Do you offer a full service Garage Service?

StoreWALL focuses on delivering the best in Garage Wall Panels and Garage Wall Accessories. Our focus is your garage walls.

We consider StoreWALL Wall Panels to be the strongest and best-engineered panels in the market. Combined with our Installstrips, there is no better solution on the market.

We also believe that our range of accessories, their design, protection, and locking mechanism (CamLok) offer you the best in long-term value.

Depending on your location we can suggest providers of garage furniture such as cupboards and benches as well as garage floor re-surfacing. Note that these are not services that we directly offer.

Fastening StoreWALL Shelves

StoreWALL will give you One Bracket Packet (with 2 StopSlip Pads and 2 Pine Tree fasteners) with each shelf bracket. This includes both the 254mm and the 381mm bracket.

StopSlip pads are anti-skid. Your shelf stays firmly in place and can be repositioned at any time.

  1. The StopSlip pad is peel and stick.
  2. Apply the adhesive side of the StopSlip disk to the bracket.
  3. Place the shelf on brackets.

Use the Pine Tree fastener when the shelf is to remain permanently in place.

  1. Place brackets in storeWALL.
  2. Place the shelf on brackets.
  3. Mark bracket hole positions on the underside of the shelf.
  4. Remove the shelf and drill 1/4″ hole at the marked positions.
  5. Replace the shelf on brackets and align the shelf and bracket holes.
  6. Insert the Pine Tree fastener through the underside of the bracket into the underside of the shelf.

Does StoreWALL sell shelving?

Yes we do, but we do not sell your metal rack shelving which is offered by Bunnings and many other online retailers.

All of StoreWALL’s shelving is designed to be fitted to our Garage Wall Panels either directly or via our metal brackets.

StoreWALL offers both metal and metal wire shelving.

We also sell a range of heavy duty brackets which can be added to your wall panels along with our floating shelves. These brackets come in both 254mm and 381mm depths. You can also replace our metal and plastic floating shelving with your own (ie made from MDF) which you can purchase and have cut by your local hardware store.

Our brackets come with non slip stickers and plastic blugs to help secure the brackets to the shelving. In the main, the non-slip stickers will however be enough.

Many customers use our shelving solution to run a long shelf along the entire length of their wall, usually up high and out of the way.