StoreWALL 600mm Deep Wire Shelf

For Your Large Plastic Tubs
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Brand: StoreWALL

This StoreWALL 600mm Deep Wire Shelf has been designed to be used with most Slatwall systems. Its depth of 600mm and width of 900mm is ideal for large bulky items like plastic tubs and bins that you would like to store up high and out of the way.

Our Deep Wire Shelf is assembled using 2 side brackets and 1 wired rack. The brackets are designed to work with most Slatwall systems. Whilst they don't feature the CamLok locking mechanism, they are locked into position using the L shaped lip which fits into the Slatwall groove. Each bracket has cut-out grooves to hold the shelf in place. Brackets are placed at either end of the shelf to hold it securely.

StoreWALL 600mm Deep Wire Shelf dimensions: 900mm across, 600mm from the wall, and 190mm in height (includes bracket).

600mm Deep Wire Shelf's maximum recommended weight capacity is 35 KG (assumes the wall panels are supported with InstallStrips).

Compatible with:

  • Basic Duty Panels
  • Standard Duty Panels
  • Heavy Duty Panels
  • Most slatwall panel system sold in Australia
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