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Garage Works Tailored Storage Solutions

garage works

Garage Works was a Melbourne based business which used to sell the StoreWALL Garage Wall Panels System. This week, I received a call from a client needing hooks and shelves for a new home he had just moved into. Unknown to him, the garage walls of his home were fitted with StoreWALL.

The client visited his local Bunnings and purchased a range of accessories thinking they could be fitted to the wall. Unfortunately this was not the case.

Garage Works

The business operated out of the Northern suburbs of Melbourne (80 Enterprise Way, Sunshine VIC 3020). Unfortunately (from what I understand) this business ceased trading several years ago.

StoreWALL garage storage solutions is now exclusively distributed in Australia by StoreWALL Australia. We are an Australian business.

Over the past 3 years I have met many customers serviced by this business. Many are now either looking for additional garage wall panels or additional garage wall storage accessories.

Wall Panels

If you are one of these customers and want to know if we can help you, all you need to do is send us a photo of your garage wall panels (like the photo I have below) and we can confirm this for you.

garage works
Garage Works installation

Whilst much of what this business sold was the StoreWALL Heavy Duty Wall Panel range, StoreWALL Australia actually stocks the full StoreWALL Wall Panel range. This includes Basic, Standard and Heavy Duty Garage Wall Panels.

All StoreWALL Accessories will work across the the full StoreWALL panel range.

To be clear, StoreWALL Australia did not purchase this business nor are we affiliated with it in any way. If you need assistance with your existing StoreWALL solution give us a call (0411280646) or email us.