StoreWALL Basic Home Fitness Kit

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Brand: StoreWALL

Create a Streamlined Home Gym with StoreWALL's Basic Fitness Kit

Efficient Home Gym Storage Solutions for Your Workout Gear

Transform your workout space with the StoreWALL Basic Fitness Kit, designed to centralize and organize all your home gym storage needs. This kit is an excellent choice for anyone looking to upgrade their home gym storage, offering a dedicated area to neatly store all your fitness equipment. With StoreWALL’s patented CamLok technology, each accessory remains firmly in place while offering the flexibility to move them as needed.

What’s Included in the Basic Fitness Kit:

  • Versatile Hooks: 3 x Universal Hooks and 2 x Heavy Duty Universal Hooks for a variety of equipment.
  • Specialized Storage: 2 x Angle Rack Hooks and 1 x Vertical Hook, tailored for specific gear.
  • Additional Organizing Solutions: Includes 1 x Square Shallow Basket for smaller items and 1 x 812mm Metal Shelf for additional storage space.
  • Sturdy Brackets: 2 x 254mm Heavy Duty Brackets to securely support the shelf.

Note: Wall Panels Sold Separately

  • For a complete setup, consider adding a 1219mm carton of 4 Standard Duty Wall Panels to complement these accessories.

Optimize Your Workout Area:

The StoreWALL Basic Fitness Kit is more than just a set of hooks and shelves; it's a comprehensive solution for keeping your home gym organized and efficient. Whether you're storing weights, resistance bands, or yoga mats, this kit provides the ideal organization system for your fitness essentials.

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