of your garage wall you install panels on is dependant on your budget. Some customers will panel and entire wall, whilst other will only panel part of it.

I typically recommend that you panel from waste height and up just over your head. This provides an area with easy access for your items whether they be store on a shelf or just hung on the wall.

Visit our Garage Gallery for installation ideas.

I’m a Carpenter or Professional Garage Installer, can I buy and sell StoreWALL to my clients?

Yes, we would be more than happy to assist you and your clients regarding accessing the StoreWALL product.

Orders can be placed by you and we can either ship them to you or to your client. Any free shipping we have in place will also apply directly to you. All product warranties will remain in place.

Depending on your location, we are also happy to refer customers to you who may need assistance with the installation of the StoreWALL solution.