StoreWALL Small Wire Shelf

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Brand: StoreWALL

Elevate your storage solutions with the versatile StoreWALL Small Wire Shelf – perfect for organizing items like a tackle box, small cooler, or tool kit. Its adaptability makes it an ideal addition to your garage, basement, or pantry, especially in spaces where brackets cannot be utilized.

For those seeking even more storage, explore our Large Wire Shelf.

Feel secure with our garage slatwall storage accessories, featuring the exclusive all-metal CamLok™. This innovative mechanism locks accessories into the slatwall until you decide to make a change. A simple turn of the CamLok keeps your shelf securely in position, preventing anything from landing on the floor. Choose StoreWALL Garage slatwall hooks for unparalleled quality in your slatwall projects and garage organization.

Now, let’s explore the dimensions: 760 mm across, 245 mm off the wall, and 180 mm in height.

The StoreWALL Small Wire Shelf boasts a maximum recommended weight capacity of 34 KG (assuming wall panels are installed with InstallStrips).

Compatible with:

  • Basic Duty Panels
  • Standard Duty Panels
  • Heavy Duty Panels

Enhance your storage space with the StoreWALL Small Wire Shelf – a compact solution for maximum organization!

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